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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Camel Trophy: Lisaili Drift - Dubai - 21 Jan 2023

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Dear @Siby, since I've noticed this would be your very first drive with Carnity, I'd like to ask if you have had other previous experiences in desert driving in particular, or off-roading in general. Also, make sure your car has proper tow points both front and back, to allow any potential recovery to take place in a safe manner. Finally, kindly make sure you are carrying a flag and a radio.

In preparation for Saturday's outing, please make sure to watch the 5 videos linked at the top of the drive's post, and review the following link:

Let me know of any questions you may have regarding the drive and/or your car, etc.

I'll be giving a technical briefing prior to our departure on Saturday, so that everyone in the convoy will be up to speed with the necessary skills and safety procedure that will ensure a successful drive.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Desertnauts,

some points of interest, in preparation for tomorrow's drive.

For those drivers ( @Misha Puskar, @GeorgeFJ and @Siby) who will do their first drive with Carnity, once again, please review all the videos linked at the top of the post, as well as the Absolute Newbie Briefing, attached to a couple of posts just above).

Secondly, the meeting point is located on the road between Qudra and Solar Park. To reach it based on Google Maps directions, you do NOT have to go to Solar Park and then get back to the meeting point. It'll be enough to turn around at the roundabout located just past the meeting point (to head back toward Qudra) and reach it through the gaps in the guard rail that are visible just next to the pylons. You should find my car already waiting there.

Please, try to reach the meeting point a bit earlier than 7:30 AM, so that you may already start deflating for the drive.

I will give a technical briefing before, or immediately after, the start of the drive. This is intended to bring the "newest" Newbies up to speed with the necessary skills required for the drive, and as a reminder to the more experienced drivers of some of the convoy formalities we'll have to follow.

The drive will take us into Lisaili's area, from the proximity with Solar Park hopefully to the actual Lisaili village. We'll navigate mostly long-range dunes, crossing a couple of technical areas (with closer, lower but tighter dunes). If all goes well, we may escalate the drive to a bit more difficult level, but in general we plan to enjoy our Camel Trophy day, looking for camel tracks and camel trains, until we reach the camel racing tracks close to Lisaili

The convoy order at the moment is the following:

@Sinol in Second Lead

@GeorgeFJ at #3

@Siby #4

@Misha Puskar at #5

@Klaus Pedersen at #6

@Sajan.S #7

@Quresh. will Center the convoy

@Georges Kazan at #9

@Rashid Alseeni at #10

@Ron.P #11

@rohit kumar at #12, and

@Patrick van der Loo will Sweep the group.

We'll be communicating through Carnity radio channel #3 (446.056). 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning.

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@Ale Vallecchi thank you for the adventurous drive lesaons you shared today. Got more confidence with the dunes and ridges ans ofcourse to handle the car.. Loved it 👍👌

The team was great and thanks to @Simon D @Patrick van der Loo @Sinol for the lead and support 😎🤝


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Hi george, 

I believe there is alimit for uploading files. If you can share your email or mobile i can share the video. 

Just now, Sajan.S said:

Hi george, 

I believe there is alimit for uploading files. If you can share your email or mobile i can share the video. 

Just confirm which color FJ u have. I habe two videos

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