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    Thank you all for your support and safe exiting. Unfortunatly this incedent happen and the axel got broken at the begining of the area expoloring. But the experiance of you all and the proper mangement of the leader with well study for the area geography, helps for safe exiting. Thanks god tye car made it to the road and i kept driving it slowley and safley to home. Good news the car got fixed and ready for the next off roading. Again thanks for you all
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    Good idea to have another absolute newbie / newbie drive especially after the very positive response from the last drive. Hope all the newbies join this drive and learn the beautiful art of offroading. You will understand why i say 'Art' when you meet and see some of the senior members who dont just drive but rather glide through the desert dunes.
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    With the weather getting better it's time to have an absolute newbie or newbie level drive. All first timer absolute newbie will be given a proper introduction of sand off-roading before they start from seasoned offroaders having over decades of UAE offroad experience. Idea is to make an absolute newbie comfortable with sand off-roading and in some of the most approachable set of sand dunes in Tawi Nizwa side. It's a perfect drive for people aspiring to start dune bashing or offroading in the sand as a new hobby. And wish to explore the UAE offroad natural beauty and unleash the hidden power of your 4x4 vehicle. For newbies, it's a perfect drive to learn more and advance to fewbie level and start enjoying more advance level drives as per your offroad grades. All experienced members are requested to join in helping newbies by imparting their off-road expertise. When: 02 Nov 2018 Meeting time: 1:45 PM, a convoy will move sharply at 2:00 PM Where: Tawi Nizwa shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KKBUhkQ2y382 Level of a drive: All are welcome Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance Plan: Easy drive from Tawi Nazwa to Pink rock and relax with snacks, bbq, drinks, and chat. What to bring along: Loads of snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 7 PM Please RSVP on below Calendar
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    Thanks for everything, coaching, advices, and the fellowship feeling. Yesterday it was really awesome. Sharing some pictures.
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    What a day. What an absolutely beautiful weather. What great company and a fantastic day. Firstly starting on time is always essential as we completed the whole trip and more in good time. Secondly with the on going debate about is having information on a website important or share on WhatsApp chat groups. Yesterday @Brette got a Crony radio, we googled how to setup the Crony CN888 and up comes my article on Carnity and in less then 2 minutes set it up. Conclusion for this particular situation information on website is way more useful. We started with a short brief and setting convoy numbering was easy as we had 5 cars only and all expertise was passed on to @Brette as he grew in confidence and performed very well. By 5 pm we had crossed Fossil Rocks which we found a new way to cross even though it looked next to impossible without a single scrape or scratch. This was due to the fact that we started on time. This left us with the question if @Brette would like to continue with us, @Mujtaba had to leave us here and we decided to continue to Faya. My original plan was to head to the lower track and head towards Faya, but crossing the a few dunes on the way my question to @Brette was if he was comfortable when we reach the track. His response was he was enjoying the dunes and we headed to Faya through the dunes. On the way we helped a Rav4 struggling and continued towards Faya. Just as we came close we saw a huge crowd gathered around Faya which a couple of months back seemed abandoned. This is due to the weather changing for the better. The season is on. As I had to take a quick stop at the quad bike shop @Gaurav bhai led the team to a safe spot within the crowd. After finishing up I joined the team where they were enjoying the action. As we observed the action we enjoyed the different snacks and drinks and watched the action unfold. Finally time to say goodbye and we inflated at the Adnoc pump in Mahafiz. Brilliant day with like minded people. Well done @Brette for your second time out. Thank you to @EmVarlet and @Gaurav bhai for the support. Until next time keep discovering.
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    Very nice topic @Barry I have just two PET Hates When someone behind you come close with a supersonic speed + gives you instant flash as if we can't see such huge FUGLY car + Don't wait to see if the car in front can steer right or not (no free lane) + After coming in front brake intentionally. When the car in front of you is slower by 20-30 kmph than road limit and still adamant to drive on the fast lane. I usually go close and wait for few seconds for a person to realize, but some AH don't even realize for minutes and then don't even react with tiny blip unless you flash them full beam x 10 times like a donkey.
