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    Having a fire extinguisher in your car is good, but sometimes it's of no use if car catches an instant and uncontrollable fire. In that scenario, best is to learn - how to exit the burning car with all your "critical belongings" under 10 seconds. Here are the stats that show the percentage of each type of cause that is responsible for an uncontrollable fire. 49% - Mechanical failure or malfunction 23% - Electrical cause 11% - Leaks or breaks 09% - Unknown causes 05% - Catch fire from another burning source 03% - Accidents or rollover So in short, 83% causes of an uncontrollable car fire is because of an owner negligence and only 17% is beyond anyone control. So NEVER delay car maintenance, use cheap parts, ignore leaks / rattling / grinding noise again. Here are the 7 main reasons that can cause an instant and uncontrollable car fire and how to prevent it: Engine Oil: As much as buying the best engine oil for your car is very important, you should also pay equal attention to any engine oil leaks. Most of the car engines leak oil when they get older, as the rubber gasket inside the engine tend to stop work and ideally they should be replaced before the leak starts. It's always a good practice to inspect the engine oil leak under the engine and sump area to notice any spotting or dry leak stains at least once a month. If you see any stains in your car park, it's already too late and you should check for its severity and/or replace gaskets/hoses asap. Changing engine gasket is not cheap so if you are press for expenses, get it checked for its severity and let a mechanic or car experts advise you if it's safe to drive for a while. You should also check your engine oil regularly if you have done any engine tuning recently. You can also do the car engine compression test to find out the overall health of your car engine. If engine oil is dripping on the exhaust or on any other heated surface, then don't take any chances as it may ignite on your next drive and get it fixed asap or stop driving that car immediately. If you get the check engine light or see smoke from the engine hood, switch off the car immediately. Even a small engine oil leak can catch fire and that small fire can burn down the nearby high-pressure hoses that can result in an uncontrollable car fire. Coolant: As the name suggests, it cools down the engine internally that has varied temperature from 60 degrees to 1500 degrees at various stages. Engine coolant constantly circulates between the engine jacket and radiator. Thermostat work as a gatekeeper to let the coolant cool down in radiator to exchange with hot coolant that was running in the engine jacket. Even the smallest of a coolant leak is very dangerous, because first, it will spoil your engine within a few seconds and then burn the whole car down in minutes. If coolant quantity reduces or becomes totally empty then the engine won't be able to cool down and will blow the engine head gasket first, warp the engine head and then catch fire. Make sure to check your coolant level always at least once a week, and for off roading just before every drive. And you should know how to test car engine coolant. If there is a coolant leak, please DO NOT DRIVE to save from huge expense that comes from rebuilding an engine or risking your life. Always keep an eye on the heat gauge in the dashboard while driving and pull over the car if it rises above the ideal range. If the heat gauge moves up "little" in the slow-moving traffic and AC stop cooling and come back to normal on the highway, that means something is wrong in the cooling system and get it checked asap but still, you can drive with caution. Gear Oil: Any unusual behavior from the gear shifting with jerk or delay in picking gear or confused with downshift or upshift is a tell-tale sign of failing gear or gear oil. You should also read 5 signs to change your transmission for more details. As the first rule of thumb, get the gear oil and filter change to OEM specs and inspect the sump magnet for any metal shavings. Very fine shavings like a paste are acceptable but if shavings are like spikes then the gear is failing and it needs to be rebuild or change asap. And never believe on the myth about lifetime transmission fills. Continue driving with failing gear is extremely hazardous as it will heat up the gear oil more than its normal temperature. If the car is equipped with A/T light, you can still stop until it cools down, but if the car has no A/T warning light in instrument cluster then it will overheat and explode the weakest pipe or joints and catch an instant and uncontrollable fire under the dashboard. I have recently witnessed this scenario and we were unable to fire-fight instead of several extinguishers used and the car was fully burnt within few minutes. Fuel: One of the most inflammable item in your car and you should never ignore the fuel smell coming from any part of your car. The fuel system is completed sealed and pressurize so ideally not even a vapor can escape. In several occasion leaking fuel pump due to the bad gasket or leaking injectors can cause an instant and uncontrollable fire. If you spot any such fuel smell immediately switch off the car and let competent mechanic have a thorough look rather than taking a chance to drive back home or work. If the smell is coming from fuel cap, then switch off the car and wait for 10 minutes and open the fuel cap to release any excess fuel pressure (if any), occasionally this helps to some extent and then start the car and let it idle for 5 minutes to test. If you still smell the fuel, take no chance and