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    With the current worldwide situation and pandemic declared by WHO with regards to the Corona (COVID-19) virus, as Carnity Offroad Club we want to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. Therefore, from today onwards, we will implement the following basic steps until further notice: Please refrain from joining any offroad drive if you have any symptoms of upper respiratory infection, cough, or fever. Avoid shaking hands and touching faces without washing or using sanitizer. Please refrain from sharing food, snacks, or opened water bottles. No crowding up in groups next to each other at ANY TIME: Not while deflating. Not while stuck/recoveries. Not while inflating or during any breaks. All recoveries will be solely handled by Intermediate and above members, who is managing those drives. We hope we can count on your co-operation and will follow up on the situation closely. To maintain safe distance of 1-2 meters from each other while attending the brief, please follow the below pattern.
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    Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for very competent second lead and joining after the morning drive. @Chaitanya D @Grenville Mark Stuart Wright @sebin it was lovely driving with you all and thanks for lovely pics. @Xaf "BRILLIANT" points mentioned and raised over Radio, Deflation and Communication. I like to reiterate what @Frederic mention in a slightly different and a blunt way: If you really need something, you will find a way (read, search, ask, google, try, experiment etc.) If you really don't need anything, you will find an excuse: Oh, site is too confusing, not loading. Do you have whatsapp group? Do you have an app, FB group? Why don't you sell stuff? Nobody called me I am always busy UNFORTUNATELY some people come with a mindset to drive off-road like to be a NASA space scientist without reading a single page or a book. Ask them to read the basics and attend a briefing to "LISTEN" and they start browsing their phone, moving and looking around as briefing is for Marshals and not for them. All they just want is quick fame video and images for their social media without understanding the basics, technicalities, skills, risk and associated threat involved. @Xaf we do have an internal closed discussion group for Moderators, Marshal and Crew, so when anyone reaches to that level they will be added to that Mod group for discussing behind the scene topics and brainstorming. @Kalahari thanks for your valuable suggestion and we do take note of such inputs very carefully. @Emad Malaeb I love your offroading spirit and passion to learn things to advance with a right mind set. Please keep it up and you will enjoy lot more adventures in different parts of UAE. @Chaitanya D nobody is too new or too old to make constructive suggestions here, as that's why we are growing at such an amazing pace with help of each and every new and old member and/or offroader valuable inputs and creative feedback. @Wrangeld I have no match to write a beautifully capturing trip report like yours but I will add few important points being a trip lead of yesterday's drive. Thanks everyone for showing up on time, that has been changing lately to be almost perfect and this really help us plan, start and run drives as per set schedule. This also help all 30+ offroaders to start the drive with a happy note rather than holding 30+ convoy for one person delay (not fair). We have recently started leaving the late comers behind and I highly suggest all our marshals to continue doing that for better planning and execution of drives with the limited time in hand. I can see lot of absolute newbies joined recently and I highly advise them to start reading off-road related topics, advises, blog post here so that they can learn and enjoy off-roading without breaking bumpers, bones and confidence (most important). If you have any doubts, feel free to ask on offroad forum, if its been discussed before someone will point you in the right direction, if its not, your curious question will help thousands other in the future. So be a curious offroader than just a deflate and go types. Offroading in this country is probably the best weekend activity I have found that offers a lot of freedom, adrenaline, showing new places, meeting new faces, make new friends and explore new areas from a different vantage point that has no match in reality. If you get the basics of offroading right at newbie and fewbie level, you practically have whole life to enjoy the offroading with the best skills and safe knowledge. So in short, having a little patience in beginning goes a long way to let you know this extreme sport and hobby with better clarity. @Xaf rightfully mentioned that offroading is a team sport than just one man show-off contest (at least with Carnity) so that you will/tend to develop lot of trust on your team while off-roading. Marshal, Crew and senior member driving at different positions in a convoy plays an important role to keep the whole convoy safe and moving at all times. With the same team spirit and teamwork we scale massive dunes, conquer impossible challenges and have an extreme dose of adrenaline but with a confidence and peace of mind that we are backed with a competent and trust-worthy team. For the absolute newbies who have joined us yesterday for the first time, you must have seen bit of extreme side first, which we usually witness very rarely like once or twice in a year. As an inherent nature of off-roading you should be always ready for such unexpected delays and always learn to retreat if things aren't working as expected. I really appreciate and thanks everyone personally to hold their grounds and act very sensibly, maturely and cautiously until we manage to contain the whole situation. Taking absolute newbies to a night drive was not at all part of this drive, but it happened so because of continuous stuck and refusals due to extra soft sand that caused expansive recoveries. As soon we realized that we all cannot make on top of fossil rock, before it gets dark we decided to retreat. With the convoy split of all experienced drivers reaching on top VS all absolute newbies at the foothill of fossil rock we left with limited support and going back was quiet time consuming with more recoveries and refusal in the dark. I fully understand the fear, anxiety and inconvenience you must have faced when you were stuck in the dark, but due to limited support, situation and number of unprecedented recoveries at the same time it took us little longer than usual to reach you with a help. I appreciate your understanding and apologies for not reaching you any sooner as 12 out of 14 cars had stuck/refusals at the same time. Thankfully we all came out together to a safe track with an hour or two delay. Many thanks to @Wrangeld for taking the roll call of each and everyone while we sweep and combed that piece of desert 3 times before leaving. Hopefully some of you got a fair chance to learn new tricks for self recovering on your very first off-road drive. Looking forward to seeing you all soon in the sand with bigger and better appetite for more thrilling adventures.
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    Event details Level : Absolute Newbie, Newbies and above (All level) When: 13 March 2020 Meeting time: 6:45 AM, (Sharp, without any exceptions) Meeting Point : Solar Park Innovation Centre Parking: https://goo.gl/maps/2WKsxfRuQMTWCwXd6 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. Please only join if these requirements are met. Approximate finish time: 12:00 PM - (much before Friday prayer) Friday Prayer Mosque: The Endurance Masjid - https://goo.gl/maps/SXmkx2jntnK85DzB7
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    Drives in the Time of Corona We arrived, and did not hug, or shake hands or come that close to each other. Strange that. Stranger, and better was that EVERYONE was on time, so we were able to take advantage and leave for the deflation point very quickly. Briefing was briefer than ususal. Looks like everyone has taken to heart the postings about being prepared for the drive yourself, and the threat of being turned away seems to focus minds - a lot! If we keep this up, we can get into the sand quicker and quicker each time. With @Rahimdad at the lead @J J a trusted second elad again and @Rizwanm2 sweeping it was up to myself and @Jeepie to keep things moving in the middle. As just about eveyone had driven before we kept us a consistent pace. @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ is finding his feet in the Ford, @Anvar Sadath Bekal is mastering the sloes now that he can trust D! and @Shiju Manuel despite having a very full car made the drive look easy. We really were making up great time today. Everyone kept their distance, but not too much and most were able to unstuck themselves from stucks (which for the purist, should of course be referred to as refusals, not stucks ... oh, what ever, you get my meaning) and keep the convoy moving. @Muffy Acidwala and @Emad Malaeb having benefitted from unexpected experiences in previous drives clearly found today's drive an opportunity to practice what's been learned in earlier drives. We had said that due to Covid 19 the likelihood was that instead of shovelling and sharing the heavy sweaty work, we would be quicker to move to a roped recovery than in previous weeks: and so it was that the first real problem of the day required a gentle tug on the rope to free a stuck before we could move on. The confidence coming through, it was great to see @Jolly Abraham @Mathavan Muthukrishnan manage every challenge with aplomb. By the time we reached the foot of Pink rock in seriously record time @Lorenzo Candelpergher had shown that not only were he and his vehicle very well prepared for the drive but the time we had spare let him get his drone out to take pictures of us all lined up waiting for the ascent to the top. Pink Rock is one of the first opportunities for a Newbie to test their car and their nerve. I remember this well from the first time I sat at the bottom and thought, 'am I really going to get up here?'. The adrenalin pumps the hands get a little sweaty and then it's ... I am going to make it up just like I saw @Rahimdad climb up that hill. For a few like @paolo dassi you just need to trust yourself and the car a little bit more. It takes a bit of time to shock your vehicle from the lazy weekend drives to LuLu it was used to. But boy, doesn't it feel good to hear the engine screaming and the suspension howling as you make it up that hill? In then end we all made it, still earlier than planned, so well done to @Shahid Mehmood @Nayan Shenaiand @Nizam Deen who also made it up and allowed us to continue to exit at Big Red rahter than straight out at the December 2nd cafe which was the original plan. And it's always the case that just when you thinks it's all going well, it start to go ... less well. The sort of challenge you think is not going to delay the convoy seems to suck everyone in reminding us that the sand is cruel to one's ego! With the expert help of @Rahimdad (and in the end a rope) we all got through and headed for the exit. Yes, a bit earlier than we had thought but with everyone wanting more: and as any great enetertainer knows it's essential to leave the audience wanting more! It feels a bit strange to reflate and leave and not debrief and 'share bread', which has been a signtaure moment in understanding the difference of Carnity to other driving groups. The interaction was (and remains) a critical element of the all for one and once for all approach of Carnity and with social distancing it's a bit different. Drivers become friends through shared experiences. Let's hope that the physical distance can be oversome as we enjoy shared experiences and develop friendships through supporting each other. For @Jeepie and myself, we always enjoy the learining experiences of helping out where we can, meeting new faces and sharing a great drive. Yesterday was another examples of this. No doubt we will be kept socially disctanced for a few more months: That just means we need to support each other more than ever as this really is one of the last 'social' activities that is still avaialble to us as the city closes down around us. See you soon in the sand.