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    Thank you @Gaurav second lead, @NOOR OMAR third position, @EmVarlet fourth position, @skumar83 second sweep and @Rahimdad at sweep for joining the drive and for all your support. We all met on time and drove like Daker Rally style around 20 to 30kms dirt track to the deflating point. After deflating and safety breifing we started exploring the dunes. Just after 15 to 30miniutes of drive we had a situation in noor's jeep. The right front axel u joint slipped out from its position and we had to find a safe exit which was a bit challenging for me because i wanted to stay in flat track as much as possible and we did it safely and exited without any issue. And @NOOR OMARdecided to go back home and we all contineued our drive. We almost covered all the marked area and played climbing dunes, side sloping and ridge crossing. Time did not permit us to explore more and me got stuck which took 45mins to 1hour to recover from that sticky spot. Once recovered we had very little time to play and sun completely disspeared and we decided to exit. We found a nice plain land after exiting and relaxed there for 2hours counting stars, chit chat, space talk with our little knowledge and had our snaks and left home again with dakar rally style to the tarmac. We will definately post this area again for a hole day drive. Once again thank you all for joining this drive.
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    @NOOR OMAR Shukar Alhamdolillah all went well and glad to hear the ride is ready to take to the dunes again. It was a pleasure seeing you again and hope to see you more often. @Asif Hussain thank you for posting such a wonderful drive in a beautiful area, apart from the one incident it was well planned and equally well executed. @Gaurav bhai thank you for being you, keeping a cool and clam head and making all the right decisions. Making the best of the limited time we had in the area. @skumar83 no drive is complete without you.thank you for being you, your infectious smile just lifts the spirit of the convoy. @EmVarlet thank you for being inquisitive. Besides coming to a drive with loads of enthusiasm, you have some very good and engaging questions and I love explaining you those aspects as you are always willing to learn and develop yourself. Thank you to all who rocked the Umm Al Oush drive.
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    Mohammed bin Sulayem is a true UAE legend and I totally agree that he is one of the most humble motorsport icons of the UAE. Last time @Rahimdad got lucky too to get the biggest gift of being his fan from childhood.
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    Well I think I spoke too soon, blame it mostly on getting old. My start in thr field of safaris and offloading is like that. Around 20yrs back it was a pretty close knit group freelance drivers which every tour company used after they used up their own crew which was not more than 5-10 for moat Co's and almost impossible for a total noob who has never driven with a license just a couple of years old to get into the game. Even though I had good contacts none of them came true.save one who was able to hook me up doing the dirty work for the company for free that is drive the company pickup to run camp setup and at that time they were alao expanding and building two more camps. And none of the old hot shot freelancers wanted that work because first of all they didnt get to use their own cars so less pay, then work was tough first one in and last one out. No riding cushy land cruiser picking up possibly some nice babes and/or get good tips, work was hard and most got a back ache driving the pickup on washboard tracks, dunes and loading and offloading the pickup plus a lotta responsibility as the whole operation depended on the camp pickup and its driver So I said yes and quickly became their goto guy as the camp pickup driver because even the companydrivers didnt want this job. Then I ended up rolling over the pickup. Was rallying down a sand track at around 110-120. It was like a proper rally stage with lots of tight turns because it was bulldozed through a patch of technical dunes and was about 5kms long. I took a bend the pickup was unloaded so started to drift off the track. I over corrected and hit a 3-4 foot dune on the other bank, which send the pick up flying, did a 180 midair and landed on thr roof. The afore mentioned roof mounted tyre and carrier acted like a pseudo roll cage but it was bad enough that I was knocked unconscious and later had to transported via ambulance to Dubai Hospital. I thought I would never work for them again but guess it was such a dirty job not long after I was called back again or maybe I was so good at it and no one else wanted it, Atleast that's what I like to think anyways
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    After having lots of trouble with my Jeep, i got my lesson. Lesson was find the cleanest car possible and dont accept any fault and any change from the original. It was very hard man in this country there is no clean car. I actually wanted to buy a W211 E class. but i couldnt find anything worth to buy. Then i saw this car, this was the car my wife always asking. Price was above my budget but i said what i will loose if i ask owner to give it for the price on my mind. I drove the car and check it. Than wolla she accept the price and here we are. She was the first owner from 2009, all services has been done by Gargash and stamped to the book. No accident, no paint even no single scratch on the car.
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    Fantastic. I am in again as it was the perfect introduction drive and i am expecting less refusals now since the original power has been restored to my "bakkie"
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    Easy to figure out with the new Nissans. If its not a Patrol or Armada. Then no. Also general rule of thumb for other cars is, if it looks like an egg with wheels then its most probably a no.
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    Hi Jayakrishnan, welcome to Carnity. Just click on the below link and become a member and start following the Carnity offroad club. We recently had an absolute Newbie drive and we should be having another one shortly. You can join that drive and start learning the basics of offroading and also more about your vehicles capabilities.
