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    Trip report - thank you to all participants who did well, most importantly kept their cool and calm and followed instructions to make my day a wonderful one. We started on time with 17 cars. Upon reaching the deflation point we went through our newbie brief and heart warming to see all participants knew exactly parts of our brief. Everyone has been paying attention and realize every point we have carefully jotted are important to our off road structure. Started our drive after the convoy numbering was made. A few refusals and stucks kept us all engaged and emphasized one point. If we keep calm and think rationally and listen to instructions we can make it through any terrain together. This was a perfect drive at the right time to do a few small to medium dunes to experience the small thrills and improve ourselves by learning new tricks or putting our briefing to good use. We later settled near the camel farm in the shade for breakfast where it was clear that everyone felt a little challenged and learned something new. Besides this one thing done differently on this drive was instead of the leader slowing down or stopping, the rest of the convoy had to make an effort to keep up. This was also managed well and my congratulations to everyone for managing well on this trip. I also felt @Emmanuel plight as he was in sweep for a change and I was in the thick of all the action. There was also plenty of food and drinks to go around, my winner would be the idli and sambar, the sandwiches made by @Javier M wife and @Emmanuel sweet little treats. It was now time for hitting the Fossil Rocks and I was impressed with the smart route selected by @Gaurav bhai which meant we were at the top within no time. I was also impressed with all the first timers to make it to the top on their first attempt. Well done everyone. Big question now was could we head down the steep way? With a nod of approval from @Emmanuel and @Gaurav bhai the first one down to check and guide everyone properly, we started to brief and check all cars to guide them down. With everyone down safely and time being the essence we moved swiftly back to the road. One of my most enjoyable experiences due to an amazing bunch of people. I would love to repeat many more such amazing trips with a wonderful bunch of like minded people. Love you all and until next time. Adios.
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    So it all started on one fine morning. As a normal day started of with unlocking our Pajero and found some water drops on the seat. No rain that day, but still checked for roof leaks and found none. Maybe the leather sweating? But have not seen drops, if something spills it would cover much larger area. So we cleaned the water drops and continued on pur way. The next morning again we were surprised by the same water drops, but this time there were a few over the dash as well. The suspect was the roof again. But verily roof was dry. Still unsuspecting we cleaned the water drops and headed to our office. In the evening when my wife came to pick me up she was looking pale and scared. She explained as she opened the car she saw something white very quickly move from the passenger seat down and disappeared. She suggested we quickly go to a car wash and get the car cleaned out inside and out. Throughout the way we kept really silent and concentrated on any sounds inside the car. It was completely quiet and our hearts were racing throughout, even a breeze or our own movement would scare the he'll out of us. The strangest hour ever spent in a car in my whole life. There was a strange feeling of something or someone being in our car with us. I kept on thinking we would need an exorsist for our car instead of just a good wash. Finally we made it to the car wash and started emptying the car to have a good vacuum inside. As we were removing the items from our car we saw what once again proved the wife is always right. We needed a good wash and no exorcism was required. A grey mouse jumping in and around our car. What a relief. Tried chasing it out, but not quite sure if that little rodent was still there or gone. As the car was finished and we headed home, we decided to make sure and got some rat glue with mat. My wife could not take the suspense and headed back down to the car just before going to sleep. No surprise there it was the trouble maker, stuck in one of the mats we had placed. She took help of one of the supermarket guys and released the little rodent back in the open. With a few mats still in the car just to make sure, in 2 more days we were relieved and now pondering how he got in. Two days it was in there without making a noise. We recalled going to the tire shop to get a tire checked which kept looking the pressure. We had switched off the car, and since the car was getting suffocating, she opened the rear door for ventilation. The tire just had a bad valve which was replaced, easy and cheap fix, but it must have given the mouse to get into the car in those 15 minutes. My advise, please do not leave your cars open and unattended open the window a crack if required. Thinking of getting all the wirings and electrics checked as mice like to chew on stuff. Please recommend any other advise you deem right in such a situation, or simply share your strange stories here.
