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    Thanks for adding the wall of fame Gaurav. I really could not remember everyone!
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    @Wrangeld your writing skills are truly exceptional and more importantly emphasizing on the learning while you learn is the key take away for all aspiring off-roaders. When seniors share their lessons or write a tons of valuable information it might get lost/ignored by newbie, but when another new off-roader share such information as an experience it will truly embed in their mind for a long time. Off-roading is an amazing motor sport/hobby here in UAE but many people underestimate its risk and associate danger involve as they only see offroading as 4x4 splashing sand without any disclaimer. Very well written trip report and nice way to convey the core message. Looking forward to drive with you soon.
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    Rahim bhai.. todays drive was Amazing.. thanks to srikumar, immanual, shamil, Richard.. for the wonderful team..
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    Congrats @Tbone ! You managed very well !
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    Let's see who has the most adventurous car plan (change, upgrade, mod, rebuild etc) in 2020? I have just finished my engine rebuild and currently doing first 1K break-in at the start of the new year. Hope everything goes downhill from here on, as I have been through rough patch since last few months - car luck = no luck/bad luck.
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    Get Irani lift kits!
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    I did not take this picture, but it shows the view over the village of Hartbeespoort as seen from the top of the mountain directly behind my house. I might mention that with an age of 2.4 billion years, this mountain is among the second oldest mountains in the world.
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    Congrats @Javier M for your first official drive... All the best and drive safe.
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    @Lucky sAm, @Obaid.Sultan.1987, @Rizwanm2, @Edward Davies, @Incognitoes, @Amit0103, @Mahmoud Hamzawy, @Seldon @Matti Brockman, if you do have your own two way radios please bring them along, we can set them up to Carnity frequency after the briefing. If you dont have, we carry spare radios which we can provide for the drive. Incase of any urgent communication, the contact numbers are Srikumar - 0559567471 Gaurav - 0505258706 Frederic - 0565042632 Its important that everyone is on time at the meeting point, i.e., 6:45 AM as the convoy will move sharp at 7:00 AM Thank you Seldon for the details, you are already well equipped for the newbie drive. Regarding the base plate for the jack, its not an urgent requirement and we have few experienced guys who can guide you where to get them.
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    So i wanted to share this situation i came across this weekend and i thought some of the seniors here might be able to throw some light on the situation. We were leaving global village when i spotted a Ford mustang stuck in the sand. He was trying to park the car in the sandy patch away from the main parking as many other cars have done but the spot he chose had more sand and keep in mind that the mustang is quite a low car. I switch on my 4wd and rushed to see if i could help him, perhaps give him a tug as i could see that the car is crested. Since the mustang is a low car, its easy to get crested and the tires were dug in as well. So i realized there is no point in removing sand using a shovel around the tires because the chassis is stuck to the ground. But here's the real head scratcher - his car had no visible tow points! We looked around everywhere and we just couldn't find any points. Now i am sure there probably were some points that were not visible to us but his front fancy bumper that was almost touching the floor was covering it so even if we accessed it, a tug would result in some damage to his bumper. In about half an hour, at least 4-5 more people came to the scene trying to help out but no one was able to figure it out. Since i had my family with me, i eventually left and i am not sure how he recovered but i thought i would share this topic here and see if any one has come across such a situation before and how can we recover such cases.
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    What a way to start 2020, with @Javier M in lead. Looking forward to joining this one, however will confirm closer to time as travelling on Friday afternoon.
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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/FNvXQENZXxvpnD7q8 For anyone who would like to see some pictures from the last 4 drives we have been on. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Wonderful group of people that made me feel very welcome
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    He wanted to go straight and fly and land on flat ground but for some reason he slowed at last moment and tried to cross sideways but he couldn't control. Fellow driver did it VID-20200115-WA0036.mp4 VID-20200115-WA0052.mp4
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    I am thinking about any of this but I am not sure which I'm going first. I know I will need to compromise at some point. Add metal bumpers and a winch Remove the back seat and add a custom storage box to put all my equipment there. Supercharger - If I do this I wont do the other stuff
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    I kept my Benz in garage away from rain and went out with my cheap Jeep and enjoy making big waves and splashing water till my roof.
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    If being given a car counts, I was given my first ever car - a Triumph Dolomite. I bought a Renault 5 TL for UKP25, which ran perfectly without any maintenance for 6 months until a passing lorry somewhat too close decided to treat the front wing as if it was a can opener. The cost of the new wing was more than it was worth to repair.
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    1999 BMW 318 Touring which i bought for 1400 euro. It had already 330.000kms on the clock but bought it and got engine replaced. Did another 120.000kms with it without any issues. oh and even cheaper was a ‘87 Range Rover Classic for 250 euros with the plan of restoring but after seeing the amount of work I sold it for 500 the next week.
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    Wow.. I will be in Liwa perfect place to watch.