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    I basically drive a BMW. Technically its a Range Rover but other than a Land Rover body and few bits and bobs it's a BMW with a range rover body. It's got the BMW M62 engine, ZF5HP trans used in many older BMWs like the older 7 and 5 series. Even the ecus are Bmw, you can use a BMW diagnostic scanner on it and works on it. Even the infotainment is a direct swap from Bmw of that generation. I've saved quite some money by buying BMW parts than the more expensive Land Rover bits. But I'll say this when its working it's a damn good car but it has massive engineering flaws and is a lemon. Timing chain guide rails are plastic which in this weather become hard and crack leaving the timing chain slapping around scrapping the metal and the broken plastic rails fall in the sump and block the oil pickup which starve the engine of oil and then your engine becomes toast. Gaskets and seals are made of putty which disintegrate and it's leaks from everywhere. The Vanos systems goes to shit around 100-150k mine is only one I've seen with a working vanos I've checked many other 2002-2005 Range rovers none of theirs were working. Some stupid german decided not to give the front drive shaft a cv joint which then strips the teeth and you lose front diff and voila out of thr blue one day you don't have drive( there was a massive worldwide recall on this) Another smart german at ZF decided that the transmission doesnt need to be serviced ans put HUGE warning stickers on it, do not service, gearbox filled for life, but failed to mentioned not life of car but life of transmission which is supposed to be 100k so after that tge torque converter clutch packs wear out and you start to get shuddering like when driving over cattle grid then soon after that other things inside the boxs start to break. The engine is super sensitive, and requires fully sythentic oil because it runs so hot. The thermostat on it opens at temps where other cars start to overheat and melt. And god forbid for whatever reason if you overheat the car just a tiny bit also say goodbye to your cylinder heads if your are lucky. You also end up with scoured sleeves which basically means dismantling the entire motor. And having need sleeves ans piston heads put in. All in all I will never touch anything made by BMW with a 1000ft long pole. German engineering my ass!
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    Indeed like every other Pajero said, I do agree 2-3 inch lift is good and sufficient for offroading. Also, Ren13 comment is for extreme cornering like roundabout at 80 and above, he is an ex-corvette guy lol. For normal road user and if you are driving the same 4x4 from some time, you will not feel much difference in cornering tbh. For Pajero most important offroad mod is the reinforcing the rear bumper with a solid metal plate to avoid scooping the sand which results in breaking the rear bumper within a couple of drives. Old Man EMU VS Ironman is a tough call but can be decided based on the product you put your hands on. Old Man EMU being quite old and offer a reasonable mix of comfort for road + firmness for offroad as oppose to Ironman that is more oriented towards offroad means you will lose road comfort more unless you choose their adjustable shocks (if they have), which will be eventually more expensive.
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    Many thanks, @Asif Hussain for well researching this amazing area for a long time and then waiting patiently for better weather. All in all, everything paid back with big smiles on everyone faces after seeing Umm Al Oash enormous dunes. We have done Al Wagan last year and couldn't reach to these star dunes due to the fencing in between but Asif bhai dedicated research found an easily accessible way to these dunes. Excellent navigation and planning skills to scout an unknown territory. Maybe next time we should plan a whole day drive as in such a tricky area every stuck can be time-consuming, so we should have enough time on hand to explore these enormous and almost virgin dunes. Hope they stay like that during the season time too, lol. Everyone's drive, support, and teamwork were at the best and that's why we all could enjoy in spite of little hiccup with the Wrangler. Thanks, everyone for posting pictures in the gallery
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    Time has come to explore Abu Dhabi's desert UMM AL OASH. This will be a long drive about 2:00+ hrs from Dubai via E311 before we reach there, and followed by another few kilometers to reach the bottom of huge set of dunes. This area offers huge massive dunes and bowls to play. Once on top they are fun to drive as all big dunes are inter-connected and offer broad ridge to ride. We will be targeting an specific section of dunes for which convey will move 35 to 40kms on dirt track before we attack those dunes. When: 26th October, Friday 2018 Meeting Time: 12:30PM, and convoy will move sharp at 12:45PM Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/qQZTTmnD7fD2 (meeting point is near mosque, were we can perform Friday prayer and leave immediately) Please Note: At meeting point there is no fuel station. The last fuel station is ADNOC Al Khatim (Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Highway) at below GPS coordinate: Last Fuel Station: https://goo.gl/maps/geGpKfBveSQ2 from this point (fuel station) we have to drive around 50 to 60kms to deflating point. It is recommended to carry extra fuel (20L of jerry can) Level of drive: Intermediate ++ (This drive is intermediate and above level ONLY so please signup on your off-road ranking) Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Ensure your 4x4 is is in perfect condition and spare tyre in good condition. Carry all off road gears, recovery equipment, radio and flag. What to bring along: Snacks, quick meal, whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 7:00 PM, 26th October, Friday 2018 RSVP the below calendar:
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    For me it was a Corvette which my dad had gifted me when i was a kid and always dreamt of owning one when i grow big and get rich.with gods grace i was able to achieve my dream last year when i managed to buy myself the car of my dreams. Chevrolet corvette 1988 C4.