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    This is a perfect example of how to recover side stuck in sand dunes with utmost safety and precision. Everyone is clear from the stuck vicinity and recording or taking the pictures away from the rope radius so that if tow point or shackles fail it won't hit anyone and injure/kill them. In a hard tug situation, one should use dampers or additional rope assist to absorb the shock if any tow point fails. Positioned the car right behind the way of the stuck car And not diagonally that can result in a flip with a sudden jerk Clear communication and repeat message before giving the tug Both the driver should be ready than an unexpected tug that may break bones Stretch the rope fully and always give a gentle tug "first" on side stuck Gentle tug "first" will always tell you how hard you can go next time than giving the hard tug first. This precision comes with experience and maturity than just giving the full throttle tug Repeat the message again for the second tug to prepare the driver Perfect safety message for the stuck driver, to update the recovery status so he can be ready for second tug Repeated second tug by changing the path slightly to get better traction Many offroaders will dig themselves on the second tug due to not changing the path. This slight change in path helps to get the firm sand to have better traction. Well done @Emmanuel for recovering @Julien V in the best and safest possible way.
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    Sweihan always comes with lasting memories and yesterday drive was no different. First of all, started with a major setback that out of 10 signups - 5 dropped off due to some of the other reason. Pretty strange and have never seen such major drop off in any drive. The second shock was seeing the wind speed picking up drastically since morning and as per weather forecast, we could get the wind at 50kmph speed inside the desert - not good for visibility. Keep all odds aside 5 cars still made in with several warnings, safety advises and high spirit to keep driving close to each other and not to attempt any new stunt due to low visibility. We started driving almost on time and @Javier M was my second lead and @Emmanuel was in sweep keeping an eye on @Brette and @Julien V to keep convoy moving at all times. After initial refusals and stucks, fewbie picked up the pace and we started moving with good speed. Although the wind was very high but visibility has not been compromised to a stage where we should halt or abort the drive. We stopped at our few playgrounds to take turns to reach on top and try the sideys attempt to our heart desire. Everyone had a good fun andkeep trying the scale those monster dunes from different angles, speed, and techniques. I guess @Javier M must have tried the stair dune almost 20-30 times while @Julien V was attempting to remove his Pajero back bumper. Good fun. Our drive pace was so nice that we almost reach the end of the drive before it gets dark and then we decided to backtrack to meeting point through dunes, instead of track. While backtracking through dune I literally pushed the level up to an intermediate level as we were close to the track and also done with our planned drive. Almost everyone kept a good pace and impressed with the fast-paced intermediate level upgrade. Due to the heavy wind and endless flies (due to wind), we decided to exit on road and then have our food session next to the restaurant having some close area. We exited by 7 PM and had our late lunch / early dinner by 8 PM and then start inflating the tires to say goodbye to everyone. Brette and his friend Brian has clicked and shared some nice videos of our yesterday's drive in Sweihan
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    It was a beautiful day out. Everyone was on time and after our introduction to off road driving we started off. It was a very nice drive with all participants doing very well till about the last part just before reaching Pink Rocks. As the convoy had split at start, we met up back on the base of Pink Rocks. We settled down to share some snacks, breakfast and some cold drinks. At this point part of the group headed back out, while the rest of us decided to continue. This part was slightly tougher than the first part but everybody was up to the task and with minor refusals we made it to the mosque in time for the Friday prayers. At this point it was time to test out @Emmanuel lead potential. He was heading in the right direction. Thoroughly enjoyed his lead and headed out with total satisfaction. Thanks to all participants. Until next time adios amigos.
