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  1. Nice post Doc. Memories from last year… couple of weeks post National day, all colored in UAE National flag. Was an awesome day on sand with @Gaurav
  2. Yeah saw the red tab on that dial after looking at your post… wasn’t expecting it to be a dial… This along with MM will be faster than only MM… so good 😀 plus the fact that can arrange the dial to cut off is even better — no need to keep checking (cut off works really good, experienced it already with that bicycle inflation experiment)
  3. Hi Doc, Sri has shared the starting point camping option in the NB thread, just in case that’s the same location you plan to use - might be good to share here. Not sharing as not sure about the plans and don’t want to confuse the group.
  4. Oh now when you mentioned I checked mine was setup at very low psi… and since days was cursing TE for being a cheat as it was shutting off while inflating my daughter’s bicycle 🤣🤣🤣 no instructions along with compressor how would anyone know the trick 😀
  5. @Chaitanya D is exit point (planned) close to starting point? Plan to camp on 1st night and many who are driving on 2nd plan to camp close to starting point on 1st as well .. so just checking to see if better to align with other group or if too far than in any case will plan differently.
  6. Let’s see how it works in LIWA would be a good test for it. Will cary my other one in any case. A friend tried this Saturday and it worked for him (didn’t time it though). So perhaps this plus the existing one in combo for liwa.
  7. Finally had a chance to try it first hand, was trying to fill up a tyre… kept auto switching off very regularly (perhaps due to small size?)… has two hose connector and a separate free valve to connect another one or use as deflator. Doubt stand alone will work… the finish and looks are pretty cool, but performance no where close to required.
  8. Hi Jeepers Looking for feedback on Mopar tailgate mounted air compressor. regards
  9. Perhaps that’s why Sweden decided not to qualify this time
  10. Me too will be camping after drive … tried once not going to drive all the way back post drive.
  11. Wow amazing description .. sad that I missed it … skipped the DXB Run as was sure won’t be able to make it after winter drive and eventually missed both.. 😀 Wow pani Puri in desert … you sure was pani? As description from @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler on @Vaibhav driving skill post events seem to refer to some Goan speciality 🤣 @Kailas reference to @Goh KP’s chef is in itself mouth watering, tried some flavors last year and still haven’t forgotten the taste. Nice to read these awesome posts here. 👍👍
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