put the car on recovery bed. Electrical: One of the easiest thing to fail and cause a fire is electrical wiring, fuses, relays, etc. Although most of the time the electrical fire is controllable by a car fire extinguisher, but if it happens near hot and pressurized hose then it will become uncontrollable very fast. A major cause of electrical failure is bad workmanship and running the cables from non-designated areas. Using educated electrician is very important to install new electrical components safely, be it off-road lights, winch, music system, amplifier, etc. If any additional cable has been pulled from the car battery then it has to have a certain rating to draw the required amperage load. Wrong or cheap cables will melt and may cause a fire. Such fire or short circuit is also traceable with the plastic burning smell and thin smoke. If you spot the plastic burning smell or smoke or both, immediately switch off the car and reach to your fire extinguisher. First and foremost check the switches, wire and electrical component that you have recently installed. Most of the bad workmanship fail within a few months or under extensive load, so you can doubt accordingly and go close to that switch, cable or component and smell the source. Switch on the car ignition and see if it again smell or produce smoke, then switch off the car and disconnect that component either from switch level or fuse or directly from the battery. Accident: Rare but possible, that after an accident you might damage some flammable fluid hose that can cause a fire. For safety reason, in case of an accident especially small ones, on which we always focus on the accident damage rather than the whole integrity of the car. You should inspect the car from all sides and look for any leaks or burning smell from the engine bay and under the car. If you spot any leak other than AC water dripping, don't drive the car until you figure out what has been leaking and is it safe for a short drive to mechanic or not. Ignoring any small leak, smell, smoke can cause an instant and uncontrollable fire as something under the hood must have been impacted and might leak or explode under the pressure if you drive again. Must read: The top 10 things to check after a car accident. Accessories: One of the first things to fail in your car is an aftermarket accessory, as many car owners buy the cheapest quality of car accessory for the sake of price only. If you are really lucky, it will simply stop working, but if not it can cause the other car component to fail to cause the fire or shutting off the car completely for smallest of internal short circuit. Always stay away from rock-bottom cheapest accessory as it might cost you the whole car. Go with a trusted brand, model and spec that has been proven in the market. Do your research before installing them, for what all additional changes/upgrades you should be doing to support that accessory. For example, if you plan to install 3000 watts music system with amp and woofer, battery upgrade is a must or at least test your battery. Same for additional lights or other electrical stuff that you plan to install. It's always best to discuss your build plan with car experts to seek the best advice like here: Help needed in car audio system selection. It's a prime example of how to research, discuss and then build any aftermarket car accessory that brings you great value and peace of mind for years. MUST READ: How to correctly use the Car Fire Extinguisher Types of extinguishers that are out there to stop a fire in your car
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    Trip Report. What a night, Superman truly back into action caught flying all over Area 53 after 3 weeks of exposure to kryptonite. With myself in the lead, @Javier M in second lead, followed by @Roshan Abraham, @MATHEW FELEX, @Shamil and @Frederic and @Gaurav bhai in the sweep. Earlier @Gaurav and myself were flying to the meeting point to brief the new personal on board, but had to wait and thus got somewhat delayed in our start. The first bit itself was fun but soft sand which made it difficult for all 7 cars to go through. A little reroute saw better results with 400 meters without a stuck, but it was that kind of a night where the sweep team had to do overtime to keep the convoy moving. Every time I tried to make through closer to Iftar bowl we were faced with a soft sand wall which was impossible for all 7 cars to clear. Slowly but surely we moved around the Iftar Bowl to find a path that would finally let us through. There were a lot of hits and misses, but close to early morning hours we finally found a track and almost made it through. Just edging at the back side of Iftar Bowl waiting for the rest to catch up, I came to find out that one of the cars was caught up in an awful pocket. I made my way back to the sweep team and assisted with a couple of tugs that had the vehicle in a better position. From here @Gaurav bhai took over and got it out in a jiffy. With the sun coming out, we played a while on the Iftar Bowl. This was time for @Javier M to bow out as his friend Ramon was not feeling so well. Rest of us headed 100 meters away from the action to a safe spot with a shade which was not going to last very long. We lay our spread and enjoyed recapping the horrid night behind us. With the sun becoming just a bit unbearable we had a quick ride in the daylight to exit. We all inflated our tires and promised to meet another time. So in short the drive was challenging yet fun. It had Superman written all over it but not without the help of the sweep team. So until next time I bid you all farewell. See you all soon.