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    Very well said points @knightjp, however, I like to add a bit more transparency from diff angles. The video seems a perfect rant when a manufacturer stops giving cars for review and he admitted the same in the second video. We have seen such bad bad bad cars from famous car reviews sites here in Dubai too when they end up with a sour relation by being a critic for paid reviews. In the end, their car reviews sound like three liners of the pros and cons. Using diesel Pajero with loaded roof rack and 7 passengers expecting it to fly off on every dune, then his experience of "SAND" offroad is in the different field probably. No comments. What I seriously believe is what I see from my eyes and not through the paid reviews or advertorials of so-called legends, celebrities, influencers, champions etc. as those are most of the time is biased and motivated either by money or by the competitors. I won't even start about my model Pajero, as it's a different species altogether but keeping it specific to Gen4 Pajero, we have tons in our offroad club and almost all of them have driven through a fewbie level drive ------- Faaaaaaaar more than what this guy claiming to be challenging and getting stuck or refusal. Off course 3.8 (275 hp and 393 Nm torque) is much better than 3.5 (190 hp and 306 Nm torque) by great value and we have seen @WiLfY and @hossein driving there 3.8 almost everywhere without even a refusal. Petrol + remove abs and traction fuse + bumper trim + 3.8 Pajero = Great value for money offroader Petrol + remove abs and traction fuse + bumper trim + 3.5 Pajero = Good value for money offroader @Julien V even managed Sweihan fewbie drive with his 3.5 Pajero two week back - totally commendable, but of course, he didn't have 200 kgs stuff on the roof rack, nor he had 500 kgs as a passenger. https://carnity.com/gallery/category/112-afternoon-fewbie-desert-drive-sweihan-1st-march-2019 P.S. I'm not saying the Pajero's are the greatest offroader, but instead I'm saying they aren't as bad as it sounds in this video.
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    Congratulations @Srikumar for reaching the Expert level with Carnity Offroad club. As per your last 2 years, consistent contribution, dedication, love for offroading and helping hundreds of newbies you have shown tremendous progress and well deserve this new offroad rank. Keep it up and its time to hone your leading capabilities with sound planning and navigation skills. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Expert: Number of drives 10 (46 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading + map reading & basic navigational skills + strategic convoy driving Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS trackback Drive teamwork Capable of diverting the convoy to safe spot + part of sweep team Drive posting/joining Join any drive and lead fewbie & intermediate drives under Marshal / Crew supervision Forum participation Share experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions + post trip report + share route + track and waypoints + Help Marshal / Crew for alternate routing + marking safe exit Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    I am a bit dissapointed to see that "your" take on it is exactly the same as the old grumpy guy 🤐 There are indeed only very few standard 4x4's that are good for the desert in stock form, and that is no different for the Pajero. I fully agree that for proper off-roading the current generation Pajero could benefit from some tweaks and mods. What i honestly think about this guy is that he is indeed an old rambling has-been, and i know that he has lots of off-roading experience but moaning about the middle seat of the second row ? Come on, if that is the only thing you can find.... Yes.... The Pajero's interior is a bit dated in comparison with its Japanese rivals,but it has been around since 2008 and we all know Mitsubishi is not bringing out new models every 2-3 year. Of course the Prado and 100 Land cruiser are more capable vehicles, but that translates into much higher purchase price also. Bang for the Buck the Gen4 Pajero is unbeatable. I've paid peanuts for my wife's 2008 full option 3.8. No Prado or LC came close to my budget The oil and gearbox issues are unknown to me, but there are a myriad of reasons why people suffer from these things. I am probably biased towards Mitsubishi as i currently have two in my garage, but having owned at least 15-20 other brands in my life, my fair opinion is that Mitsubishi is a pretty good brand with proven reliability, no frills, and the Pajero has proven itself through the years as an affordable 7-seater with decent off-road capability to the likes of what most people expect from it.
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    I think we need to invest in a good bull for our upcoming drives. Watch. VID-20190313-WA0006.mp4
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    I work in a shop that mainly builds custom cars and choppers. Also restore classic cars and do some maintenance and repairs to everyday road cars. I mostly work in the office but sometimes I’m out in the shop advising the mechanics and electricians on diagnosis and repairs. Spent most of my life working on cars and it’s nice to go home with clean hands every day now. Perfect job for me, I get paid for doing my hobby.
