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    BEAUTIFUL VIDEO @Shamil Love your editing skills, its perfect. Amazing Pictures @Mikhail Lukichev and very creative angles and close-ups. Well done guys, you made me realize that I was part of today's drive with awesome pics and videos. @Jas Gajaria love your Pajero, very tastefully done as a desert toy, looking forward to see you soon.
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    hey thank you so much for clicking these pictures. really appreciated @Mikhail Lukichev. if you dont mind, ill use a few of them in the drive video that ill be putting up in a bit
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    Gents, thanks a lot for a great drive! It was so nice to see you again! Hope the @Frederic car is fine! Keep us updated 😃 You can find a few photos in the gallery https://carnity.com/gallery/category/147-absolute-newbie-drive-maliha-6-sep-2019
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    Hello, gents! After a looong time, I will be able to join you for a drive. Feeling fantastic! 😃
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    As luck would have it. Just now on the school run a AD plate came up right behind my gutless sunny which was doing 80 in a 60 zone, so already just on the radar grace line of 20 above. I trundled along then he started to flash me. I knew not too far away was a radar so decided to pull an old trick out of the hat. I didn't move until just 500 mtrs from the radar by this time the tailgater has probably lost it. So I quickly change Lanes. Hoping he guns it and gets flashed He mashed his pedal as soon as I scooched over and away he went and me anxiously waiting for the flash But Mothertrucker spotted the radar just in time and braked and I didn't see a flash. Ah well you win some and you lose some. Patrol 1 Desert Dude 0 this time round.
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    You have had a very long vacation. Lucky man. give your car to me, will get the 600 km done within 2 days.. 😁
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    RTA Vehicle Testing is mandatory all across the Emirates in UAE. RTA vehicle renewal is a part of vehicle ownership in the UAE as well as many other developed countries, to check for faults that may endanger lives. There are several RTA testing centers in UAE, conveniently placed and open for long working hour for RTA test. Tasjeel is run by ENOC in Dubai, Sharjah and northern emirates with many Tasjeel vehicle testing branches. Shamil vehicle testing is run by EMARAT in Dubai and Sharjah with few testing centers. Wasel vehicle testing is run by BELHASA group in Dubai in Jadaf area. Adnoc vehicle inspection center is run by ADNOC in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and western region. Below is a list of tests performed during RTA Vehicle testing, along with tips to repair or prevent the issues: Vehicle identification: They will match your chassis number and registration. Emissions: They have three categories - carburetor petrol engine, fuel injected petrol engine, and diesel engine. Regular oil changes and visits to the mechanic will keep emissions under control. Braking system: Will be inspected for leaks, warped rotors, worn drums, squeaks, and performance. The handbrake will be checked too. Steering system: Checked for play. The couplings and joints must be in good condition. Visibility: This test checks the tint on your windows, your rear view mirror, and condition of the windshield glass, the wipers, and the washers. Remember to fill up on washer fluid. If you have rock chips in your windshield, you can repair it by filling it with resin. The kit is not cheap, but neither is a windshield. Lighting equipment: Examination of your high and low beams for position and brightness. Your headlight lenses must be clear as well. A yellowed headlight can be restored with some 3000-grit sandpaper and some polish. Running gear: Your vehicle axles, wheels, and tires will be checked. Most cars that fail this test either have worn CV joints or loose steering arms. Suspension problems can be detected easily by the sound your car makes when going over bumps. Put some lithium grease on your bushings to keep them flexible and last longer. Chassis and frame attachments: Any strut bars or braces, mounts, and the frame are inspected to ensure there is no structural rust or unrepaired accident damage. You can repair a rusted frame by cutting out the rusted parts and welding in uncorroded metal. RTA recommends that all aftermarket under body protection gear must be removed prior to the inspection. Key equipment check: Is your driver’s seat mounted properly? Your battery must be secured in position. All audible warnings that came with the car must be functioning as per GCC specifications. They will also check to see if you have your warning triangle in the trunk. Feel free to place the triangle in a more conspicuous place to help out the inspectors. Your seat belts would be checked as well.