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    Trip Report Convoy 1 Another beautiful morning with the Carnity Crew ! Upon my arrival at the Solar Park Innovation Centre, i was glad to see already 5-10 cars which were deflating and getting to know each-other. By 07:00 we headed out to the briefing point (thanks to @Gaurav for finding that sweet spot). For the first time we compressed the briefing a bit, mainly because we see so many hungry faces, but also because some explanations can be done better when the action is there, and also due to the introduction of the essential briefing read on the website: https://carnity.com/brief We settled for 4 convoys, and headed for the dunes, eager to taste the sand. The first half hour in my drive lead, i came across enough patches and technical dunes that i kept wondering myself if i was not somewhere in Lisailli (an area known for this more tricky kind of terrain). Luckily i found an excellent second ead in @Nayan Shenai who kept sufficient distance, communicated with the convoy really well, and slightly rerouted on some areas where we knew @Mohammed Osama his Subaru, or the mighty F150 from @Melenany would face difficulties. As we normally not do any sidey's on a newbie drive, we came across 2 or 3 dunes which were perfect to do some training on steering control and momentum. All drivers managed really well and i was impressed with all of you ! Of course we had to do some straight-up straight-down dune crossings to learn that 'leap of faith' feeling, and to learn that we should not smash on the brakes, but let the car and its weight gently come over the dune. with @Xaf as my sweep who is always a blessing to have around, and seeing him teaching some tricks to handle steep descents with big F150 truck, reassures me that Xaf is always analyzing on every drive. Comes with the job i am sure @Colin Jordan i hope you can stretch your legs a bit more on the next coming fewbie drives. I am sure you will love it ! @Dale Panganiban - Fabrication, @Mohammed Osama, @Magellan @Jolly Abraham @sheri @Chaitanya D @Nitin Mohan @Melenany all you guys did really great. It takes a team they say, well then i must say it was a perfect team ! See you soon in the sands again !
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    Today we celebrate International Women's Day 2020, which aims at elimination of worldwide discrimination against women, and celebrating the efforts towards gender parity. As Carnity Offroad Club, we are proud having female members amongst us in the community. They prove every single time that there is ZERO difference, and that their abilities in the offroad scene equal and even easily surpass the male group. They have the fantastic ability to see the big picture, multitask, and their enthusiasm is something that brings a unique flavour to our club. @Vanessa8580 you are the living proof that with utmost determination no-one can stop you. I am proud seeing you join the club and bringing full commitment and infectious enthusiasm. I look forward to many more drives and sharing our stories at home. @Jamy B. from overlanding in Africa, to exploring the UAE deserts, you are easily underestimated, but you're living proof that first impressions can be misleading. I take my hat off for you @Jeepie You've been in the male-dominated biking world for a long time riding Royal Enfields, and now when driving the mighty TJ you keep crushing the prejudices people might have about women . You are blessed with an amazing talent for driving and abilities to feel the vehicle and controlling it in the best possible way. @Colin Jordan no Colin, not you, but Cara, who has taken the wheel of her Wrangler and will probably not let go of that wheel anytime soon. She's a quick learner and it's amazing to see her tearing up the dunes ! Ask her to make a user profile and join us on the forum And last but not least, a big shout out to our partners at home (or in the desert in my case), who help us preparing for the drive, giving us the mental support, and for having the patience to allow us being away from home and enjoying our free time in the desert to erase the daily stress from our office and work environments. They have our back and i am glad coming home and sharing the stories of our desert adventures.
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    Afternoon (Evening) Drive Maliha The UAE is at time a stunningly beautiful country. As @Jeepie @Ale Vallecchi and myself raced across from Sweihan to Maliha yesterday (worried we might miss the start of the drive because we would be too late) I could not help but to marvel and think how privileged we are to be in this part of the world. Carnity has proven to be the best way for us to get out of the city (we are guaranteed at least one trip out a week) and see a bit of the beautiful countryside. Having exited from Sweihan deflated (in more ways than one – read the report for more details if interested), we had first to find a garage to inflate and fill with gas, and empty other fluids (TMI! I hear you cry, but these are the practicalities of a full day driving 4x4!) before hammering our way East in the hope we would get to Maliha before the convoy left. All three of us had seen the sign up list for the drive and felt that a little more experience might be appreciated, if not needed, and wanted to be there for the seniors, just in case. If nothing else, we thought, if the track is churned up, we might help a few people reroute a meter or so. Even if we had arrived too late for the convoy, the truly spectacular countryside we saw would have made the journey worthwhile. The route through which we were guided by Ms. Google was stunning. Arrive on time we did, and with more than enough time to hear a part of the briefing and be arranged by @Gaurav and @Rahimdad into the gargantuan convoy. I think this is the largest single convoy of which we have been part. You almost had the feeling as we set off that that @Xaf at the end would start moving as @Gaurav at the head of the convey hit Fossil Rock. But I am a little ahead of myself. Fossil Rock was a long, long way off. The drive started off well, with everyone navigating the first dunes and descents well. @Ale Vallecchi took up a position as second lead, @Rahimdad was the centre forward, we played in midfield and @Xaf acted as sweeper. The first ‘play area’ was reached without incident (well, where we were in the convoy it was in any event) as we traversed across a wide area with smallish dunes either side and a few tester descents. Just about every driver @Kalahari, @Emad Malaeb @sebin @Chaitanya D, @balaji0007, absolute newbie to more experienced @Jolly Abraham was handling both the pace and the challenges well. As I remember my first drives, the most challenging part was keeping the power, but not too much, going as you get to the crest and over without knowing what is on the other side. From what I could see (and where I could see it) just about everyone @Jamy B., @yusufwas handling the challenges very well. By the time we reached the second play area a few experienced newbies felt confident enough and wanted to try their hand at slope sliding. This skill is one the real adrenalin buzzes as well as being useful for navigating dunes at more advanced stages. Then we began the journey to the foot of Fossil Rock. The hope was for the convoy to get the experience of climbing a large hill, engine screaming, bumping over the sand with the end result the sight of sunset from the top of Fossil Rock, before descending to the road in the dwindling light. Instead, we were treated to an pre-season night drive. In the growing dusk, and because the technical dunes close to the foot of Fossil Rock were so churned up by the traffic ahead of us, the back end of the convoy suffered multiple refusals and stucks. Nine cars had made it to the top. Congratulations to @Ale Vallecchi, @balaji0007, @Kalahari, @Chaitanya D, @sebin, @Emad Malaeb, @Nizam Mohammed, @Shahab Khan who all made it to the top. As the light faded, they were led down the other side of the hill by @Rahimdad. For the remainder, it being no longer safe to try an ascent, we turned around and ‘enjoyed’ a night drive. Thanks for waiting for us guys 😂😂 - it's great to know you've got our backs!! Seriosly though, making sure everyone gets home saely is a key principle of the Carnity values. No doubt this was explained by @Rahimdad as he made sure the summit reachers reached the Adnoc. No doubt later than expected but with confirmation it was ok to leave , they made their way home. I do not think we can pretend that for the rest of the convoy this was the easiest way out of the dunes. Despite everyone’s best efforts, and a lot of effort was spent by Gaurav, Xaf and Jeepie to bring everyone out, we did have a few more stucks along the way. @Anish S, @Najeeb Mohammed, @Alexander Sarte, @Anvar Sadath Bekal, @Dale Panganiban - Fabrication, @Shiju Manuel, @E.C. TAN, @sheri, @Sherif Hamed I am glad to say that you all kept your cool in what was a very different situaiton and eventually, everyone was accounted for and we rolled our way off to the Adnoc station where everyone filled their tires and stomachs with Aloo Paratha from @Rahimdad before making it back home, possibly a little later than expected. Does that sort of experience count as two newbie drives? I have no idea, but for anyone wanting to experience 4x4 it was a great lesson on car control and that things don’t always go to plan, but no matter the situation, when you’re with a group like Carnity no one is left behind. Perhaps, at times yesterday direction was given a little more firmly than is usual, and there was not enough congratulaiton and celebration for the people who had got themselves out of sticky situations, but this was a relatively unusual situation – normally we end the drives with a debrief, relaxed chat together and share a few stories and bites. Here we can give feedback to the leadrs and @Gaurav can give hints to drivers about what might make the experience more enjoyable or easier next time. For myself and Jeepie it was the end of another full Friday in the sand, and frankly, even though we had been up since 4.30, I would not have it any other way. When things like this happen it’s all part of the experience and helps remind us that this is a team event. We are literally all in it together and hope that with this experience everyone still had a great time. See you soon in the sand.