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    @Rahimdad thanks again for the fantastic lead in the beautiful area 53. Some areas were proven to be a bit tricky with soft patches and all of us had to stay on our toes a bit, which is actually a good thing when driving at night. @Gaurav your skills as first sweep are something I really look forward to learn in the near future. Your fast reactions, anticipation, clear communication, and the ability to stay calm and composed is what makes a true crew member. Thanks for the assistance and company on this adventurous night. Thanks to the rest of the team for keeping the spirits high, even after consecutive stucks or refusals. The more time you will spend with your car the more you will feel it’s strengths, weaknesses, and you will learn how to apply either a feather touch or a full lead foot on the pedal at the right appropriate timing. Idem ditto with keeping distance which like Gaurav bhai mentioned needs constant adjusting based on the terrain, overall pace, and person in front of you. @Shamil when I announced that I didn’t see you in the convoy anymore you seemed to got lost. Don’t be afraid to immediately announce on the radio that you don’t see any team members anymore and best to stop the car and walk to the highest dune nearby. We’ve all been in similar situations and I know it feels a bit scary. see you guys soon !
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    Thanks @Frederic for giving me wonderful support in that extra adventurous night drive where we were having 1 stuck every 10 min average. I was really very fortunate to have you as a second sweep that night. Without your physical and calculative support and patience I would have gone crazy with so many stucks in one drive. Your team player attitude is really something special that we rarely see in today's offroader. Really thank you from the bottom of my heart, when I was fully exhausted and drained that I crashed first on the mat where we suppose to eat, which I have never done that before. You are on a very right path to excel and learn lot more than others to reach the higher levels, just because you "genuinely" love to help people and in return learn lot more than just usual recovery skills.
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    Car fires are no joke. Plastic, cloth, hot oil, fuel, the whole car can go up in a few seconds. Fire extinguishers are a waste of time unless you know what you’re doing with it. If you have a big fire in your engine bay don’t even think about opening the bonnet to put it out, the flames will come out around you. Even if you’re not going to use the fire extinguisher, take it out of the car with you if possible. If you can’t get it out, make sure everyone stays back and tell the rescue services. These things can go off like a bomb if they get hot. Sometimes it’s better just to stand back and let the car burn. That’s what your insurance is for. Don’t underestimate how flammable engine oil is. Sure, you can stick a lit match in it and it will go out, but try pouring some on a hot exhaust manifold to see what happens. Personally I wouldn’t hang around after an accident trying to grab personal things, just get the heck out of the car. In rallying, drivers work on the 5 second rule. So as soon as the car stops bouncing, you have 5 seconds to get your belt off, get out of the car and start running. Something work practising. Never throw water on a car fire either. The water vaporises when it something hot and turns to steam. The steam carries fuel and oil into the air which can turn into a fireball. Sand is always a better option. Fire needs 3 things to burn, fuel, oxygen and heat so if you can stop one of these, you can kill the fire. I’ve seen a lot of fires from my time in motorsports and I could write a 10,000 word essay on it but that will do for now.
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    Very nice question asked @Keithryan, well done for putting this doubt in mind in writing. Totally agree with @Frederic and @Srikumar These are called detailing shops and they are in abundance these days. Back in 2008 it use to be rare and every detailing shop used to charge 1000+ now you can get full car detailing inside out in 300-500 dhs depending on your negotiation skill and size of the car. With such detailing you can only clean up the sand presence and not the offroad toll what Sri mentioned. Quick look around and under the car can still reveal its been regularly offroad or not. 1000000% YES No offroad 4x4 or SUV will ever fetch same resale value as opposed to on road use car. Short Answer: YES Long Answer: Depends on following criteria No: 1 point what Fred mention: Define your offroad - Camping vs dune bashing. 99% of buyer wouldn't mind camping vehicle, but definitely stay away from dune bashing vehicle. That's why Safari driven "White LC" has the lowest resale value. If buyer looking for offroad vehicle for dune bashing he/she will not buy previously offroad vehicle to have spare life for his next ownership. If buyer is buying 4x4 / SUV for road commute, then he may buy if you sweeten the deal little. You may find a dreamers on dubizzle advertising 100K wrangler with 50K mod as a 150K selling price, but they will never fetch anyway close to the unmoded vehicle price unless they wait for 3-6 month for a one in million right buyer. So heavily modded 4x4 do attract lot of buyers but minus the cost of all mods you have done, as no one pays a dime for aftermarket mods, unless buyer is a genuine enthusiast. Capable 4x4 looses very little value even with regular offroad use, if its well maintained - LC, Patrol, FJC, defender etc. as oppose to not very capable 4x4 or SUV when offroad use considered as an abuse. Lady driven is a curse these days, that people stay away from this overly used term that raises truck load of suspicion, unless lady answer the call and comes out during viewing.
