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    Its not any normal Xterra. You will get to see Emmanuel's beloved Jawaher in action
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    Congrats @Shamil ! Sri said exactly what I have in mind. I would just add that I’m glad to see another Xterrian in intermediate drives 😉
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    Congrats @Brette. Like Fred said it's not easy to tame your black stallion, but you have managed very well.
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    I am now in al mansour tyres close to diamond park in Dubai.They have repaired my bent wheel rim and balanced that wheel. Cost 225aed. impressed with their service. thanks rahimbhai for recommending this place to me. regards srini
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    Thanks @Frederic for this nice share. I would add an axe to cut wood sticks when there is a lot of trees available around your camp (If you are not in a protected area of course)
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    Apparently now the thing in Dubai is make sure the ad says "British owned". If it says "lady" in the title, bonus points. If the owner was a "British lady dentist", you hit the jackpot.
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    Whoa! What a surprise! Thanks so much @Gaurav Bhai and @Rahimdad Bhai. I hope to live up to the Intermediate standard. Thanks for the compliments @Srikumar Bhai. I enjoy your company and dedication to this adventurous activity!
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    Sri and Javier were very kind. I like to teach people how to get unstuck by letting them shovel, so they can learn faster
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    @Xaf if one day you want to organise a 777 absolute nexbie drive, count me in 😂
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    @Srikumar hi! I will be joining as well! Just did my absolute newbie last week under @Emmanuel 's guidance.
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    I never had anyone put petrol in my car until I came to uae. It’s just not a thing where I’m from. You fill your own car. I don’t understand the mentality of the petrol companies paying people to stand on the forecourts but I just roll with it. When in Rome.....
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    Replaced my front and rear shocks with coils and now car is lifted by 2inches. Replaced the steering pump. Fixed skip plate ( As i got it free from my friend) Replaced my front and rear shocks with coils and now car is lifted by 2inches.
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    https://m.lingscars.com/ For context, Ling is a crazy Chinese lady who moved to the UK years ago with dreams of being a car dealer. She is constantly in court for fraud. I remember a few years ago she got arrested for selling “brand new deloreans” for £15,000. (75k dhs). Delorean stopped making cars in 1983.She never stops. but just check out that crazy website. It’s like something 15 year old me would have created in HTML and spent 3 days uploading it on my 56k connection which could barely reach 28k.
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    @Gaurav he was asking about how to buy, not how to list a used one for sale
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    Just thought I should let the offroaders know about the sale on AOR products as advertised below. Its valid till 5th. Nov. .
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    I don't understand why when a vehicle is through to the other side of the dune and gets stuck, you need to pull it back over the dune. With the weight of the car, a little digging would have gone a long way if you need to pull it back. The angle at the back was also not a good one. Seen many accidents as such over the years and people never learn.
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    It can happen that the various corrosion inhibitors in different brands of coolant react with each other to form an acid that attacks seals and/or mating surfaces under gaskets and seals. Other times, and depending on the mixture, coolant additives can cancel each other out, so you may think that your engine is protected, but meanwhile, the coolant mixture is destroying it from within in various ways, and the first time you notice something is wrong is when you start getting coolant leaks. So no, mixing coolants is never a good idea.
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    As it's time to have an intermediate level drive, let's go deeper in Al Yahar/Nahil side of Sweihan area. The plan is to start from this amazing spot we discovered in June (and returned to at the end of summer), head North-East through very promising sets of dunes and exit on the E95. When: Friday 18 October 2019 Meeting time: 5:45 AM sharp Where: In order to earn time, we will meet not far from deflation point (exit from E16). GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/ZRq6a2g2WHMYCj6P9 Last petrol stations : 1. ADNOC Al-Hiyar (if you come from E66) https://goo.gl/maps/FU1LJn8bfaJ4AQXw5 ; 2. ADNOC Sweihan (if you come from E16, with a small detour) https://goo.gl/maps/kfRXapzVXqgp2F6E9 Level: intermediate and above Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive and enjoy till about 10 AM. What to bring along: Snacks whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Please RSVP on the below calendar:
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    I recently saw a very nicely modified olpost 05 Pathfinder in Muhaisana. Got a 4 inch lift bash plates. And looked liked it had gone on a few serious drives. Was just thinking if it had that 310hp V8 in it. It would be a nice ride Anyone who has driven a Titan or Armada even on road know they are pretty quick. Under 7 second 0-100 for such big beasts imagine that in a smaller and lighter package.