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    duuuuuuuuuuude... this is big awesome news super happy for you new BIG terrains, some one is coming at you
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    Slightly better quality on ArcGIS, but no idea what these are. It does look like a CSP, which is a concentrated solar power plant, which has thousands of mirrors pointed towards a tower in the middle, and generates steam, that then drives a turbine to generate electricity. Many of those have been built around the world already, like the one in Morocco: https://goo.gl/maps/c88EKdX159i5ZehW7 Nevada desert: https://goo.gl/maps/MqDELc1MLnGg4sAx9 aby o
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    Impressive...even with that kinetic one which is designed to accommodate tugs
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    The part about the Mexican seems correct. Now let your moustache grow and you are spot on !
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    Sad to hear that about your rear differential. Usually rear differential teeth chips under excessive heat or stress. Oil is usually a first thing to doubt, second is the stress. Have you been using the hand brake system for recovery but aggressively? - Main cause for diff failure Have you been doing burn outs that end with sudden braking? Have you been using the required spec diff oil?
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    Chinese and Korean - Moderate noise, cheaper price - I used Kumho in my wife car briefly. Japanese tire - Bridgestone, Dunlop, Yokohama - less noise, moderate price. Michelin, Pirelli - No noise, most expensive and Michelin has longest usable life. So if you plan to keep car for 80k kms use Michelin - the best quality rubber for tires, money can buy. If you plan for 40K - Japanese are good option, except dunlop as they get noisy after half life (20k). Don't know the korean life, someone can add further on that. BMW road tire shops, not all of them sell original. So sticking to some known and old tire shop is a safe bet - Gulf coast, Ardh al emarat, formula tires, century tires.
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    Because it's drive line related and what ever component is under stress get released when you let go. And the XJ is a whole different setup than the Honda you can't compare the two
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    Yeah thats like what flat earthers says we see the world is plane and level so it must be flat and not a globe. Try a simple experiment, drive at 40 or 50 and then put your hand out of the window, with your palm facing the the wind and then flatten it out parallel to the ground. Now how much more effort was required to keep your palm open into the wind compared to when you leveled it out. That my friend is called drag and it takes a lot of power to move a brick through the air even at low speeds than something slick and slippery. You think car manufacturers are stupid to have let go nice sharp lines and edges and turned everything into a curvy egg to meet MPG and emission regulations !!! But don't stop your theories are always good entertainment here on the forum
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    Nissans have made notoriously shit engines especially those big 400 engines their vti sensors fookup then their high pressure mechanical pump also makes such problem and rarely the bcm and pcm also makes such problems best way is to hook up and view live data you might stumble upon the culprit its such a shame that it has so much power yet very fragile we fixed quite many...
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    This Lego Defender might sell more than actual defender.
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    I have seen the Defender in a Zebra print quite a few times on Al Qudra road the last couple of months. Probably taking it out for testing. It's gonna be an expensive rig, but if it performs well, than at least i know what i should be putting aside in my piggy bank for the next coming years to eventually try to find a secondhand one
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    100 Points awarded to @Frederic for "Exceptional Post". 100 Points awarded to @Derick for "Exceptional Post".
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    Wifey always asks me, just pull in here and put your flashers on it’s fine, I’ll just get the food and come out. I always have to remind her it wasn’t fine last time I did and got fined 500 dhs for parking offences. Just because everyone else seems to get away with it doesn’t mean you will. Murphy’s law.
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    Extract from Top Gear: Top Gear can exclusively reveal that Bugatti has smashed through the 300mph barrier. On 2 August 2019, Andy Wallace hit a vmax of 304.77mph in a modified Chiron at Ehra-Lessien, becoming the first hypercar to break 300mph. The velocity is verified by the TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association – meaning Andy and the prototype Chiron supersede previous really, really fast runs from: SSC (256.18mph two-way average, 2007), Hennessey (270.49mph two-way average, 2013) and Koenigsegg (284.55 vmax, 277.87 two-way average, 2017) As well as punching through the mythical 300mph target. Now I'm waiting with popcorn and a drink to watch, hear and read naysayers stories, versions and/or truth. I seriously just heard on whatsapp that world's fastest car is Supra and not Bugatti Chiron, I hope its a joke.