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    Basic Pointers from my end Ensure to check the exterior of the vehicle in bright sun light. Avoid evening time as you may find it difficult to see the difference in paint else you shall have paint thickness check pen. When you turn on the engine check for any abnormal noises. Better to open bonnet to ensure no oil leaks. When you go for a test drive ensure to keep all window open to check for any noise during drive. Better to take a test drive on unpaved road to check suspension and jerks if any. Try reverse gear too just to check. Apply brakes and check if the vehicle deviate from its actual path. Inspect tires manually. Follow coin rule or even check with your finger for the tire thread. ensure tires are not very old. Check all electronics like all windows, lights, wipers, sunroof mechanism, if its open roof, check for roof mechanism. Ensure that vehicle is GCC specs. Check for service history and recent repairs. Check for cleanliness of interiors.
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    I've had the chance to see one of the workshops in Ras Al Khor that prepares and cleans vehicles to be sold. They pull out the carpets, seats, and afterwards you won't find any traces behind that this car has been in the desert, so looking for traces of sand is in many cases not a fair reference. Personally i don't mind buying a car that has spent some time in the desert, but in this oversupplied market where you can find one that's used as a lady-driven school crawler for the same price, i'd rather go for that option. Selling a car that has been used as regular off-roader will affect your selling price, there is not mistake about that. And that's probably one of the reasons many of us are driving depreciated 20 year old vehicles in the club On a side note, what is "offroad use" ? * Taking the car for camping trips with family on sand trails ? * Dune bashing and flying on Faya ? both are considered offroad. The first one will not hurt your 4x4 as it should feel at home doing these things. The second one is another story that our senior members can reiterate too 😉
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    ‘58 Chevy Del Ray Car was already hotrodded at some stage, bigger engine fitted, manual trans fitted, wide white walls, louvred bonnet fitted. Some guy even fitted a weird 1980s horn kit with a keyboard so you can program the horn to play your favourite song. Im going to Matt black it to give it that modern touch. Drop the suspension so low that speed bumps become the enemy. I’m planning to keep the musical horn because it’s just so cool and unique. In truth I’d love to cut the front end out, jack it up and build it into a gasser. Would be so cool but would make it unsaleable in Dubai.
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    CDA concern and interest is for socially active fundraising groups and social services to help underprivileged people as mentioned in the Gulf News article. Idea is to regulate such social groups so that the collected donation goes for a right cause. Carnity is a company registered with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority under the name of Carnity Technology - FZE and our license does include the activity of "Portal" and "Public Networking Services". This Dubai government license has been issued after proper verification, due diligence and background check for Carnity.com and its stakeholders.
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    The uniqeist and the biggest 😂 Number 4 is my favorite, step out and help. Any time I've been out with you guys, I love how you get out and help anyone and everyone, wether they are part of the Carnity drive or not. Life in the city can be BS sometimes. Nobody will help you unless they are getting paid, but in the desert everyone is family, and more than that, it instills a sense of humanity in you. Anyone can get stuck and get in shit. When a random person comes to help you, it reminds you that no matter how banjaxed the world is, there are still good people out there.
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    This is what we might see between Murqab and Lisaili coming weekend 😂
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    This is because your rear differential bushings have failed. To change the entire arm would cost a lot. So you might have to search for the bushings separately and replace them. Doing the same for my Jeep, but with Jeeps you get the bushings more easily. Pajero will be a bit more of a challenge. And also dont try to replace the control arms with those from the scrap yard as they would also be equally worn out.