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    Sweihan is calling again, only 2 weeks after our last fewbie drive... This time the plan is to start from the eastern side (E95), discover new sets of dunes, say Hi to Nagrah hill and, if time allows, exit near Sweihan (on E16). Maybe our last chance before summer to enjoy a full day drive... Drive Level : intermediate and above When : 15th March 2019. Meeting Time : 7:45 AM, Convoy will move at 8:00 Meeting Point : Adnoc station Nahil. https://goo.gl/maps/ZecvshnuzTN2 Finish Time : 9:00 AM on Saturday (approximately) What to Bring : Snacks, water, soft drinks, juices with little extra to share, smiles, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Please RSVP on the below calendar
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    Intermidiate Desert Drive Video - Sweihan Abu Dhabi
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    List of all capable and best offroad 4x4 cars in UAE that you can get under 10,000 and 20,000 Dhs in UAE. I have been asked this question on every drive, so let's build a list that can hold a lot of collective experience based knowledge: Best off road 4x4 cars under 10,000 Dhs range 1999 - 2004 - Nissan Pathfinder 3.3 L / 3.5 L 1997 - 2006 - Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0 L / 3.5 L / 3.8 L (SWB is better than LWB) 1991 - 2001 - Jeep Cherokee 4.0 L (Finding clean one is extremely rare) 1999 - 2004 - Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 L / 4.7 L 1989 - 1998 - Land Rover Discovery Series I 3.9 L / 4.0L (1995 - 1998 year is better) 1998 - 2004 - Land Rover Discovery Series II 4.0 L (Average offroader) 1995 - 2002 - Land Rover Range Rover P38 4.0 L / 4.6 L Best off road 4x4 cars under 20,000 Dhs range 1996 - 2006 - Jeep Wrangler TJ - 4.0 L 2006 - 2010 - Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 L / 3.8 L (SWB is better than LWB) 2002 - 2009 - Chevrolet Trailblazer 4.2 L / 6.0 L 2005 - 2010 - Jeep Commander 4.7 L / 5.7 L 2005 - 2010 - Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 L / 5.7 L 2008 - 2009 - Nissan Xterra - 4.0 L 2006 - 2010 - Chevrolet Tahoe - 4.8 L / 5.3 L / 6.0 L 2006 - 2010 - Hummer H3 - 3.7 L 1996 - 2003 - Toyota Prado VX - 3.4 L (SWB is better than LWB) 1998 - 2004 - Land Rover Discovery Series II 4.6 L 2004 - 2009 - Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 4.0 L / 4.4 L 2002 - 2006 - Land Rover Range Rover L322 4.4 L 1997 - 2005 - Nissan Patrol Y61 4.5 L / 4.8 L (Finding clean one is extremely rare) 1998 - 2003 - Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 L (Might be just little over 20K range) 2006 - 2010 - Nissan Armada 5.6 L (Offroad version - Ranchos shocks, skid plate, tow hook, trimmed bumper) Please, guys, keep on suggesting more options based on your experience or shopping knowledge, I will keep on updating this list DISCLAIMER: I don't intend to put the price of your ride or contest the "ballpark" value that I suggested. The used car market is subject to huge fluctuation due to demand and supply based on season and offroad 4x4 cars in UAE will always sell for a higher premium in winter (Oct-Mar). P.S. Having said that, if you have any constructive suggestion to edit the list - I will accept that. This awesome scrapper pulls the average price daily and update in single excel
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    Good topic @eduardo. One more thing that I do before driving away is to lift the wipers and get out the sand that collects on them. If you need to use the wiper on your drive back, you don't want the sand there scratching your windshield.
