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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Faqa - Dubai - 21 May 2023

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5 hours ago, Davie Chase said:

@Looper @Pacific @Ignacio Quindós @Stumpy Paj @Yaseen87 @Simon D @Mark B @Tareq Al Turq @Mahmoud Taha @Benjamin @Jessica Lambert  @DP1011 @Patrick van der Loo @Bjoern @Gurcharan Mehta  @Gary F & @Mahmoud Taha

Just for Info and last little comparison for you guys are the two different routes for Myself and Looper took, color coded appropriately :). 

image.png.9c9f861e5e5e571148be0016883ee797.pngYellow Line = Faqa Express Looper Convoy 1 

Red Line Faqa = high speed freight line Davie Convoy 2

Yellow jeep Looper

Red Davie🤪

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Thanks @Looper a really enjoyable well paced Saturday morning drive.  I had lot of fun , and I mean this in earnest it was fun, with the challenge of turning circles following the tracks of your SWB Wrangler.

I looked up the specs 

JL , JLU and JT 

  • 34.5 feet = 10.52 meters
  • 40.8 feet = 12.44 meters
  • 44.5 feet = 13.56 meters

Bonus points for ending the drive in a parking lot. 

always good to catch-up @Bjoern @Patrick van der Loo


@Benjamin happy you got to try out the new jack and jack support board. It was also fun following directly behind you.

@Jessica Lambert good to see you, hope the tire issue gets resolved . Let us know if it was a defect or just the tire itself.

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