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    I dunno just doesnt seem right for some reason. Having that extra aura sense to increase situational and spatial awareness cant be a bad thing. You can drive but with one less sense. But then again people can drive at 140 in heavy fog where they can hardly see beyond their hood. Im sure you can manage without ears
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    Many of us think we can keep our minds alert, even when we're feeling the tug of sleepiness on our brain and bodies. But the truth is that sleep is a powerful biological drive—one that can overtake even the best driver. Rolling down the windows and turning up the radio volume—these tricks don't work. It's important to know what to look for and how to handle drowsiness to protect the safety of everyone on the road. It's not always easy to tell when you're too tired to drive. Here are some signs that it's time to pull over: Difficulty focusing, frequent blinking, or heavy eyelids Daydreaming; wandering/disconnected thoughts Trouble remembering the last few miles driven; missing exits or traffic signs Yawning repeatedly or rubbing your eyes Trouble keeping your head up Drifting from your lane, tailgating, or hitting a shoulder rumble strip Feeling restless and irritable Well before a person actually falls asleep while driving, lapses in attention and slowed reaction times make drowsy driving very dangerous. Driving is a complex activity that involves many small but important split decisions with every passing second. Even if you're awake, your brain is not functioning optimally to handle these decisions. Studies show that excessive sleepiness decreases our judgment and increases risk taking. The best way to make sure your mind and body are in optimal driving shape is to plan ahead and get 7-8 hours of sleep before your drive. Other methods include: The pre-drive nap: taking a short nap before a road trip can help make up for a short night's sleep. The mid-drive nap: if you find yourself drowsy while driving, pull over to take a short nap of 20 minutes. Make sure you are in a safe location and remember you'll be groggy for 15 minutes or so after waking up. The Buddy system: It's safest to drive with a partner on long trips. Pull over every two hours and switch drivers, while the other takes a nap if possible. Don't rush. Better to arrive at your destination safe than on time. Do not drink alcohol. Even very small amounts of alcohol will enhance drowsiness. Don't drive between midnight and 6 a.m. Because of your body's biological rhythm, this is a time when sleepiness is most intense. Drink caffeine: caffeine improves alertness, although be aware that the effects of caffeine will wear off after several hours.
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    Based on my recent purchase which till date I am extremely happy, my experience is as follows: 1. Try to get a low mileage car even if its an older model 2. Check for the complete service history. This is very important. Service done at dealer is preferred and its worth paying the little extra premium. 3. Get a reliable mechanic to do a thorough inspection of the car. Better than the RTA comprehensive test 4. Not meaning to be biased, but some nationalities do tend to keep the car in better conditions than others. Even if there is a small work, they will get it fixed. 5. You can check the accident record on the MOI website (https://portal.moi.gov.ae/eservices/PublicServices/AccidentsInquiry.aspx?Culture=en), just enter the chasis number and you get the entire record for non-Dubai vehicles. For Dubai registered vehicles, the link is as follows: https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home/rta-services/service-details/?serviceId=5810003
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    Good topic and i think it covers most tips. In my former life being a DJ i was always on the road in the early morning hours. The first 20 minutes when i took off was ok, but then fatigue starts to kick in, especially in the winter when your car heater is on. I'd take the nearest available exit, and take a small 30min powernap, followed by a walk around the car and a coffee. That always did the trick. Be aware that after very long periods without sleep, you will enter a stage where you are suddenly not tired anymore, and feel perfectly fine to drive. But at one point you'll fall asleep without realizing in a split second. A friend of mine who was a sales guy and did very long drives once told me the story that his car went off the highway and he woke up with the car upside down on a piece of farmland next to the highway. Luckily he survived and just broke his arm, but he kept telling me NEVER felt it coming as he kept ignoring the earlier signs from the hours before and then entered the state of being awake and not tired at all. Same thing with RedBull and others.... it delays your fatigueness, but it will hit back eventually, and then it will hit you hard..
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    We can definitely put that in one sentence: “ i received my salary and went to get some beers and a movie, but I maxxed out my credit cards and got a nasty call from the wife” 😂
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    For me, more than the route and ETA it's about knowing if there is any incident or accident on the road. The updates on Google maps are reasonably quick following a traffic incident.
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    Jack the front of the car up so both wheels are off the ground. If it’s still tight when you steer, you might have a bad ball joint or track rod end or something. If it feels ok, you maybe just have a car with heavy steering. I’ve driven a lot of pajeros and I wouldn’t say they have light steering. Try that test and see what happens but it’s probably ok, it’s a pajero not a Range Rover.
