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  1. My wife just broke up with me. She's sick and tired of my constant Zodiac puns. It Taurus apart. I'm in Pisces typing this.
  2. @Wrangeld dad jokes you said!!!!! what kind of car does a jedi-drive? a Toy-Yoda!!!! (like it or not more of these will be brought to the drive)
  3. @Enrico Biscaro : Mean Mother - google search mean mother compressor dubai, the first non-Ad result is the UAE dealer (where i purchased from) ARB - have a branch in International City and trade via every offroad shop or ACE in the UAE. The Dobinsons Compressor which has a tiny tank (approx 900-1kaed) and they are available direct from Dobinsons, Amazon or a google search lists (second result) a supplier. I have switched to the ARB portable twin with a tank and couldn't be happier.... if you have the budget just jump straight to that setup vs taking my route which
  4. @Looper give the number below a call/WhatsApp. He has the ARB air gun itself. +971 55 248 1803 hth … ps without a tank the air gun will ‘pulse’ air vs a continuous stream.
  5. Thankyou @Ale Vallecchi … what a drive!! Nearly 100km on the dot… no ropes and barely a shovel! Moving for nearly 4 hours!! 🍻🍻 and how you navigated the closing stretch with all that glare and almost no visibility/contrast on the dunes! 🙌🏽 @Kalahari & @Shehab Alawadhi - great support for all that needed it! And @Ranjan Das nicely done as SL! very quiet on the radio for a drive with @Shehab Alawadhi in the convoy but that’s also recognition of how great the trip was today- always moving and needing concentration.. fun being with this group and see you next weekend!
  6. Lol brand affinity … love it.. I think many of us have this bug .. I am the guy below!
  7. A ‘mattress’!!!!! Okay I may try and beat Gaurav’s recliner by bringing my camping Cot and a pillow!
  8. like you @Gaurav I was coming to enjoy the show vs shoot, but now @samamara has kindly offered to help with some MIlkyway shots - i may arrive a little earlier and try that out ... hopefully finish by the time the convoy arrives for the shower and then sit back (not able to recline as not yet at the 'posh' level of glamping to have a reclining camping chair) and enjoy the show. If you want to shoot the milkyway we can do a slightly earlier arrival and play around a bit.
  9. 10 years in this wonderful golden bird cage that is Dubai… a conservative driver (made to be a chauffeur not a race car driver). In my ten years I never got a speeding ticket which I was told is quite an achievement, that’s until I got my first racing to an Offroad meeting point I didn’t want to be late for! This community has really got me out of my shell… speeding … thinking about camping… enjoying the sand of Quadra more than the brunches as Al Qasr! I never understood the appeal of ‘basic’ old trucks/4x4 … I thought the GLS was the epitome of 4x4 cars…. Now I pass every hypercare wi
  10. That’s a great plan @Frederic … I am in! 🍻
  11. @Zed I’d be open to a newbie style night drive Wednesday with the midnight pause for the shower .. we could even consider an evening drive 8pm-midnight … so we are close to the exit and watch the shower at the end of a drive vs in the middle? Either way … open to options and only ask is to consider ‘newbie’ level to ensure @munkybizness as the originator can join (plus I am still scared of driving in the dark 🤦🏽‍♂️)
  12. @Gaurav oh I'm in for this - thanks @munkybizness for the post and suggestion! .. Frederic has created a photography club and we have had a few Astrophotography session close to Murquab Mosque - a super site i suspect for the meteor show also. @Zed time to bring your low-light camera skills into play again! we just need to take @Frederic passport off him so he doesn't travel! I suggest August 12th (Thursday) evening - would need some more experienced folks to advise on timing of the meteor shower that day. for our Astro shots we usually meet around 6:30 and are leaving the
  13. Nissan Patrol Gazelle If your budget is growing 👍🏽 @Enrico Biscaro with regards your used Jeep experience pls go and arrange to test drive for a brand new SWB from dealers or others and that way you can immediate get a perspective on the experience. A full service history from trading enterprises is a good sign… the rest not so much however if that’s how a new stock jeep runs then you definitely have a good option. The crazy part is that car new was approx 105k (pre VAT days) so the used market is still steep it seems!
  14. Wow!! Many many congratulations @varunmehndiratta for the new addition to your family!! Such wonderful news and being tired as a new dad isn’t so difficult after being tired after every early summer drive May you daughter bring you fortune and happiness and look forward to celebrating (socially distanced of course :)) when we next are on a ride! 🥂🥂🥂🥂
  15. @Wrangeld thank you even more so knowing you ignored your Dr advice and took us out driving again! An hour night driving and playing in the bowls in the dark really has got me out of my comfort zone and am feeling more confident than ever to try a full night drive - thank you and the massive-light-rig brigade @Lakshmi Narasimhan @Watteau @Ashok chaturvedi who made it feel like we were driving with flood lights in the massive bowl. @Lakshmi Narasimhan I insist and may start a petition to have you restore your last/final edition Pajero to stock and keep it as a museum piece… it’s too nice
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