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    Little Liwa Boy – were we spoilt for choice yesterday. Three drives, three different Emirates, lots of different experiences. As a relatively new ExPat in the UAE, one of the massive side benefits of joining Carnity has been the chance to get to see a totally different side to the country than the ‘Panem’ lifestyle of Dubai [for anyone not familiar with the reference, ask any teenager about The Hunger Games]. Which is why we jumped at the chance to drive Sweihan for the first time. Such is the addiction of the sand that dragging ourselves out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual on a Friday (which is normally at ‘oh my god o’clock in the morning) seems completely reasonable! Watching the sun rise as we drove towards the meeting point we were excited at the prospect of what ‘Little Liwa’ had to offer. Even that early in the morning Sweihan was busy. A group of heavily modified F150s roared by, Jeepers crossed our path and there were more, including a newbie drive led by @Srikumar, very well attended and including @Vanessa8580, determined to strike out on her own in Little Blue. As the Fewbie group assembled, @Emmanuel gave us our briefing. Key message of the day (particularly as a number of the group were on their first Fewbie drive) – it you don’t feel it, don’t do it. There’s some days when we are at one with the car, others when things flow less well. Yesterday, for most it seems like things were going well, cars and drivers flowed in harmony and it started to look like the new fewbies were taking to this more challenging (and exciting) level with aplomb – but I spoke to soon. I am almost sad that @Denizzalbayrak has given up the Koleos for 4x4 moments as the new drive took everything with ease. Pop … seemed to be the theme for the day. As first @Michael sammy and then @Roshan Abraham suffered pop outs. Luckily, the pop-out king @Shamil was on hand with his heavy weight jack to get both moving again, in almost record time. Perhaps it was fortunate, perhaps not that we had followed @AKR or we might also have lost a tire. As Emmanuel continued with @Ale Vallecchi in second lead we crested wave after wave of wide, high banked dunes, everyone including @Febin Frederic and @Mostafa Taha gaining in confidence as the intensity grew. @sertac sweeping was rarely troubled: until, following a very clear message from Emmanuel to ‘come down this slope slowly and carefully’ was responded with @Szymon Stankiewicz and within seconds @Mostafa Taha confirming they had both had pop-outs within 10 meters of each other. Having recently added to the equipment myself and @Jeepie keep on board, I was keen to try out our new jack, but Shamil had reassured everyone that his jack was bigger than mine: and who was I to argue? With a double pop out, I was at least able to sort out the lighter car 😂 and we were on our way again. Talking of equipment, it’s OK to turn up to a newbie drive empty handed as far as equipment is concerned, but not acceptable to turn up to a fewbie drive without the equipment needed. @Gaurav takes time to send out a promotion mail to everyone who makes the grade, and it’s clear that the invitation to join drives with more experienced people is conditional on not just being able to drive, but also carrying the required equipment. Sweihan is not called Little Liwa for no reason. The sand is soft and it is difficult to gain purchase and so it was that out next stop was enforced by our poor little Wrangler getting a little hot under the collar as we tried to get up on little incline (apparently this is ‘Jeep’ thing). After an enforced break to allow the gauges to read more normally and checking there were no burst or blown pipes we were on our way again. Bowl riding is inherently risky, you need to time everything right and not to push when it’s not going right. Especially on exit you need to be in control and sure it’s safe. No more details, save to say, no one was injured, but if you don’t get this right it’s going to end the drive and lead to an exit quicker than planned. Which is a shame on too many levels to mention – so I will focus on the one that continues to impress every time we go out. The desert is phenomenally beautiful. Atop a highish dune the views are truly magnificent and stunning. What a privilege to be able to see them from within and enjoy this majesty. And how lucky we are that the tool we take with us, our dear beloved vehicles cope with the incredible stress and strain under which we put them. Our drive out of Sweihan was swift and mainly on a dirt track so there were no more incidents. As @Ale Vallecchi and ourselves decided we would help out on the Newbie afternoon drive we left quickly because we did not want to keep the other convoy waiting. For anyone wanting to know more, my thoughts about the Afternoon/Evening (!) Newbie drive, you’ll find it there. See you soon in the sand.