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    With the new group of Fewbie Drivers who have been with Carnity Off Road Club over the past few months, the time is right to up the challenge at Al Faqa Desert. This is the first time Carnity would be visiting this area this season. The area offers a varied terrain from short to long range dunes with plenty of opportunity for side slopping and ridge cutting. Depending on how the convoy feels the route can be altered a bit along the way. As the evening weather is still quite good, those who wish can stay back for a nice relaxing chat in the desert. Level of drive: Fewbie and above When: 22 March 2019 Meeting time: 1:00 PM, convoy will move sharp at 1:15 PM after the Friday prayers Where: EPPCO Gas Station at Lisalli https://goo.gl/maps/mrXA7BMruG42 Plan: Afternoon drive through the Al Faqa Desert What to bring along: Evening snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, and enthusiasm. Approximate finish time: 7 PM - 8 PM
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    So finally the Pajero is back on the road. Engine top rebuild was done, and lots of other smaller works were done while the engine was out. The manual gearbox lever was broken/bent and we really struggled to find another one, and eventually just got it repaired. The issues with the alternator fuse that blew after the rebuild was apparently caused by an internal short on the battery. After replacing the battery it was resolved. It was noticed that the radiator was pretty scaled up and clogged. That might have caused the head gasket to blow out due to overheating, but on the other hand i've never seen my temperature gauge going higher than normal in the desert. I am just wondering if the lack of water flow might have caused the temp gauge sensor to work incorrectly. Anyway we replaced the thermostat and sensor, and flushed the radiator. I'll be taking it easy on the next drives to allow the engine to settle in again, and i have an oil change coming up after 2500km to flush it out. Fingers crossed i don't have any major stuff coming up soon. My 2019 car maintenance budget got a nasty dent Desert here we come !
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    Thank you to everyone at the Off-road Club. Much appreciated. One of the biggest satisfaction for me is seeing the next set of drivers come up the rank and I am really happy to be a part of it.
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    So like any Wrangler owner I had to also deal with the overheating issue for my Jeep. This issue should not come up during normal driving conditions, this issue only comes up when you push the Wrangler a little harder than normal conditions. i.e. off-roading or when pulling a trailer. (If this issue comes up during normal conditions you need to take it to the shop and have it looked at) Disclaimer: I am not saying you should do this, I am only saying what I did to stop my car from overheating since I would not be selling my car any time soon and I am thinking on long-term benefits. When I started to go off-road with Carnity and other friends I did not see any changes in temperature, the car was full stock with no mods and it would always run on 50% temperature. I first noticed going to 75% when I started to push the car more in the dunes. Some people consider this within normal limits and I would agree if you are not going off-road every weekend and just going there once in a while. However, if you keep taking the car to that temperature you will eventually damage the the head gaskets, cylinder heads and bearings, it can even cause an oil thermal breakdown. This for me was not acceptable because if it was going to 75% during this cool weather, I knew this was going to be an issue if I was going to go off-road in the summer during those 45 C days. I had installed the RIPP 180F thermostat and a high performance radiator, there are many options out there. I choose the Afe Power BladeRunner GT Series Radiator because of the design and the ability to carry 25% more coolant than the stock radiator. This thermostat allows coolant to flow through the system earlier (about 82 Celsius) as opposed to the stock thermostat that opens at 203F (about 95 Celsius). This combined with the higher cooling capacity of the radiator proved to be a big improvement as it reduced and maintained lower engine temperatures. Last weekend we went to sweihan with @Gaurav and the rest of the guys and I went up that big dune many times in a row and I would only see a small rise of temperature but nothing more and it would immediately go down after 5 seconds. I am very happy I was able to get rid of the issue. If you don't want to go with a new radiator I would recommend to use the 180F thermostat and an extra fan, that should do the job. For those who don't know that the heck is a Thermostat:
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    Congratulations @Javier M for reaching the Intermediate level with Carnity Offroad club. As per your last Sweihan drive, you have shown tremendous progress and well deserve this new offroad rank. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Intermediate: Number of drives 10 (26 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope (recommended) Drive teamwork Help in recoveries under Marshal / Crew supervision Drive posting/joining Join newbie, fewbie & intermediate level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions  Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    Some of the pics i managed to capture when @[email protected] were battling it out in the rough weather.
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    For me it has to be, Tailgating, the biggest AH thing you can do. 90% of accidents I see here are front to rear collisions. Not being able to drive in a straight line, ie touching the white line, going to the white line on the other side back and forward Texting. Hands free calls I can deal with but if you’re looking at your phone, you’re not looking at the road. No seat belt. If you want to kill yourself go ahead, but your dead body flying round inside the car is going to kill everyone else.
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    WOW.. Thanks @Gaurav, @Rahimdad, @Emmanuel for all the support and encouragement at the drives and the endless amount of effort you'll put into every drive. Still remember my first drive with Carnity, it did not feel like I was meeting all of you for the first time and by the end of the drive I said to myself, this is not a offroad community or club it's an offroad family and that has kept me coming back for the drives. Looking forward to the fewbie drives now. Thanks again.