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    I think a good analogy would be restaurants. Any restaurants that offer a ton of dishes on the menu usually at best do an OK job at all of them. But there are speciality restaurants that offer only a certain type of dishes, it also not uncommon to see a place offering only one dish, that's right just one dish but they do that one dish perfectly. Same with medicine you go to certain specialists for certain aliments. A general practitioner can only diagnose and treat common problems for anything else you are referred to a specialist. There is a reason why the saying A jack of all trades master of none.came about. Not all cars are built the same or use the same parts or tech. Ok an internal combustion engine works on a certain principle, transmissions, brakes etc etc also a capable mech can handle basics, but not every detail of everycar. .
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    When it comes to knowing about cars in uae, not many people are interested. It’s all about paying the smallest price. I have always had problems finding work as a mechanic here. It’s like oh, you’re white, sorry we can’t afford you. None of them even asked how much I wanted. I have done low paying jobs in shitty backstreet garages here but it’s hard to get into. The higher end garages have offered me jobs in the office. I’m not an office guy. Fixing cars is my passion. If I can share some of what I know online and help some people and try to cancel some of my bad karma then I’m happy.
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    Who’s that handsome guy, second from left, army pants and sunglasses on his head
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    MAF sensor code is irrelevant in this case. It’s a symptom, not a cause. The wrong airflow from the throttle body is causing the MAF sensor to report a problem. There’s a few possible causes for this. The throttle stepper motor is faulty, the wiring to the throttle stepper motor is faulty, there is a loose wiring plug on the throttle stepper motor wiring or the most unlikely, the ecu is faulty. Because you can scan codes, I will assume you have some technical knowledge. The first thing you need to do is make sure the throttle body is clean. And I mean surgically clean. The tiniest bit of dirt can jam it. After cleaning, you need to use your computer to do the idle relearn procedure. Depending on your computer, it can be incredibly simple and is just a matter of following the instructions on screen. Then get someone to push the throttle pedal and see if their action correlates to the movement of the throttle butterfly If that doesn’t fix it you need to physically inspect the wiring loom for breaks. These could be anywhere. Especially where the loom rubs against something else. Check the connections. Both at the throttle body and throttle pedal. Contact cleaner spray is your friend. Check the voltage at the plug connecting to the throttle body. If it’s good and goes up and down when the pedal is operated, there’s a good chance the stepper motor is faulty and needs replaced. Always check the wiring before spending money on components. Remember that after touching anything on the system, cleaning, removing and refitting plugs etc, the idle relearn procedure is required. Especially on a Nissan. They are very sensitive to stuff like this. These are a few things you can try yourself which can fix it. If you aren’t competent, further investigation will require a proper technician. And I mean a proper technician, someone who actually knows about cars, not one of the cheap mechanics in rashidiya or Sharjah industrial area. If in any doubt, show this advice to your mechanic. Don’t accept ok ok for an answer. This is the proper process.
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    I second you on that @Barry, it would be healthy to know the result of the advises shared on the forum. Sadly very few come back and provide any feedback. Coming back to the topic I have been quietly reading through the posts and trying to figure out what I would do in a similar situation. I did not have to imagine myself a lot longer in this situation as one presented itself on this weekend newbie drive. @Brette got himself a Crony CN888 and it was my responsibility to set it up. I am supposed to be the expert on this one. But practice keeps you perfect and I have been out of practice for over 18 months now. Who or which WhatsApp group should I approach now. Can't think of any, so I googled it up, and walla, I ended up on the Carnity page I had created almost 2 years back. It took less than 2 minutes for us to setup the radio and we were on our way. Conclusion from a live situation for this particular scenario, it helps to save information on such an organized website for even your own future use. As with time you might forget and that's a human tendency. Not saying WhatsApp is not helpful, but in this situation where I have been the one people look up to, I couldn't think of anyone who could help. Thank you @Carnity and hope people would realize the importance of sharing technical knowledge here for our real life situations for future use by all car enthusiast hate to see this information wasted between a very few people on a WhatsApp group.

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