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    Prado was my first choice, but even for 50k the models I checked were too old and used, a lot of kms too... I didn't find any descent one and got frustrated and tired looking for one. Which year and model would you say? and reasonable price? Because a brand new one is 160k... and As Rahim said, I wouldn't be keen to taking it to the desert hehe The car would be for me alone btw. No passengers to take into consideration, at least right now and the near future
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    Hi Gaurav, Good to hear that you're getting back on the bike, it is definitely relaxing. I am not an avid biker, more like a recreational one. I live next to the Al Qudra Cycling track so that helps too. In general i have to say that the infrastructure in Dubai is still quite weak when it comes to cyclists, but there is slight improvement. If you want you can also rent a bike near to the Al Qudra lakes (Giant store). My best advice would be to start slowly and enjoy every ride. Your stamina will quickly improve but it is important to not overdo it and to keep an eye on your heart rates. If you monitor those properly your physical strength and stamina will improve without pain or injuries. Good luck !
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    @Atif bhai congrats... time to modify your ride now..
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    I am guilty here too. Found a fantastic looking flower shirt in a shop in Barcelona, and according to my wife its CLEARLY a women's model. Oh well, we are 2019... 😂 I'd love to go @Barry. If you're planning and buying tickets and could use a sidekick, let me know.
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    Well I can say it will be nothing like of what we can think of today. Just like if you look at old reels from the 50s and 60s of the "Car of Tomorrow" and they are nothing like the cars of today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onoQhtSee34
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    WOW, this is the new future that will make everyone's life easy and accessible.
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    @Jas Gajaria can't wait to drive with you again. Had a glimpse of you on the only drive we were together and you had to leave for your studies. Thoroughly enjoyed your company and waiting for December when you will be back for some more sand splashing and more importantly the fun chats later.
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    What stopped them from grabbing a stone and breaking a window? Any car window will break if you hit it in the bottom corner
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    Thanks, @Rahimdad! I have a square one for Instagram, feel free to use if you want! I tagged gocarnity in my Instagram post 😃
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    I know mixing red and green color radiator coolant is totally unacceptable, but can we mix different brands of same color - green coolant while top up? I have filled originally with Mitsubishi coolant and then used ENOC green coolant occasionally to top up since last 1 year. Recently added Prestone green coolant to top up and now I had 3 leaks in 3 weeks. So doubting if coolant mixing could be the cause or is it a pure coincidence.
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    Final Update Vibration was due to 1 teeth missing , Last night we opened everything again and found out left side Belt was missed by 1 1/2 timing. It took me 6 Sparks Plug, 2 coil and cleaning of Injectors to find out this cause. in this course my Manifold was damaged due to wrong fitting. Finally the vibrations are gone, but will drive for a week to see if it returns
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    Absolutely! And it would be nice to explore that new area. Where should I meet you? Rahim has my whatsapp number, in case you need to contact me faster. Thank you!!! I’m so excited
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    Just like I can't remember half the phone numbers of my family and friends since mobile phone has all of them stored. Similarly with adaptive cruise control we would loose our sense of braking. Let the kids learn it the hard way.
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    There are instance like that but I am sure that can be totally avoided if the person is calm and aware of his surroundings
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    Unfortunately, I did not go all the way to Jordan from UAE but rented a car there 😃 Anyway, it could be useful! Will do 😃 All right, will do! 😃 Thanks
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    @amir.rophail if you are coming to this one I'll take the compressor with me I'll give it to you for 50 aed it cost me more but I just don't need it. I used it like 3 times only
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    Hi Jamy; Sorry our good forum policy not allowing for PM if you are not purchasing some level of membership. I checked with my friend he said it is 2016 VXR but registered at 2017, 40.000km It has; Navigation, Leather Seats, Backup Camera, Parking Sensors, Blind spot Sensor, It has original Built in Compressor and flag point on roof. Full service history, has warranty till 2021. For price you can call him or whatsapp him. +971 54 791 7955. He is selling because planing to get A G63 Merc.
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