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    Join Carnity Offroad Club for an adventurous morning drive in the shadow of the Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai ! The place where human innovation and authentic desert meet, and where gazelles and oryxes can be spotted, is a beautiful playground to learn everything about the offroading hobby. The creamy dunes will leave you wanting more and we will take you to the best scenery this place has to offer ! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN? We will teach you how to drive your vehicle offroad safely and learn the best offroad driving and recovery techniques. Even if you have never driven in sand before, you can still join and learn the art of off-roading with complete confidence and peace of mind. If you have already driven in sand before then you can learn more from experts having decades of offroading experience in the UAE. This area offers a good mix of playable long set of dunes and broad ridge to test your off-road control. CAN MY VEHICLE DO IT? This drive is open for all 4x4/4WD/SUV/AWD vehicle having 8-10 inches of ground clearance along with front and rear tow hooks. Please check these two mandatory and VERY STRICT requirement before signing up. CAN I BRING PASSENGERS? Yes of course, but if you are an absolute new to offroading it is better to drive alone first to avoid any distractions. WHAT CAN I EXPECT? The drive will start with a detailed briefing, followed by 2-3 hours of driving in sand dunes and then followed by a break for refreshments over a feedback and assessment session for each offroader. You will learn about the following subjects: Introduction to off-roading Desert driving basics and etiquette Desert driving tips, techniques, myth and best practices Off-road and safety gear familiarization and recovery procedures Vehicle orientation, risk analysis, deflation and outdoor safety advice WHAT ITEMS SHOULD I BRING? On your very first drive with us we only ask you to bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. From a second drive onwards we ask you to start collecting the Essential Tools as per below attachment. More information on these items can be found in the advices section and in offroad club. If you already have the off-roading gears, then it's better to carry them along to help you learn off-roading at a faster pace. Carnity Essential Tools.pdf ARE YOU JOINING US FOR THE FIRST TIME? Introduce yourself on this drive thread. Share with us your vehicle details. Prior off-road experience (Yes/No) Confirm 8-10 inches of ground clearance along with front and rear tow hooks in good usable condition. RSVP the drive calendar Level: Absolute Newbie, Newbies and above (All level) When: 13 March 2020 Meeting time: 6:45 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point : Solar Park Innovation Centre Parking: https://goo.gl/maps/2qBH185tT39oWMMb7 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 12:00 PM - (much before Friday prayer) Friday Prayer Mosque: The Endurance Masjid - https://goo.gl/maps/SXmkx2jntnK85DzB7 MUST READ: First off-road drive checklist Off Road Driving - Roles & Responsibilities Off road Driving Etiquette's Off-road Convoy Rules Off roading - Everything you need to know Please RSVP on the below calendar. LAST WEEK NEWBIE DRIVE - RELIVE MOMENTS
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    Trip Report: Al Qudra - 20 Mar 2020 It is indeed a great moment to drive to a meeting point (ahead of time) seeing the majority of cars have already lined up "UNDERSTANDING" the importance of time and respecting each other time. Almost everyone was on time and within less than 10 minutes of distant meet and greet we head towards the deflation point under the shade. Really appreciate that everyone understand the importance of social distancing and also continue reminding each other, when needed. The idea of cutting short the briefing to save time is also helping now in COVID days to spend half the time in briefing, so we can get started faster. After a quick briefing and helping a hatchback to get out from the sand (Qudra - trademark), we assigned the convoy numbering. @Ale Vallecchi has been a fantastic support to help and manage the whole convoy from start to finish. As I started moving, Ale has made sure that all 15 cars line up in the correct order and keep on maintaining the order through out the drive. He was also the first responder to all the stuck and refusals and he manage to recover all of them with a great efforts and teamwork. @Jamy B. has been very calm and confident in her second lead for the first time and she totally understood the gravity and responsibility of this convoy position. She successfully manage to lead, detour (when needed) or hold the convoy in place together during the whole drive. Really well done. @Chaitanya D and his newly armored Patrol Y62 was keeping an eagle eye from sweep position to make sure that almost everyone (more on that later) was in convoy position and following the convoy discipline at all the time. Really well done. As we progress through I was quite impress to see @Colin Jordan getting used with his pickup truck and he was truly excited at times to push it more and more. I'm sure he will have his fill in Sweihan next week. @Cara Jordan has been patiently riding with Colin with her fingers crossed that Colin learn his truck well, so that Cara can get back her wrangler. @asifk being the only absolute newbie in this drive was quiet forthcoming and knowledgeable with his vehicle dynamics and offroading. He was also well prepared with his briefing, COVID precautions and carrying his own radio with the correct frequency setup. @sheri Incident update - Extreme recovery After almost half way through the drive, I got a call from Ale that Sheri has been stuck on the side slope at a very weird angle. After analyzing the situation, it seems that @sheri didn't follow the convoy discipline and went to do the side sloping on a very dangerous dune that has a solid sand formation (almost rocks) at the base of that dune. With the help of @Ale Vallecchi, @luwaimn and few others we manage to break that rocks to almost flat bed instead of spikes. While winching Sheri's LWB Pajero backwards it started sliding down and almost after half way it was about to hit the rock at a tilted angle, that it has a greater chance of flipping on to the rocky bed. At this time, we took a step back and decided to anchor the Pajero front wheel with Ale's FJ Cruiser on top of the dune with 3 straps that we have had, so that it won't flip. Using of strap in such scenario is highly advisable as we dont want the flex of viking or synthetic ropes that might stretch when car lift off to flip and worsen the situation with its inherent elasticity. During this whole recovery process Jeepers were very helpful to let us do what we want to do and how we want to do the recovery - as that was my main fear when initially I was reluctant in taking their help, because in such extreme recoveries if too many people start leading and guiding then chances of failure increases multi-fold. We have removed Ale FJC and used Jeeper's jeep on top with synthetic rope tied with straps to Sheri's Pajero front alloy wheel and spooled the winch to max twice (to contain the flex). Another Jeepr whose name was J or Jeh helped me down in reversing the Pajero with a very well controlled and coordinated efforts with 3 cars involved and within few minutes Pajero was on flat ground without any damage. Thanks everyone for your wonderful support and patience to manage such extreme recovery with a very cool and calm approach.
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    Trip Report The Mahafiz to Fossil Rock is a relatively well known area for the Carnity members. But my plan to bring them to Faya would definitely bring a new flavour and I was excited to see how everyone would manage. We started off at Mahafiz Mosque with everyone on time, and after the short briefing we drove towards the rising sun. The first half hour we explored an area that we haven’t done often yet, but due to a bit too much vegetation I decided to head a bit more north towards the bigger red dunes. Apart from some small refusals and one stuck we easily made it up Fossil Rock. I wasn’t really interested in taking the convoy over Fossil Rock so decided to drive around it and drive towards Faya. From that point onwards I started to ramp the level a bit by bringing more crisscrossing and ridge riding in the game. Reaching the back side of Faya where the dunes become massive proved to be a little bit tougher for some of the cars. We rerouted a bit and climbed all sides of Faya. @Lucky sAm was feeling in his element and was unleashing his beast more and more. Was great to see you with that excitement and confidence buddy, but be careful on the way down. But you drove well throughout the day! @tjsingh as a second lead was a blessing, thanks buddy ! @Mostafa Taha you have grown a lot in a couple of weeks, well done ! @Martin. all the way from Al Ain, and that deserves a hat off. You drove well today, your Pajero 3.5 is little bit underpowered but you managed nevertheless. @Jorge Stepniak Felippe I must admit I had my reservations about the LR4 but this shows again it’s all about the driver. You surprised us all driving great with that behemoth ! @Rinelle Sanaani who brought personal deflators, but looked like you had a blast and you also drove great 👍! @Mels Wolf Like Jorge it’s all about the driver. You’re taking that Pajero beyond anyone’s expectations ! Great job ! @Michael sammy the roar of your beast is amazing and you navigate with ease through any terrain. Amazing. @Tbone congrats as a newlywed gentlemen. Maybe your Hummer was a bit jealous that you need to give attention to your wife now. I hope you can get it sorted. Keep us posted. With @Shamil @Ale Vallecchi @Xaf as my support I was spoiled with such proactive and great assistance. It’s thanks to you the convoy moved along so well and we could exactly do the route that I had in mind. Thanks guys !! We excited at Faya and i saw a lot of happy faces of people that probably could have never imagined driving at this level in such a short period of time. I thank you all and look forward to many more of these drives. IMG_5824.MP4
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    @Muffy Acidwala, @Shiju Manuel, @Nayan Shenai, @paolo dassi, @Emad Malaeb, @J J, @Rizwanm2, @Anvar Sadath Bekal, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, @Jolly Abraham, @RohanH, @Nizam Deen, @Mathavan Muthukrishnan, @Shahid Mehmood, @Lorenzo Candelpergher, Please read and understand all the points below before joining off-road drives. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to be very responsible for our-self and others. To keep the briefing short, please go through https://carnity.com/brief before joining the drive. Adhere to all the COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives STRICTLY. Bring your own walkie talkie, as we no longer share spare radios, even for absolute newbies. Also ensure that they are programmed to the 5 Carnity Frequencies. If any doubt read the below thread PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS POST BY CLICKING "TOTALLY AGREE". @Gregory Perkin and @Bibin Tom please keep checking the callander for any drop outs and make sure you RSVP on the callander. Please do not attend the drive without a callander RSVP as we will not be able to accept you as a safety risk. Good luck.
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    Thank you @Michael sammy and @Frederic ! By the way I changed the shoes on "The Beast" down to 18" (from 20"s) and put on some Cooper AT3's for better sand traction. Now countring down the minutes to our next drive... 😃
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    Amazing lead @Frederic thank you for an amazing drive as an offroader i will never wish for more than what you offered to us today, a safe fun drive with all meanings. Starting from setting up the convoy in the perfect order and the gradual of the challenges in the driving techniques and the dunes was significantly amazing. Well planned and well executed. You gave us a very good example of how to lead with full dedication, i saw you talking, explaining and advising each team member equally from new fewbie joiners to the intermediate drivers that were in today's drive. Once again thank you @Frederic @Shamil @Ale Vallecchi @Xaf, I would like also to thank each carnity member joined our drive today.
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    @Jamy B., @Chaitanya D, @Kalahari, @Cara Jordan, @Pancho, @Jihad Hachem, @Vanessa8580, @Pickey Singh, @Bibin Tom, @Hariharan, @Shailja Kalia, @Zed, @Jas Gajaria, @sebin, @Javier M, @Brette Please read and understand all the points below before joining off-road drives. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to be very responsible for our-self and others. To keep the briefing short, please go through https://carnity.com/brief before joining the drive. Adhere to all the COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives STRICTLY. Bring your own walkie talkie, as we no longer share spare radios, even for absolute newbies. Also ensure that they are programmed to the 5 Carnity Frequencies. If any doubt read the below thread PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS POST BY CLICKING "TOTALLY AGREE".
