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  1. Not the desert but another island option is Dalma island - if it wasn’t for lock down, we had planned to visit with the video below the inspiration.
  2. @Srikumar I felt terrible for making you climb up there! (feel better now knowing it is a good warm up for you ready for Pajero Bowl!) Great photo @Sudhanva Sonawane
  3. @varunmehndiratta I will kick start this discussion again after the Liwa camping/trip being planned! That way we can revisit this topic with everyone having tried a night in the desert plus driving - see if it’s still a combination people enjoyed! thankyou for getting this topic started up again! @Carnity take this as a gentle reminder we are eagerly awaiting the Liwa proposal.
  4. So it is officially the FJ Bowl!! 🎉🎉🍻
  5. Thanks for mediating my posts attempt at humor … critical we don’t have folks install for this sole purpose! … @Srikumar advice of stripping down weight is top advice though I sense he was aiming that at my stature vs my FJs 🤣
  6. Hey @Brendan White these are always welcome. If you post on YouTube- pls do share the link(s).
  7. And limiting seats on the popcorn-terrace he has us scrambling to instal winches just to qualify as support. Google searches for winches + Dubai just topped daily stats!
  8. Hi Mario, I think the stat goes by the curb weight (no passengers but full tank of fuel and standard equipment). Yours is just a little over 2tons so you have all the power to attempt this challenge!
  9. The corrupted becomes the corrupter! Kudos @PaoloMaraziti
  10. Thankyou @Gaurav - this is a humbling reality check! I have the power/weight (@135hp/ton) but not the credentials with regards history of climbs! Nor do I come armed with a winch as a support member! 😢 …. I will drop from the attendee list, however if a ‘runner’ (slow middle aged version) is needed to support winching etc - count me in. I am also skilled on a keyboard so can document and post in real time the performance of the team for all to enjoy (I will work on taking flattering profile pics also!) jokes aside - this is a moment for all who signed up to be self critical and ensure
  11. This will become my carnity legacy! Sleeping discussion topic that will wake every October … I now wish I had removed the year from the title!
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