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    What went wrong in this incident? IMG_5011.MP4
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    Lets start the new year with an Absolute Newbie Drive in the Pink Rock area that offers perfect opportunity to learn. The area is famous for very safe and easy tracks to medium rolling dunes. Look forward for an easy relaxing drive for everyone with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, hill climb, and ridge riding. Absolute Newbies and Newbies will have a great chance to see and learn the real fun that off-roading offers in a very safe and organized environment. When: 3 Jan 2020 Meeting time: 6:45 AM, the convoy will move at sharp 7:00 AM Where: Tawi Nazwa Shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/4U9z5Q9HdesX3UU59 Level: Absolute Newbie, Newbie, and above Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive, train and enjoy till about 11:30 AM What to bring along: Snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 11:30 AM
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    Congratulations @Fuad for reaching the Intermediate level with Carnity Offroad club. As per your recent drive, you have shown tremendous progress and well deserve this new offroad rank. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Keep up your great contribution on the forum and get socially involved in the newbie and fewbie drives to impart your knowledge. Once you have all the gear required, you are most welcome to join the intermediate level drives with Carnity offroad club. Intermediate: Number of drives 10 (26 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope Drive teamwork Help in recoveries under Marshal / Crew supervision Drive posting/joining Join newbie, fewbie & intermediate level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions  Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    This is a good site for calculating tire sizes https://tiresize.com/calculator/
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    @Shareef Al Romaithi, @Kavindu Avanka, @alifaruqi, @Vic, @Tbone Welcome to Carnity offroad club. Please RSVP the drive calendar if you guys are joining for tomorrow's Qudra drive.
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    Looks like there might be competition on marshalling seats - wanted to let Jeepie have the car to herself a bit this time round! We like Wranglers (or at least some of us!)
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    I'll be fun to see how the H3 does on sand . I am sure the seasoned drives must have seen for me it will be the first time .
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    Interesting line up with cars. If i didn’t sleep well, I might come as a passenger and do some recording from a passenger seat. Any seat free from one of the Marshalers? The sweep would be better.
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    Ah yes! I remember one time I had the company Land Cruiser pick up with me during the rains. There was not one puddle or flooded road I missed !
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    For me it was when i bought a VW tiguan almost 10 yrs ago. Biggest financial blunder of my life!! A year after using it, the transmission fails on me and I had to spend an arm and a leg getting it sorted. After that, I wanted to sell it but i barely got any buyers and after almost 6 months, i let it go for a throw away price. I mean no offense to any one, as everyone has their own opinions, but after that, I personally decided to never ever go for European cars ever again. I swear by Japanese makes as I feel they stand the test of time and yet they are not as expensive to maintain(or buy) as their European counterparts. Sure their cars are not as teched out as say - german makes for example but I would rather drive a no-frills noisy truck that will last longer than a fancy european car with numerous sensors, features and what not, which probably wont last very long.
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    If someone is interested i mounted a compartment filter yesterday as the pajero dont come with one here. It is mounted in european models so its easy to retrofit. I used filter that has part nr: MR500057 First start by emptying your glove compartment and locate the cylinder on the left side, it can easily be popped of. After that press the sides of the glove compartment to lower it and get access to the panel behind. Cut out the marked rectangle that is blocked, done simply with a knife. Insert air filter. add 2 screws, they dont come with the filter or is there so you have to supply your own. After that push glove compartment up again to get tabs to catch and put back the little cylinder and all done! Simple and easy!
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    Engine does seem to have gone all quiet while earlier it was making a lot of doof doof, maybe manual transmission?
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    Obligatory baby today meme
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    All new car will be mandatory to have ecall system to alert nearest emergency center from 2021. This seem very helpful and intelligent to auto-notify the authorities, maybe on next version poor guys like us using older cars can get this system installed for our safety too. Anyone knows how here many percent of uae cars are older than 3 years? https://gulfnews.com/uae/all-uae-cars-to-get-automatic-accident-alert-system-from-2021-1.68645989
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    Thanks guys for wonderful help. NPR supplies for Mitsubishi https://www.npr.co.jp/english/company/company02.html#pagetitle05 Engine Valves - Aftermarket good company
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    On the Pajero it can be completely switched off like this: 1) Switch off the engine, remove the key, open the engine bay, and locate the ABS relay, not the fuse because the fuse is very hard to pull out. The Relay is labeled below as B-17X (B). 2) Start the car, and push a few seconds on the ASC-button to disengage the Traction Control. 3) Go for a spin. You will likely see your ABS light flickering as crazy, but it won't engage or cut the power. I do this on my wife's 2008 Pajero and it works fine. Maybe on the younger pajeros this method is not necessary but i am not sure of that.
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    Most cars don't let you completely switch off the traction control. It just gets more tame but still therr
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    I caught the massive brunt of it just after picking up tea and samosas from License Restaurant in Aweer. Visibility almost went down to 5 and the rain drops felt like hailstones for a second there I thought I was going to lose my windscreen. No pics or video though unfortunately.
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    @Per A that's crazy. In the summer in my place it doesn't get dark until 10PM.
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