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    There is no rear difflock as a stock option in the Wrangler. Even I suspect the rear bushing, but then since it's a solid axle at the rear would it affect?
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    dependable vehicles list is out guess who's on the top
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    My personal problem is the lack of honesty from mechanic's here. I don't mind paying mechanic or workshop premium for honesty as far they exactly do what it should be. Some mechanic's are dishonest and others are uneducated resulting same for car owners to keep hit an trial until the actual problem get fixed. What's the point of spending 3000 dhs for the cause of 100 dhs problem and if someone can charge 100+100 premium for fancy workshop or honesty Im fine, as I will still save 2800 in end. I have been too close to several mechanic in past and when you see them ripping layman your heart cries. Guy came with wobbling complaint in front of me and that mechanic advise him to leave the car and come in evening and in 500 dhs he will fix the problem. Once owner left he showed me that one of rear tire lug (nut) was missing and he need to replace that for 20 dhs. If he would have done that in front of customer he will only get 50 dhs in place of 500. Damn after seeing such nice trade secret, I left that mechanic. Another mechanic friend charged 1000 dhs for computer (ECU) reprogramming by changing 4 spark plugs that was acting funny. Another mechanic changed 10 parts in place of 1 knock sensor, as he will make ton of labor and commission on parts money before changing the actual faulty knock sensor - some are genuinely not technically capable and others are pure evil. And this was evil as they were 20 years experience in maintaining Land Rover's only and cannot scan the error code first before changing 10 unwanted parts.....? Changing most consumable items are the pet for fake mechanics - be it changing oil, tires, brake pads, brake disc, belts, hoses, fluids etc. As none of them has a set life that normal owner can easily identify - its mostly depending on mechanics judgement. Another is the scare tactics, you go for small job and then that mechanic point another area of concern if left unattended your car will explode in million pieces "right now" and make you believe that thank god that mechanic spotted that issue in time and you should fix it right now. After all It's all in the mind and people make you fool in jiffy to make their living - its no less than a conman does.
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    It's called photochromatic glasses. Never heard the term of electrochromic glasses.
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    My front tyres are getting worn out from inner side. What could be the issue?
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    Just when you thought you've seen every gimmick
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    Its from inside the Radiator Recently changed thermostat and Radiator , its only 3 months old
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    It's been quite a while since we have paid a visit to our beloved Bedayer-Area 53. As the weather is still hot and humid, let's start before dawn, so we can enjoy the sunrise and a fast-paced drive from Badayer Shops to Iftar Bowl, or Super Bowl, or even, if the convoy is responding well, Al-Shuwaib... Level of drive: Intermediate When: 13 September 2019 Meeting time: 4:00 AM, the convoy will move sharp at 4:15 AM Where: Badayer Shops at Nazwa, before Madam R/A GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/GMrTGmx4J5L2 Plan: Early morning drive through the Pyramids - Area 53 - Iftar bowl - Super Bowl What to bring along: Evening snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, and enthusiasm. Approximate finish time: 9 AM Please RSVP the below calendar event
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    Wow. Not really into fast. Maybe wjen I was 20 something years old when I used to do some really crazy stuff, but in a horrific accident that could have meant death for me and my friends with me at the wheels. Not my fault but it wouldn't have mattered, my mom told me something that stuck with me and I'd rather be safe than sorry.
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    From the Urban Dictionary- An automotive technician that has no clue what they are doing. That new guy Justin is a real headless ugga dugga
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    I had researched a lot on this higher differential ratio. The build quality is generally better for the higher ratios, but this fact of wheel spin needs to be checked. When I read about it, didn't seem to make sense to go up the ratio. Correct me if I am wrong, but if the ratio says 4.56, that means for every 4.56 rotation of the engine the wheel would spin 1 time. This is good in Rocky terrain and you have the max torque band in the region of 3000-4000 rpm where you need to rotate the tires just a little over the rocks to cross the obstacle. But in sand it's the opposite. When you need to do the high hill climb, I believe a lower ratio is better as you will have more wheel spin at the same torque band.
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    Hi Barry, You can expect a call today.
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