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    Trip Report - can't remember much, maybe because I've delayed the trip report due to a busy week. I do remember meeting and moving on time. The excitement of extending our drive area by starting from mini Mahafiz. The drive was relaxingly smooth with the odd refusals and stucks to keep the sweep team on our feet. But @Gaurav bhai did not take the revenge for the previous week where we found more time on refusals and stucks rather than driving. My favourite area always start from Mahafiz, and after the first 90 minutes entering our Mahafiz area is where I felt at home. Again with a few refusals and even fewer stucks we managed to reach our playground. As usual for safety @Gaurav bhai was the first to test the slopes to make sure route was safe for all. We all had a go and the level of excitement was evident from the fact that everyone had a few tries. We later shifted to the other side and continued with loads of side sloping. Once everybody had their fill we moved on to Fossil Rocks. Once we came around Fossil Rocks some of us decided to leave, while some of us decided to continue to Faya. Although we headed towards Faya our luck meant we could see it from a distance but never reach it. Couple of small incidents kept us away from Faya. Although the incidents were not so serious, but always better to be safe than sorry. After inflation and hugs we headed home. Until next time I bid you farewell.
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    Just pick any porsche. They all look the same
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    When I started driving I used to go through a set of pads every 3 months. The security guard at work had a nice Mercedes C class so I started chatting to him about it. Old model but clean and well looked after. Turned out he bought the car brand new 9 years previously and was still running the original pads. I asked him how? He told me the harder you press any of the pedals, the more it will cost you, so just relax and enjoy the scenery.
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    I know a few drivers like that. Its either full accelerator or full brakes. No middle ground. You start to get woozy after 5 mintues of sitting with them.
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    https://www.desertcart.ae/products/47075192 these are the magnetic pads I bought. I only have one thick black cable running along the side of the windshield that goes to the engine bay. Doesn’t bother me during the drive. I hook up the lights by using a regular three pin household power plug.
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    After long wait seeing this feature in waze and sygic, finally google maps decided to show small real time speed icon on down left of screen today morning when I used after some time. Not sure since how long this has been added, but its pretty recent. Dr. Google, please add the road limit icon too on the right side like sygic did it very nicely, many years back. As many time we run out of options to guess from 80-100-120 and then fall on 60 road with photo clicked at price of 600 dhs.
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    The cat eats better than me! He will only eat the expensive stuff now. Try giving him carrefour food and he looks at me like, bro WTF is this shit? Spinneys only 😂
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    Was in Rashidiya today getting a custom exhaust built and spotted these. Original F&F Supra and Paul Walkers personal Evo. Anyone know who owns them? Have a grand tour employee who wants to do an interview.
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    People do understand that they need fire extinguisher in their car at some point and make a well research purchase, at least 70 out of 100 cars do have some type of fire extinguishers these days. What many people don't realize the importance of how to use it right. There are few basic limitation of using car fire extinguisher and many people don't even know them. I remember doing the same mistake when I first saw the fire and ran to the extinguisher and emptied the whole can without even reducing the size of fire, let alone extinguishing it. I have been regularly trained and certified Fire Warden with more than 10 years of annual training from Gulf Technical & Safety Training Centre, in Abu Dhabi. I also have a history of saving 4:1 cars, means I saved 4 cars and lost one to the fire (sadly). In any event of fire, time is of an essence, so sooner and smarter you respond the better the outcome may come. You also need to remember that not all car fires are controllable and it's better to walk away in case fire spreads too quickly, rather than making an attempt to fight it. If fire is not spreading fast then you might have a good window of opportunity ONLY if you know how to correctly use the car fire extinguisher. Wrong use of car fire extinguisher will help spread the fire every second and also running out of your fire extinguisher. COMMON MISTAKE OR IGNORANCE Every car fire extinguisher is timed for 5-10-20 seconds of use ONLY. Shooting fire extinguisher from far away is absolutely useless. Find and aim the source of the fire and not the flames. Test / Top up your car fire extinguisher every year. Place your car fire extinguisher within your reach. RIGHT WAY TO USE CAR FIRE EXTINGUISHER Always try to aim and cut off 1 of 3 these things "SAFELY" if you can: Heat, Oxygen and Fuel. If the fire is inside the engine bay, switch off the car immediately as that will cut off the fuel if its fuel related fire. Do not open the hood and wait to see if smoke or fire subsided. If you are in offroad, let few people constantly throw sand on top of close hood (bonnet), that will help lowering down the temperature (removing HEAT) and in case sand seeps through hood louver it can also help in suffocating fire to cut off the oxygen or at least will let you buy few more seconds to fight it. Find the source of the fire is a key to extinguish with limited timed fire extinguisher in hand. Even if you see smoke or flames from the hood, but fire source is always down and may be accessible through wheel arc, front grill or even under the car from the sides. Once you spot the correct source, go as close and safe as possible to shoot the fire extinguisher on the base of the fire and sweep (if you can) for at least 5-6 seconds. Base of the fire is always lighter and brighter in color so don't shoot red color flames, instead look for bluish, yellowish, purplish source of the fire. After the first shot, if fire has been put off then wait for 30 minutes to open the hood, if its still on and accessible, shoot again from as close as you can and sweep it from left to right for 5-6 seconds. Once fire is successfully put off, wait for at least 30 mins to open the hood, as cooling off extinguish fire is equally important. Extinguishing car fire works best with a teamwork, instead everyone coming and emptying the fire extinguisher from various sides. So if you are in offroad and your car catches the fire and you see smoke or flames from the hood, as a first rule of thumb, switch off the car and get your shovel and extinguisher out. If someone is leading then you can support whatever he ask. If you are leading then be ready to get close to the base/source of the fire as soon as possible and advise everyone to keep throwing sand on top of hood and aim to hit the fire base or flame if they can with sand shower. Use every fire extinguisher wisely as its the only thing that can extinguish the fire base very quickly and efficiently. Do not panic, as that will worsen the situation for you to burn your hands or face. Do not get carried away and you should know when to stop fighting and run away with your critical belonging if fire spreads out quickly. Disclaimer: All the above knowledge I intend to share with everyone to let them know how to use fire extinguisher safely rather than just wasting it. I do not intend them to become a hero and get burnt. Cars are replaceable but lives and limbs are not. Example: He could have used 1/2 of the extinguisher if he would have reduced the distance from 6 feet to 3 feet. MUST READ: 7 Uncontrollable Car Fire Causes and Prevention Types of extinguishers that are out there to stop a fire in your car
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    Great topic ! We always train to use the P.A.S.S method, which is easy to remember: Also worth remembering that you cannot use ANY extinguisher for any type of fire, there are different types of extinguishers, categorized in classes: A typical extinguisher for car will be dry powder if i remember correctly. So take note when you buy one
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    And for some other GLORIFIED experience.......!
  36. 5 points
    I think I am one of the best qualified to answer this question as I have a big tendency to sleep while driving. This is what I do in the following order of preference: Nothing beats getting a power nap of 20 - 30 mins Talking on the phone is the next best thing Eating sunflower seeds as its an activity in addition to eating something Eating chips, chocolates, chewing gum have no effect to keep me awake
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    @Frederic I restored a silver Opel GT 7-8 years ago. I’ve seen plenty in magazines but it’s the only one I’ve seen in real life. I loved how the headlights flip round in a circle rather than just pop up and down. Very cool car. I must check and see if I still have photos of the build. Manta is a cool car too but rust got most of them so you don’t see many now. They aren’t worth as much as Escorts so there are less people restoring them. The 400 was the dogs danglies with the flared arches. Still a lot of people rallying them in Ireland. Corsa was called Nova in UK/Ireland until the mid 90s. When the Corsa B came out, the name changed from Nova to Corsa. I have had a lot of both. Nearly got killed in one. Was parked nicely at the side of the road and a truck decided to reverse through the windscreen then over the roof. Said he never felt a thing. Ive had a few kadettes/astras over the years too. Always had bad luck with them too. First car was a Mk3 Cavalier when I was 10/11, used to race it around the fields at home until the engine blew up. Favourite GM I had has to be a 2 door Chevette saloon. Someone I knew was scrapping a shell so I built it over a month just for fun. Was super ratty but manual, rwd, welded diff, what’s not to love? That ended up in the bottom of a culvert. I remember asking the scrap man to come and pick it up. He came and looked and said how the hell am I supposed to get that out of there? Im a true blue ford guy but I’ve had an unhealthy amount of Opel/Vauxhall’s.
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    Hi, guys! Just want to warn some of you who have not heard about new Abu Dhabi restriction. If it is foggy in Abu Dhabi emirate, then speed limit on E11, E311 and some other roads is lowered to 80km/h. Drivers should be notified by electronic boards over the road or LED signs on the right side of the road. The thing is these boards and signs do not work! But cameras work perfectly! So you can get 4 or 5 fines easily even if you drive as slow as 90-100km/h. Also sometimes you might think that visibility is absolutely perfect but cameras still set to 80 km/h. Considering that signs and boards do not work, it is super easy to get several fines. https://gulfnews.com/uae/transport/road-speed-reduced-to-80-kmh-during-bad-weather-in-abu-dhabi-1.1541605789467 Be careful!