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    Based on our recent experiences, we have decided to change few things to honor "RESPECT" and equal opportunities for all off-roaders to join and enjoy off-road drives "SAFELY". All off-road drives will be limited to 15 members only. Due to safety in mind, it is very essential that every drive should not exceed the maximum number of 15 cars in the convoy. Drive posted with higher RSVP count will have multiple Marshals to lead their individual convoy not exceeding the 15 cars / convoy. All drives RSVP will close a day prior. All drive RSVP will either close a day prior or once RSVP limit reached, so that Marshals have enough time to plan the route and convoy numbering. Latecomers will be returned back - NO EXCEPTIONS. Every off-roader MUST attend every briefing with 100% undivided attention. If you are late for any reason, please return back and join the next week drive. Reaching the meeting point on time and then refueling, shopping and doing other chores does not mean that you were on time, you will be left behind. All Marshals are instructed to leave the meeting point - without any grace period. So plan your buffer time in advance. You cannot join the drive at deflation point if you are late, simply return back. Marshals are not allowed to take your calls when you are late and hold the convoy because of your delay. Members without RSVP will be returned back - NO EXCEPTIONS. Every offroader need to RSVP the drive that he/she wish to join for safety reasons. Admin will remove all multiple drives RSVP at "same time", please decide to join any one drive. If you were unable to RSVP the drive, it means drive is full and please do not show up on the meeting point. Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others. Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month.
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    Spotted on Al Khail road this morning
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    Thanks for your support Alessandro. You're always around, never shy to help, and it's a blessing having you in any convoy of the club !
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    Ropes and Rewards Perhaps this was not the biggest ever gathering for a Carnity drive, but it must be quite close. Just over 50 people arrived on time and eager to get to the sand. And for those that thought, it's OK to arrive late, the cat and mouse game of moving from the meeting location to staging post to deflation point was an additonal fun element. As was proven once again, the briefing is important - because without the basic understanding of what we are all trying to do we end up with more 'learning experiences' than perhaps we want and not as much cruising the dunes: which is, after all, why we are up at the crack of dawn. It's perhaps worth mentioning that there is a briefing for Fewbie and Intermediate drives (and probably advanced and expert as well). They are no less an essential part of getting out into the sand. Not only do you have a responsibility for yourself, but to pay attetnion so that you are not a risk to other people. Big call out here to @Frederic for taking time with the seniors @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Srikumar to make the briefing, briefer. I think we all apprecaited that a lot. @Jeepie and myself were given Sweep duties in @Srikumar's convoy. @J J was asked to take second lead. As the passenger seat was taken in 'TJ', @Srikumar allowed me to play Centre Forward in the convoy from the passenger seat. Readers - let me tell you, you should try this some time. You will learn a massive amount. Sitting as a passenger you get to see a whole lot more of what's going on because you are not concentrating on driving as well, and it let's you see how other drivers are developing so you can choose if that particular style is going to help you. So a big thanks to @Anvar Sadath Bekal and @Shiju Manuel who let me ride shotgun with them. Being allowed to ride with them was a previlege, not becuase there was any 'instruction' going on, but because it reminds us of just how challenging it is to get this sort of driving right when you don't yet have the experience or confidence. Is the car powerful enough? Which gear choice do I make? Am I comfortable following the line that the person before me took? You cannot remember what that's like until you are sitting next to someone making those choices and being reminded how much the experience of experience really brings to the table. A drive with @Srikumar is always a pleaure. This was no exception. Where ever you looked in the convoy and it was great to watch how drivers develop. @Jamy B. is supremely comfortable with her Xterra and the tearaway @Amoru (not so Newbie newbie) demonstrated quite ably that he had already spent a few years in the desert. More newbie, newbies like @Muffy Acidwala and @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ have not spent so long there. And that's where the ropes come in. As you progess in Carnity, and are promoted, there is a requirement to invest in more equipment. For more senior members, recoveries are an important part of the learning process: so it's with big thanks to all that got stuck and needed @Jeepie to pull you off or out that the us newly minted intermediates got the chance to try our our new kinetic rope!! As has already been mentioned by a few - she did an incredible job pulling three stucks back into the convoy while sweeping majestically the backmarkers into line. Our reward for investing and having been promoted. Except for a few hairy moments and one or two more easily sorted stucks were resolved, the drive was completed with everyone back safely at the Adnoc. Apologies that in these days of Covid 19 the customary post drive debrief did not take place. Apologies also for any confusion around where to reinflate. All of us who have compressors decided to reinflate away from the gas station to let the people who needed the airline their place in the line. May apologies to anyone not mentioned. With so many newbies around and what as in the end a quite busy drive, your expertise and easy navigation round the dunes may have been missed. See you soon in the sand.
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    Again NO, for all the same reason as Sri mentioned above, as you both have separate profile now. As you are Fewbie and Cara is newbie, so you can only RSVP newbie drives if you both want to drive. Actual need of this topic is based on few recent incidents happen where someone who is not a part of Carnity off-road club has been spotted driving and causing delays and risk to the vehicle.
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    TRIP REPORT CONVOY 2 Almost everyone made it on time today which was a blessing, and by 06:45 most people were already busy deflating and getting to know one another. After the briefing we made up two convoys, of which the first consisted of @Rahimdad with @tjsingh as his trusty helper to get all his convoy members nicely ligned up. They headed out and soon our convoy followed. With @Mels Wolf as my second lead, who did excellent in keeping a close watch on the convoy behind him, and appropriate distance from me, the convoy was moving swiftly and our friend @Pickey Singh drove through the dunes like he never did anything else. @Muffy Acidwala his Kia took a bit of time to wake up on this early morning, but soon he found the way to tame it and managed well throughout the drive. The Wrangler boys, @Nacho @J J @siddharth maheshwari all drove very well too. I love Wranglers on my convoy list, they are hard to get in trouble with @Tero Vallas joined us with his wife for the first time too, and i noticed him smiling throughout the drive. I am sure Mika Hakkinen was a better F1 pilot, but Tero was today the proper offroad version of him. @Hariharan, @Zaheer Mohamudbucus did great with the LWB Pajeros ! @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ your Ford Explorer managed very well. good job done. @Salarios your beast mode could not get unleashed yet, but we wanted you to get the basics right, i see you're eager to reach higher levels and thats a good thing. Keep coming back and you'll be on those higher levels faster than you might have imagined. @Nizam Deen Instagram man, who decided to wing it and drove to the meeting point, swiftly registered and signed up. Well done buddy, keep coming back. @Mathavan Muthukrishnan your Prado and you did great ! @Jun Zamora drove into the meeting point with a very nice SWB Wrangler, quite the upgrade coming from the Murano. It shows your enthusiasm and you did great as our sweep, keeping an eye out to keep the convoy moving, and communication well with me and @Gaurav We headed back to the Last Exit for a snack and a chat, and our senior chiefs quickly inflated and went to the afternoon drive in Maliha. Please send us your feedback, suggestions, and kindly upload your pics and snaps in the gallery. I had a blast and hope you did too ! Let me know if i forgot a name too, as my convoy list had to be updated on the fly with some last minute signups.
