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  1. Hello all 1st Dec night campers, someone forgot a blue camping chair at camp site. It’s with me. @Gaurav Soni @Srikumar @Frederic @Simon D @Rob H @JeromeFJ @Mario Cornejo @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Gok Krish @Karthik Raptor @imranaasghar81 in case I have missed to tag anyone who was there, please share the message.
  2. Doc in lizard pose @Chaitanya D … no way would have missed out on yoga pose while being in serene Liwa 😀
  3. Thanks @Jaro Tuzinsky without this wouldn’t have had the chance to use the ropes through this drive. Wouldn’t have felt that we completed the YT 😂😂
  4. 365 days of wait. 30+ days of lively planning and contributions by more than 25 Team Carnity members, under leadership of @Gaurav @Srikumar and @Frederic, to make this exploration safe and special. 3hours of drive from Dubai. And eventually a drive (rather an experience) worthy of all above and much more. All explorations/journeys eventually reach the final point and end, what’s left are the memories, and If companionship is good, these memories are etched on the lovely sections of brain and heart for ever. Thanks all for making this YT drive a wonderful memory to cherish forever. Thanks @Chaitanya D for leading us through this beautiful terrain. Your calm and smile made it easier for us all. @M.Seidam every time we drive togather, you amaze me with your energy and management of recoveries. @Waqas Parvez @Vaibhav @ASAD. @Karthik Raptor your energy and camardarie kept the convoy togather and lively throughout. @Jaro Tuzinsky thanks for lovely aerial shots, nicely captured the magnificent Liwa. @Patrick van der Loo @Richard Franks @Bjoern @Senthil Kumar @Pascal thanks for being there and making it an amazing day out on dunes of liwa.
  5. All set and packed .. time to doze off and take some good rest before the long drive ahead… cya all tomo morning.
  6. Nice post Doc. Memories from last year… couple of weeks post National day, all colored in UAE National flag. Was an awesome day on sand with @Gaurav
  7. Yeah saw the red tab on that dial after looking at your post… wasn’t expecting it to be a dial… This along with MM will be faster than only MM… so good 😀 plus the fact that can arrange the dial to cut off is even better — no need to keep checking (cut off works really good, experienced it already with that bicycle inflation experiment)
  8. Hi Doc, Sri has shared the starting point camping option in the NB thread, just in case that’s the same location you plan to use - might be good to share here. Not sharing as not sure about the plans and don’t want to confuse the group.
  9. Oh now when you mentioned I checked mine was setup at very low psi… and since days was cursing TE for being a cheat as it was shutting off while inflating my daughter’s bicycle 🤣🤣🤣 no instructions along with compressor how would anyone know the trick 😀
  10. @Chaitanya D is exit point (planned) close to starting point? Plan to camp on 1st night and many who are driving on 2nd plan to camp close to starting point on 1st as well .. so just checking to see if better to align with other group or if too far than in any case will plan differently.
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