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  1. Thank you @Rahimdad Bhai for what was a challenging drive and for the confidence to put me as SL - such a privilege as following you felt like a 1:1 lesson the whole drive! The day required patience and every member of the drive showed that to each other which was amazing to see! @Ashy and @Brette were an example to me on what it takes to do the SF role and @Paul Zeitoun was comedy gold which just lightened the mood for us all... almost every stuck I would hear laughter (even after 4 hours) .. you and @Rahimdad bhai made the hardest parts of the day full of laughter (18+ warnings required :)) I join the drives to escape the working week and collect some fresh air ... so no matter how many stops I really enjoy the environment we find ourselves! This was one of, if not the most technical drive I have been on (and the longest sidie)... the many stops allowed me to enjoy the views and surrounding and I hope others managed to take this in also (the sun breaking through the clouds was stunning). The dunes didn’t have a single track on them- they were tight and resembled choppy seas .. added the pic below as i cannot believe we all made it through that as fewbies with smiles and a lot learnt! Added a few more pics to the gallery and below to remind everyone what a beautiful day we were treated to! See you all on the next one
  2. @topgear now that would have me upgraded in an instant!!! With Jeep officially dropping in a v8 we can still hope 😃
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