  39. 5 points
    Setting a speed limit for adverse weather conditions is a bit daft imo. What if they set the speed limit at 80 but visibility is 20 metres? These idiots will still drive as fast as they are allowed to with no thought to stopping distances. You should always be able to stop in the distance you can see ahead of you.
  40. 5 points
    Thank you for the detailed clarification.
  41. 5 points
    The boys from Dirt Every Day have a new episode dedicated to the XJ, @sertac and @Srikumar you might like it: Would love to go and check out these trails with these guys !!
  42. 5 points
    @sertac do you have health insurance? You know you can get antibiotics for this? Will clear it up in a week 😂
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    I agree with @Barry- the types of fire extinguishers people keep in their cars are mostly absolutely useless, hence the quote from Gaurav's post. Moreover, once a car catches fire, it hardly matters what caused the fire, and debating the percentages of possible causes becomes a useless exercise. I have like @Barry seen cars catch fire, and in my experience, the only thing you can do when your car catches fire is to get out of it, and away from it as fast as you can- taking only your children with you if they are in the car. Doing something stupid like opening the bonnet to see what caused the fire only feeds the fire with oxygen, so don't do it. If the fire starts in the passenger compartment, and the windows are closed, get out, and shut the doors to starve the fire of oxygen. If the windows are open, get out, and get away as fast as you can- again taking only your children with you. In short, once a car fire takes hold there is nothing you can do to stop it, but Gaurav's post contains some good advice on how to prevent your car catching fire- except the bit about car fire extinguishers being effective against electrical fires. The only time this might be true is when you can actually see and reach the fire, which is not possible if the fire starts under the dashboard, for instance.
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    What a lovely drive we had, first in Carnity offroad club history to drive with 2 cars. I know it's not good and not advisable, but it was all situational. It all started with confusion of newbie vs intermediate drive pattern change, then followed by late posting resulting in 4 signup. Last minute Sri car had some issues so he couldn't joined. I, Shamil and luwain met at meeting point and started the drive as usual with all the good intentions to play and reach to the fossil rock within 2-3 hours. On second dune, Luwain had a hard landing and bumped his Prado nose and moved the bumper and front grill slightly up. He exited and now Shamil had no hope that I will continue and we will exit too. So we decided to play around little bit and see how it goes and we will definitely won't be adventurous, but continue driving if nothing further goes wrong. As we were just two cars and driving with utmost caution and playing safe in a straight line but side sloping in the rolling dunes, we reached the pylon track in less than 45 minutes and on top of fossil rock in an hour time with barely 1 stuck. Lovely pace and Shamil kept the sensibility promise very well. After reaching on top of fossil rock at 1:00 AM instead of 3 AM we had nice breeze and 5 people food and drinks to talk over million conversation. I'm sure Shamil must have been graduated after listening to my offroad horror and 4x4 disappointment stories in one night. He too had some lovely stories from his previous offroad club that was very interesting to hear that people are still behave the same way as they use to back in 2006 when I first started offroading in UAE. At 4 AM we thought of packing it up and come down and exit. By the time we reach the road it was 4:30 and we both head our ways with an unusual and unexpected drive after many odds.
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    Sorry, not excited, but cautiously optimistic!
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    Ah Ok then get ready for more noise, drag, fuel consumption and a tipsy-er car with a higher COG
  47. 5 points
    The problem here is there are very few mechanics. I could probably count the decent mechanics I know on one hand. Most of the “mechanics” here are low paid labourers who have never even opened a book. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve hired and fired this year already. People come and tell you they have been doing the job for 10 years, but when it comes down to it, they recommend changing a whole assembly at 5,000 dhs rather than change a 10 dhs bearing because they’re just not educated and have no interest in learning anything technical. To be honest, if I was earning 2-3k per month I probably wouldn’t be all that interested either. And the problem is only compounded by cheap bastards always searching for the lowest price rather than getting a quality job, even if it means getting an engine held together with silicon and shellac.
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    Welcome Xaf ! You’ll find that this forum contains lots of information about taking your first steps in the desert. Browsing through it will bring you up to speed on the basics and our Carnity off-road family will teach you the rest in real life !
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    Well it shouldn't be brown, start with flushing, not draining and refill, but complete flush and refill to see if it fixes the issue.
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