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    @Chaitanya D, @Emad Malaeb, @Rinelle Sanaani, @Kalahari, @Pancho, @Amory, @Mels Wolf, @Michael sammy, @Shamil, @Jorge Stepniak Felippe, @Tbone, @Jamy B., @Nivin, @Srikumar, @Rizwanm2, @Mostafa Taha, @Ale Vallecchi, @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen, @Adam Marston, @Jas Gajaria, @Wrangeld, @Denizzalbayrak, @Roshan Abraham, @Shahab Khan, @Brette, @Febin Frederic, @tjsingh, @Martin. Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, with clear advice from the UAE government to stay at home at all times, we are canceling this off-road drive. I hope this gives time to desert to heal itself, so we can appreciate the nature and virgin dunes after this COVID-19 situation normalizes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
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    I was helping my friend renovate his house and it was a long drawn out month long process. Everything from the roof to the walls in the 7 bedroom Villa. His elder brother as a thank you took all us for a desert Safari since he would freelance as a guide on the weekend. And that was pretty much it. I told myself this is what I want to do as well. To cut a long story short after years of trials and tribulations and help from another friend I managed to get my foot into that world. I didn't give up never for a second thought I will stop persuing this line of work. Got ridiculed by friends and family as to what stupid line of work I'm trying to get into 2 years I worked for free or very basic pay like 50-100dhs per trip and started from the very bottom as helper then moving up to camp driver cum helper than mean driving as well as helping in loading and off loading the pickup. It was very very tough work but I enjoyed it througly which gained me a lot of respect later on as everybody had seen how I had struggled from the very bottom to the top and they knew I know every aspect of this field so one one could fuck me too. Made some great money and had the time of life because I was lucky the company I got attached too ( I say attached because I never officially joined them because that ways I getting paid freelance per trip money which was as high as 1200dhs per day to the lowest of 650 per day as opposed to a fix salary ) they got a lot of interesting projects like vehicle testings and events. I worked on projects from Toyota,Nissan, peugout, jeep, land rover, Mercedes, hummer, GM just to name a few. So most of my work was this rather than regular desert Safari you see and hear about. Did that mostly during summer and in between such projects and other events, which including a huge secret proper concert with huge stage, lights, pyro, screens fireworkd for Shaggy, UB40, lot of Bollywood stuff so on and so forth. But close to the economic downturn such things got less and less and I started to get bored with just the regular Safari day in and day out. Is when I quit. Then became a weekend warrior just like the rest of you. Then thought it would be a good idea to go out with more people so searching online I came across dubai4x4 one of the few off-road clubs at the time. Then emarat 4x4 which I stayed with till life decided otherwise and I stopped going all toghether. Now maybe when things take a change for the better might get myself another desert ride and start going out again. Maybe.
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    My first drone video. Not the best but its my first try at it, helped by my daughter to put it together.
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    What a pleasure it is to have @Wrangeld and @Jeepie on any trip. While im trying to put my words together the trip report is already posted. Just some points of view I would like to share from my side. When starting in the morning I was feeling a bit down as I'm used to getting my early morning hugs and sharing food and drinks with all. But upon reaching the meeting point just that eye contact with a warm good morning right from everybodies heart melted me right in to the correct frame of mind. Many positives for me to take from this drive. Everybody was on time and we moved out exactly at 7:02 am which gave us a chance to spend more time out in the desert driving. The brief was shorter than usual but it seemed everybody had read through the brief on the forum and was fully aware. @Wrangeld was the one to make the convoy which was amazing as he had the right idea and the convoy managed very well as placed. Having @J J as my second lead, he too has the right idea and saved us some precious time by rerouting as necessary. An after drive chat helped him to realize that every little detail is planned and I was pleased to realize he appreciates it and wants to learn and do more. @Wrangeld and @Jeepie positioned themselves as centre forward which is the most difficult position. With @Rizwanm2 in the sweep to make sure the convoy was moving smoothly and stuck together. Another positive was to meet @Lorenzo Candelpergher, really love your spirit and putting the video together which is so amazing. Just for everybodies knowledge @Lorenzo Candelpergher is a licensed drone pilot. Moreover as everybody has realized by now, 1 hour from the deflation point to the base of Pink Rocks is an amazing feat by all newbies. When asked at the base if they want more, the decision was unanimous with all hands raised high in the air. Instead of our normal 2nd December Cafe exit we continued to Big Red. With some challenges we departed around 11:30 am with all smiles. We inflated and carried on to lock ourselves up in isolation till next week. Really proud of an amazing team which understands and ready to help each other grow in this mystifying sport that brings us together.
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    Finally we have done the first ever Carnity drive on Saturday, thanks to all those who kept on asking on social media. I gather the courage to post a first test-out drive for Saturday and to my surprise we have had full house within first 3 days - 15 cars. After that I kept on getting messages for allowing 1 more car and 1 more car repeatedly. As per the new convoy restriction from safety aspect, we all are supposed to keep the count to max of 15 cars in any single convoy. Irrespective of that, still few people made on meeting point and they just got lucky as few others didn't show up, which gave a chance to balance the equation fairly. As it was an absolute newbie drive without a single absolute newbie, so I decided to bump up the level after first 30 minutes and to my surprise everyone managed very well and we all had plenty of roller coaster dunes, steep drops and side sloping in play area for fewbie and above level members. By 5 PM we have reached the pylon track and started our final climb to Fossil rock to enjoy the breath taking sunset view with a best desert landscape for our selfies. Before 6 PM all cars made on top of fossil rock except one, our dear friend @Alexander Sarte as his trusted Toyota 4runner decided to give up half way up the climb. There was no sign of engine overheating or any other mechanical damage or accident but just it wasn't moving in any gear. We tried shifting to Lo and High but gear wasn't engaging and kept on making grinding noise as soon as we drop in D or any other gear. With sunset almost there, we decided to split the team. @Xaf and @Ale Vallecchi started to help Alex by pushing the 4runner to flat ground as Xaf explained above. On the other side, @Shamil helped me in moving rest of the car from fossil rock drop and we manage to reach the tarmac just before it gets dark. After this test of time, we both rushed inside to coordinate efforts with others to get 4runner out to pylon track. Ale and Xaf did a wonderful job of doing the safest recovery as much as they could do and then stopped for sketching a new route. This approach is very important while doing any extreme recovery that every move you make should be well calculated and not based on emotions, aggression or chances. Once we joined them Ale showed me the path and we went ahead to correct a little and chalk out all options of our success rate to reach out. We analyse all options and gave all option to Alexander to choose: Call your mechanic to inspect or fix on site Call AAA desert recovery to tug vehicle out We tug the vehicle out but in case any of our car get damage due to extreme recovery then Alexander will be responsible for that damage. Although we have same thing written in our roles and responsibilities here, but before carrying out such extreme recover that has 50% success rate, it was important for us to mention this in advance. With Alexandar level headed approach, he decided to leave the car inside, Shamil was kind enough to drop them home and later Alexander came back with his mechanic in the night, which I assume didn't went well. Today afternoon, he got the car out with the help of AAA recovery experts and more we can hear from him, whenever he is free to share more updates. @Xaf I can understand your feeling but I think what Alexander did was the wisest decision to not to take a chance and let professional recovery experts handle the situation. Moving a dead weight of 2 ton vehicle over 2-3 km of dunes is extremely risky and complicated with our limited resources in hand and at night time. Of course such situation is not an every day story, sometime taking back few steps is a very good move, eventually. I hope his 4runner get repaired soon with least amount of downtime and expense.
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    In a future Dystopian society, I’ll be fighting off Skynet as John Connor, while driving a little blue Pajero.