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    Since there are a lot of Newbies requesting for a morning drive, this one is for you. I am planning on a relaxing morning drive from Tawi Nizwa shops to Pink Rocks and if time permits to finish it off at the Big Red. Plan to play all along the way, so we can enjoy for a couple of hours before the heat kicks in. This will also be an opportunity for those who have not been in this area to explore a newbie level terrain where you can explore and learn the techniques of off-roading. When: 22 March 2019 Meeting time: 07:30 AM, the convoy will move sharply at 07:45 AM Where: Tawi Nizwa shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KKBUhkQ2y382 Level of drive: Newbie but all levels are welcome to join  Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance  What to bring along: Breakfast snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles and courage. Approximate finish time: 11:00 AM RSVP the below calendar:
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    Sorry for this photos but it’s something that all off-roaders (and passengers) should see and always keep in mind. Never ever throw plastics or anything.
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    Nothing is nonsense here at Carnity @Jayakrishnan. People like you, Emmanuel, Frederic who ask a lot of questions help many other users in clarifying their doubts without even asking. Insurance is more or less the same as the road coverage: the Third party will not cover your car and Comprehensive will most likely cover your car for any offroad damages. Yes, you do need a police report for any damage done in offroad so that insurance can open a claim. If it's a collision it's a straight case of red and green paper like on road. If it's accidental damage hitting the dune, trees etc. then police report will come with a fine amount of 400 dhs (I guess) as it's your fault and the insurance will take care of the damages within the stipulated excess amount you have as per your policy. Most insurance companies don't cover offroad damage, and others like RSA, AXA and Oman do cover offroad damage and one needs to read their offroad coverage clause carefully as some mention 5 meters away from the road and others have no distance limitation. If you behave well and follow all the rules and convoy discipline chances are you will never damage your car. Almost all the accidents I have seen are caused by drivers who either think they can venture by themselves or just like to try some more adventure by breaking the convoy. In my last 12 years of offroad, I have accidentally damaged my car twice - first was in 2006, when I was learning and broke the convoy to go little left and right and ended up on nose dive. The second was in 2017 when dune ended with a sharp drop and soft sand resulting in nose dive again because I was too fast in technical dunes (my mistake).
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    Hi Sunit, welcome to the forum and congrats with your Pajero ! Regarding your queries: 1) Yes, Mobil1 is a really good brand, @Gaurav his car runs on it. Not sure where you can buy it here in UAE. I have asked the same question to quite a few workshops and they all seem to have their own preference based on what they have available and the type of car. Have a look at the attached SAE grade range. 2) I bought Geolandar 265/70/16 about 6 months back and paid closer to 2000 i think, ill check my invoices and update you. I don't have the impression my tyres are fake but how to define this is the million dollar question. What matters is the fabrication date stamped on the tyres. Some shops try to get rid of their older batches of tyres at lower prices. 3) Have a look at the attached Pajero maintenance schedule. 4) I am not sure what the Habtoor guys do in every minor or major schedule. This might depend on the car history. If you just bought it and don't have enough reliable service information on what was done before, i would recommend bringing it do a decent workshop and going for a 25,000 service to remove any doubts you might have and let them inspect all belts while they are at it.
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    Hi all, I'm trying to list the right things to do after a drive in the sand in order to maintain the car. More experienced driver what would you add ? What I have so far: Inflate the tires Turn all electronics back on Put back all fuses that were removed for the drive Clean the air filter
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    Yeah I was going to say everybodys talked about everything except the main issue until Barry came along. The tear is sucking in more air than the MAF is reading so most most probably you are running lean i.e more air and less fuel causing it too lose power.. Also back in the Desert Safari days this was a common issue with our 100 series Land Cruisers and no one bothered to fork out for an expensive piece of plastic plumbing. A got wrap around with a good quality duct tape, like gorilla tape worked just fine and lasted a long time too. I can't recall anyone having a tear in the tape. Just make sure its wrapped snug and airtight.
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