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Afternoon Intermediate Desert Drive - Little Sweihan - Dubai - 21 Sep 2022


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This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and strictly follow these guidelines.



recommanded to read : 

Drive Details

Level:  Intermediate and above 

Meeting time: 16:15 Wednesday (deflated and ready to move)

Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/gfejWxg4E4JNVL2aA

Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 19:30

P.S. Only join if you have a compressor to inflate your tires after the drive.



  • Limited to 10 cars maximum. RSVP will close on Wednesday -9 AM.
    • If the RSVP is full and you wish to join, please click on the "Add Waitlist" link. 
  • Latecomers will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members without RSVP will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members that do not confirm the terms of the COVID requirements will be removed from the RSVP list.
  • Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others.
  • Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month.




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  • Gaurav changed the title to Afternoon Intermediate Desert Drive - Little Sweihan - Dubai - 21 Sep 2022

hi doc @M.Seidam

Pls consider my attendance tentative.. I have a sea trial to finish in the morning and if we are done in time, and reach back on shore, i will join..i will try to confirm by noon , but in case i am not in mobile coverage i wont be able to do that as well.

so if i dont turn up on time, please do not wait for me :-)

hope you understand

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Hi Doc @M.Seidam ! Same for me too ! Toooo tempted to join, if I manage to move out of office :D , Hope you would be OK if I join in last minute pls , Will certainly drop you a text atleast an hour before the start time :) - Thanks

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Dear Friends 

  • Anoop Nair @Anoop Nair
  • Fabien Monleau @Fabien Monleau
  • Charbel @Charbel
  • Jorge Stepniak Felippe  @Jorge Stepniak Felippe
  • Gok Krish @Gok Krish
  • Sunil Mathew @Sunil Mathew
  • DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler
  • Kailas @Kailas
  • Rizwan @Rizwanm2
  • Shaaz @Shaaz Sha
  • @Simon Dawood
  • @GauravSoni

    Hello and  welcome to this afternoon weekday quick blast . From the start we will run for about 15 km on the track leading directly to little Sweihan skipping the desert of solar park proper and from the south eastern part of it will hit the twisties along the ever lovely little Sweihan . This is going to be a pretty fast paced drive enough to combat the slip faces / hard faces and crossing from either sides we will keep doing the maneuvers till sunset after which we can take a little break enjoying the golden horizon. 

please make your final check on your car and gear before leaving to the meeting point. And get a full tank as well. 

Regarding recoveries every one will try recover him self and help from my self, @GauravSoni , @Rizwanm2, @Shaaz Shaand @Kailas will always be there if needed. 

communication is PRIME  at any level in any moment and at any given situation . Our radio channel is 1 and my cell is 0554045278 in case of emergency 

can’t wait to see you this afternoon at 16:15 sharp and ready Inshallah 


convoy list is as below


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Drive report ( little Sweihan )

Approaching closer toward a drive event we usually  witness last minute drop outs but to get a drive overbooked in the last hours this is unheard of especially in weekdays drive .Regardless I was so happy and pleased to see friends  whom I haven’t driven with them from ages and to catch up with all the familiar ones and with the exception of @Sunil Mathew who informed earlier that might not show due to work every one else showed up bringing along with them their wide smiles and fire 🔥 hearts for this afternoon quick blast drive  and it was .

when we all were set up I took the shortest route possible on the track ( 15 km ) heading to our play area of today and didn’t take us long to find our self gliding over the soft sand doing all the manoeuvres safely. The biggest challenge for me as a lead was to keep the pace fluid and  steady for such a long convoy in this particular area regardless of speed but somehow we could manage despite few stops due to refusals and stucks which was managed promptly and safely as usual . Some self recoverd while others needed a rope and this was just fun and fine . Probably the only miss happen today was when we were attending two stucks @Anoop Nairwrangler slipped from nosedive position and it’s front left bumper hit@GauravSoni’s right rear. Luckily no one was around in the immediate vicinity and the impact was not that strong that the car moved few inches . Relevant pictures taken . No disputes , bumpers rearranged and the drive continues till the end safely.

I have to say that I enjoyed todays drive a lot and hope you all did as well . All the time we learn new things whenever we go to the wild and this is the essence we meet we greet we have fun and we learn always . 

Thank you @Rizwanfor your flawless second lead and reroute in the proper time in the moments of my struggles . It was a pleasure having you today . 
same goes for @Shaaz Sha it has been for a while since we drove together brother really good to see you with your mighty red Xterra . @Gaurav Sonilast minute addition to the drive it was a pleasure and really sorry of your car hope it’s fixable soon . Your help and guidance was highly appreciated 🙏 .Dear @Kailas maybe the last time we drove together was in a split convoy on the new year 2022 afternoon . Really nice to see you after such a long time . Thanks for coming and all the help in the rear of the convoy . 
Rest of the team @Gok Krish@Fabien Monleau @Simon Dawood @Charbel @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Anoop Nair and @Jorge Stepniak Felippe thank you all for making this afternoon so enjoyable. 

till we meet again please drive safe and  wish you nice weekend ahead . 



P.S pictures in Gallery


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Thank you @M.Seidam for the opportunity to join your convoy and it was an eventful and enjoyable drive. It was a pleasure to drive with all those familiar faces and glad to meet the new guys. Thanks to @Rizwanm2, @Gaurav Soni,  and @Kailas for all the support and contribution for making this a wonderful evening drive. see you soon guys.🙏👍

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