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    It's that Fewbie Feeling It was not that long ago that we had the pleasure of our first Fewbie drive, and this afternoon (into evening) drive brought the memories flooding back of that shift from the relative comfort of Newbie drives to Fewbie. What's in a name I hear you ask? Actually, ask any of the New Fewbies and they will likely tell you a lot: and that the difference between the capabilities needed and the skills required at Fewbie level are significant - so significant that the number, regularity and degree of stucks is quite different as well. Additonally, the 'heroic' days (when the sand was hard packed) when drives were 'easy' are over and with Badayer, at times, having more traffic than Sheik Zayed Road this fewbie drive was not without incident. But I get ahead of myself. After a morning Newbie drive, the Newbie-Fewbie convoy left Al Qudra for Mahila @Gaurav led off @Vanessa8580 @Jeepie myself, @Shamil and @Xaf (taking up his customary, and quite majestic position in Sweep). We managed to fit prayers, picking up food supplies, gas and even @Colin Jordan along the way (hope you are feeling better @Cara Jordan) and arrived at the meeting point on time, @Gaurav having managed to deal with the admin of @Amoru who self certified as a Fewbie (and pretty much showed us why during this drive). As the convoy assembled we realised it was a big group (perhaps bigger than would normally be accepted). Fewbie briefings are no less important than any other pre drive briefing - perhaps just briefer. It did give us the chance to check some tow points - more on that later - but not all! I will stick it out there again - when the notice of promotion comes RTFM: being promoted carries with it a responsibility as well. It clearly says that if you don't have the kit, you don't drive. Carnity is not a club that checks this with marshalls before we leave, because members are trusted, but frankly, it's not fair on the other drivers if you are not prepared. Anyhow, we lined up with @Ale Vallecchi as second lead, @Srikumar as our massively capable centre forward, @Javier M adding soem mush needed experience in the middle @Shamil a flying sweep and @Xaf once again sweeping the convoy set off into the dunes for an afternoon of fun. And fun it was, with multiple learning opportunities (for those who got stuck and those of of us involved in getting people unstuck) because the sand was soft, the dunes quite technical and that shift from Newbie to Fewbie when suddenly the driving gets a bit more difficult. @Salarios (car looking magnificent with it's new wheels) @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen @Julien V @Nizam Deen @Rinelle Sanaani @Denizzalbayrak were all gassed up and ready to go and intersperced through the convoy. The rear (bsically behind @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen were myself, @Brette @tjsingh . Big thanks to @Jeepie for giving up the chance to drive this one. I think a lot of fun was had in the Little Blue including when @Vanessa8580 managed to really get stuck up to the axles towards the end of the day and needed a group effort to get her out [thanks to @Salarios for the images]. @Frederic will be cleaning out the sand for some time to come after they forgot to close the windows. One of the pleasures of more advanced drives is the ability to participate in 'play time'. @Gaurav identified a spot to which we could head. Those who wanted experiemented, tested their cars, their mettle and cameras while we all tried to avoid the multitudes of exotic (and less exotic) metal all converging on the same location. All of this was put into context however, after @Gaurav decided to go for his last, last (last) go swiftly followed by an open truck full of locals (one in the back smiling broadly) which somehow managed to climb higher than the Legend and drive off into the sunset. Descending from the play area caused us a major delay, however as at least six drivers found themselves at the bottom of a bowl and unable to get out. As each was slowly coaxed from their depths of the pit @Gaurav could be heard repeating the same instructions to go round, give it gas, keep going round, more gas, more gas keep going up. Those on standby at the head of the convoy must have thought that the poor driver stuck in the bowl was simply unable to get out and obviously not listening to Gaurav, while he remained incredibly calm and relaxed! After regrouping and trying to find our way to an alternative play area (overcoming a few more stucks and recoveries along the way, by the time we got to the alternate play area, it was so churned up that we decided to to retreat to the route out of the dunes. This was not without incident. Thanks to @Julien V @jeepie was not the one who had the opportunity to test our new kinetic rope. Thanks to @Amoru we saw the difference between a delfated tire and a pop out and thanks to @Vanessa8580 we had the chance to laugh and think how much @Frederic would enjoy the pictures of little blue stranded with hiw wife (and mine) inside and unable to get out of the vehicle. Other honorable mentions could be made, but it seems impolite a few days later to remind attendees of their various stucks and refusals as the dark enroached and we finally made our way out to inflate and make our way home. It was a mammoth convoy, and with a convoy of such length clearly when there is a problem, the convoy gets split and stuck and it take stime to regroup. Special mention needs to go, therefore to both @Srikumar and @Gaurav who did keep us all going, rescued those that needed rescuing and once again, brought us back to tarmac with smiles on our faces. All in all a great result. No injured animals, cars (Almost - sorry about the bumper @Salarios) or humans and even, in most cases pride. See you soon in the sand.
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    Dear Newbies and Absolute Newbies: To speed up our newbie briefings, we have drafted an Absolute Newbie Essentials Briefing here online, which does not take more than 10 minutes to read, and is consisting of our main safety advices. We kindly ask you to go through this briefing, so we have more "action" time instead of "talking" time coming Saturday. @Kalahari @E.C. TAN @Chaitanya D @Jamy B. @RohanH @Shahid Mehmood @Alexander Sarte @Hariharan @Matti Brockman https://carnity.com/brief Please take your time to read these advices to arrive prepared and good to go Random question will be asked to make sure that everyone complies with above brief.
  30. 10 points
    Homework!!! Haven’t had that in ages 😁 but the subject is worth studying
  31. 10 points
    Dear Newbies and Absolute Newbies: To speed up our morning briefings, we have drafted an Absolute Newbie Essentials Briefing here online, which does not take more than 10 minutes to read, and is consisting of our main safety advices. We kindly ask you to go through this briefing, so we have more "action" time instead of "talking" time coming Friday. @Nayan Shenai @Magellan @Nizam Mohammed @Nizam Deen @sheri @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ @Chaitanya D @Nitin Mohan @J J @Muffy Acidwala @Jamy B. @siddharth maheshwari @Shiju Manuel @Anvar Sadath Bekal @Najeeb Mohammed @Mathavan Muthukrishnan @RohanH @sebin @Franciscus buitenhuis @paolo dassi @Jose Martin @Anouar Anouar @Shahid Mehmood @Grenville Mark Stuart Wright @Shailja Kalia @Pickey Singh @Amoru https://carnity.com/brief Please take your time to read these advices to arrive prepared and good to go
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    @Wrangeld well put, I could not have written a better report if I tried. Truly yesterday tested our patience, skills and judgement. Can't thank @Wrangeld, @Jeepie and @Ale Vallecchi enough for being so thoughtful to come rushing to our assistance. @Xaf was also very cool, calm and helpful during this whole drive. @Gaurav bhai although posted the afternoon drive but was there to support @Frederic drive in the morning but had the presence of mind to check the list to make sure all made it out safely after the last 2 really tough hours. Hats off to a brilliant team effort.
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    Apart from regular clean up, organizing and tidy up your house, car, PC, phone, camera, what unusual stuff you have done during this stay at home period, which "you have never done before"? I dance with my 5 YO son and wife like I have never danced before. Started with kiddo's dance - as usual Then he picked up our moves and we dance on regular music for an hour with good volume and bass. Surprisingly we never think/expect that kid at such an age will like / adapt to our music or moves but when given been a chance they really surprise us beyond our expectations.
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    Trip Report - Finally after a long delay. A day started with drizzling had a good indication that it's going to be the best day for many of us. Following recent culture of being on time, everyone showed up at meeting point before I showed up. With little distant greetings, we started SHARP at 8:00 AM and head over to the deflation point. As I had all the intermediate and advance drivers so I wanted to up the challenge little bit by starting the drive without the deflation. Off course without deflation, we wouldn't be able to make it very far, but the actual idea was to show the importance of deflation and also how you can manage your vehicle if you have to step in sand without deflation. With proper instructions, precise control and careful approach we all did good dunes, side sloping, crossing the crest at 35 PSI for first 15-20 minutes. After the deflation, I gave up the lead to our new leaders and @Shamil was the first one to get in line to test his leading skills. He started bit on a shy note, but picked up very well and reached the pylon track within 30-40 minutes. Shamil had a pretty commendable and confident pace to lead and he knew where he is heading. He had a good sand reading and judgment of dunes to enter and exit safely. He need to work on keeping a close eye on the convoy behind and also time management skills. Overall @Shamil scored 7 out of 10. Next comes the "under cover" Raptor - @Xaf. He got the instruction to take all of us back to the starting point from pylon track, which will be facing the slip face on most of the dunes (tough battle for a new lead). But he was super cautious, well planned in using steps/stairs technique without me explaining or teaching anything on that. After a little while he was given a green signal from my side to boost the level the best he can and then lower down accordingly if any of us get stuck or refusal. After this instruction we all have seen new Velociraptor in making. Amazing sideys, ridge riding and tall climbs he plan and manage to sneak the whole convoy safely under his wings. He needed a very little fine touch to tweak the lead or alternate path by using the second lead effectively and hone his leading skills even better. He needs to practice this more with a free mindset and learn to make interesting spaghetti routes through the dunes. Overall @Xaf scored 8 out of 10. Then we have given the chance to lead to our "Youngest Off-roader" - @Jeepie (as per he experience). Initially she thought of giving it up - may be she genuinely wanted or prepping our mind for her first lead - genuine first lead, unlike Shamil and Xaf who have done the lead before. So we got to start with Matrix example that no one has made in the first attempt. Luckily she could see the Fossil rock on a clear day and she was instructed to take the convoy there. As a first time lead, she decided to stick to the tracks and did couple of sideys and chosen the very safe and doable path for all the cars behind. Her leadership skills is far too great than she actually realizes it. As a good leader she is open for evaluating all the suggestions and then decide her path. Unfortunately she has beaten the Matrix example - to made through the whole stretch without any stucks or refusal. She need to believe on herself and try more leading drives to get accustom to the idea that she can find her own path. Overall @Jeepie scored 6 out 10. Last but not least comes @Ale Vallecchi with his trusted FJC, that is waiting to be pushed to the next level. He has got the most difficult patch to lead from pylon track to the top of the fossil rock. His navigational skills are quiet good and he manage to circle the convoy to right side for an exploratory purpose. We recovered couple of locals there and find our way to the top of Fossil Rock, of course with an hour of delay due to extra recoveries. Ale needs to work hard on connecting the dots on what he sees on the navigational screen and where he drives. He also need to realize that his FJC holds lot more potential than what he is realizing it currently. Overall @Ale Vallecchi scored 7 out of 10. All four new leaders did amazing job and exceeded all my expectations that I had in the morning. They all need to hone their skills and practice the lead more often under supervision. They all need to get involve and start leading all recoveries and have their first say on the technical recoveries. They have learned the importance of angles, precision, physics and weight than just speed and full throttle tug. Hope they continue to learn and advance further to master this amazing art of off-roading and help others to learn more from their knowledge and experience.
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    Back in Belgium I’ve always been a bit of an outdoors person. Grew up in a small town so we only had few friends and spent days fixing our bikes and playing in the woods. I’ve always had this dream of exploring the wild but only after arriving in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and seeing the magnificent deserted areas I became more hungry to explore more and find unspoiled places, seeing farms and meeting locals, but my 4x2 FJ Cruiser forced me to stay on the hard farmer tracks. I’ve left Saudi and went back to Belgium for a while and was happy to be able to get a job in Dubai. I bought a 3 series beemer but after meeting few new friends in the community that went camping often, I realized the fun in Dubai only started off-road so tried to find a 4x4 commuter car which was big enough to take the kids to school but small enough to enjoy in the dunes. Fell in love with my little blue Pajero and found Carnity from searching info about my car and that’s how I ended up here. Wifey later sold our Beemer and bought a LWB Pajero as family / adventure car. And now both addicted off-roaders 🤣
  36. 9 points
    So today, I have learned that: My daughter cannot travel here to visit me at the end of the month ...no new visas after 17th March My gym is closed indefinitely as of ... well basically when I left it at 7am this morning All the pubs and night clubs have been closed down and ... the swimming pool at home has now been put into quaranteen until it is cleaned I am just waiting for the final announcement from my work (which, by the way, is still open, but we have told all outside visitors they are not currently welcome) that they decided that to save us from the chance of infection from any outside influences, they have decided to move to a 7 day week! With the flight bans coming into force for just about everywhere, I have visions of either ending up MadMax like driving through the desert looking for fresh supplies of fuel or like Will Smith in I am Legend, hunting infected zombies during the day to carry out research on how to cure the virus that wiped us all out. Carnity and 4x4 remains a constant, as to date, the desert has not been closed [crossing my fingers I did not speak too soon]. What's gonna cheer me up, I thought? here's an idea: Which film character are you going to become as everyone in the world becomes increasingly isolated because of Covid 19?
  37. 9 points
    Well done @Rahimdad and morning Pink Rock convoy for setting perfect example of social distancing.
  38. 9 points
    Dear fellow Riders, Its always a joy going you for a ride with you guys, especially with so much of professionalism and accountablity from our leader @Frederic and his wing men @Shamil @Ale Vallecchi @Xaf really a very nice ride with friends, and the best thing is dispite of all the issues of the outside crazy world (Corona and others) we put all that behind and we focused on riding the dunes and enjoying our rides. RESPECT to all of you. See you soon and stay safe Inshaa Allah
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    @asifk, @Ralph Geonzon, @siddharth maheshwari, @Nacho, @luwaimn, @Mahmoud Hamzawy, @sheri, @Jose Martin, @Najeeb Mohammed, @Jamy B., @Nizam Deen, @Chaitanya D, @Melenany, @Matti Brockman, @Colin Jordan, @Ale Vallecchi Please read and understand all the points below before joining off-road drives. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to be very responsible for our-self and others. To keep the briefing short, please go through https://carnity.com/brief before joining the drive. Adhere to all the COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives STRICTLY. Bring your own walkie talkie, as we no longer share spare radios, even for absolute newbies. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS POST BY CLICKING "TOTALLY AGREE".
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    @Jamy B. hopefully open-book multiple choice? Or phone a friend - @Rahimdad is my phone pal! I think with your 50 car convoy on Friday, the last guys will just about finish by the time we leave on Saturday!
  41. 9 points
    Homework done! Paolo here, very newbie :-), Pajero SWB... see you tomorrow!
  42. 9 points
    Damn... 44 confirmed. Will soon have to invest in a wide angle lens as part of the off road kit..😅
  43. 9 points
    @Shamil i could not be happier at this moment reading about this promotion, honestly more than any other I have seen today. You have been a massive supporter and help since we joined Carnity. We are all lucky to have your experience and character around, and your calmness and kindness mean every interaction is a pleasure. You deserve this big time buddy.
  44. 9 points
    Wonderful @Shamil. Well deserved. You have grown a lot with your active participation during the drives and the forum. You should now look to take up more responsibilities in grooming the next set of fellow offroaders.
  45. 9 points
    Thanks guys and happy belated womens day to all the ladies! Please officially welcome @Cara Jordan to the club 😁😁
  46. 9 points
    Happy Women's Day to all the lovely ladies here.
  47. 9 points
    Selling a jeep to buy 2 land rovers. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  48. 9 points
    Thanks to the organizers again - after a long day and some challenges towards the end of the trip, they stayed patient and made the right decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip - learned a lot about my car and what can be done in these dunes. And a fabulous sunset from Fossil Rock to end the day. I did find a convoy of 23 cars a bit of a challenge, as the cars at the back had some churned-out tracks to navigate - maybe around 10 cars in a convoy should be good? But great that the group is growing, with a LOT of activity on Friday. See you next Friday!!!
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    Totally agree @Xaf I also mentioned this in my briefing to emphasize on the fact that if you buy a tool like a radio or deflator, that you should at least do an effort to test it, read the manual, and if still in doubt approach us. I understand that learning the off-road hobby takes some time but the forum and the tons of MUST READ topics were made to smoothen the process of learning. I’ve seen two types of drivers so far. People that have joined the club, took some time to got through most of the posts and information to get themselves familiarized, and people who just click on “going” without having the slightest clue on what they’ve signed up for. I guess we can all guess which type of persons will learn this skill the quickest...
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    Good morning everybody. I hope everybody reached home safely. It was a challenging sunset yesterday. Off-roading is a team sport, the bigger the team, the more challenging to manage. I want to stress out 3 things that are important in my opinion to keep the process streamlined. 1- Radio If you have bought a radio, please take the effort to read the manual or Fred's guideline how to program your radio. Or take the effort to come 10 minutes early and talk to one of the other drivers if you need help. 2- Deflating Lowering the tire pressure is essential for driving in the sand. Off roading is a sport/ hobby that needs some investments, we don't expect that you arrive with full recovery gear on your first newbie drive. In my opinion, the cheapest investment you should invest (Financially and a bit of your own time to read/ watch YouTube instruction) is a DEFLATOR. There are different ways to deflate your tire. Do your own research and make a choice. What I did/ do when I have a new deflator, I test it! I drive to a gas station, check if the air pump is working and I test my deflator. Test the gauge, see how much it is reading. (Not every gauge is calibrated the same, so the gauge might over/ under- read.) Inflate my tires again and drive away. So I feel comfortable with my new gadget. But this is my technique. The same counts for the radio, if you have bought new equipment and you don't know how to use it, please arrive 10 minutes early and ask one of the other members to help you. 3- Open communication As I said, this is a team sport. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. If you are ashamed to ask a question in front of a big group, ask the question direct to one of the more experienced. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. This also counts for during the drive, please communicate. Hearing is a sense that is effected by stress. If you get stuck, or in any uncomfortable situation, hearing is the first sense that will deteriorate. Thats why the communication over the radio is essential. Talking to each other pulls you out of this tunnel vision so we can guide you. Hope to see you all on the next trip.
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