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    A big shout-out to all our offroad club members from across the globe 🌍 Congratulations on reaching a new milestone of having over 20+ Nationalities Offroaders in Carnity Offroad Club. One of the very few offroad clubs in UAE that welcomes and appreciate multicultural members. At Carnity Offroad Club, we drive united as a truly multicultural family, bringing with us our thoughts, experiences and share interesting knowledge with our ever-expanding Carnity family. We pride ourselves at speaking different languages, having different views on our car knowledge and Off roading, but drive in Unity as it is the - way of life in true Dubai, UAE style. So come and join our Carnity Offroad Club and add your own special flavour to enhance UAE’s ever-popular Offroad experience. Below is the list of the various nationalities. In some nationalities even though there might be more within our group, we have mentioned only max 3 people. If we have missed out any nationality, please let us know and we shall update this list. 23 and counting - as of 27 April 2019 Bangladesh - Jalil bhai Belgium - Frederic Egypt - O.Farahat, Amir.Rophail France - Emmanuel, Julien V, Maxiben Germany - Ace1988 India - Srikumar, Asif Hussain, Gaurav Iran - Hossein Ireland - Barry Italy - Magellan Jordan - BIG T, G.Huz Lebanon - Edouard Mexico - Javier M Morocco - Jamy B Netherland - Panda82 Pakistan - Rahimdad, Shadow79, Bilal Ahmad Russia - Mikhail Lukichev Spain - Vsmano Sweden - Per A, M.K Switzerland - dberclaz Syria - Noor, Basil Turkey - Sertac Ukraine - YevgeniyDYM United Kingdom - Richard Melish, LewisCocks90
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    Trip Report. It all started for me trying to come out of area near my house, jam packed after the Tarawih prayers. This meant I was slightly delayed reaching the deflation point. Thanks to @Emmanuel who rounded up everyone and drove them from the meeting point to the deflation point. It was very relaxed as we chatted about different things before the newbie brief could take place. My special thanks to @Gaurav and @Srikumar for joining our drive. After the newbie brief and convoy numbering we were on our way. There were patches where we got some stucks and other patches which were easier to navigate through. Everybody showed great patience, good convoy discipline and kept moving towards our first goal of reaching Pink Rocks. After some easy bits we were treated to some medium sized stubborn ones and a final hurdle where we came very close to the base of Pink Rocks. We settled in a wide area to have our Suhoor. There was so much food and drinks, thanks to all for a very vast selection. After a filling Suhoor we shared some stories while others listened. During the Suhoor couple of us were treated to some shooting stars. At this point we all started packing up and moved on to the Pink Rocks where everyone played to their hearts content. 3 cars had to leave us here as the rest made way to the other side of Pink Rocks. Once we had crossed we waited shortly for Gaurav and Sri to join us. For me the true fun started here as we played in some awesome dunes. Although we did have a few stucks, but it was enjoyable to play in that area. As I saw the exit close I heard @AKR ask if we were going to exit with a request to continue for half an hour. I asked for a vote and majority were in for another 30 minutes. Once again a few stucks but still firmly touching the Big Red by now, I found a brilliant patch I could race through. Best part was the patch was still virgin and nice area to spend the last 30 minutes. But that quickly changed as some struggled to cross that area. In 2 hours we had the area churned up with very little space to move in. Being stubborn I took my stand that everyone should cross. The sun was out and sapping all our energy away. But with great support from the team and a little extra deflation we had all cleared the area and now trying to head out. From here it was an easy drive down and out to the tarmac area where we inflated and headed back home. Loved the company of excellent people around, good food and awesome team work. Thanks to all the participants, loved every moment. Until next time adios friends. Now looking forward to the Grand Iftar. See you all there.
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    Where can I start- what a night! super duper! lets start right at the beginning. we deflated and moved to the start of the track and fixed our flags. Right after the start I had a refusal! Mmmm I thought... not such a great beginning. we then stopped at a great point overlooking the iftat bowl and could see many more clubs all around. gaurav bhai, rahimbhai ,Emmanuel, shamil all tried their hand successfully to climb thee bowl. The sheer number of suvs climbing the bowl at the same time was incredible. the site where we had camped-so to speak- was a hot bed of sand dunes and up and downs and the number of suvs going around here was unbelievable. At one point it looked like the Dubai Sharjah highway peak hour- seriously. it really was a wonder that there were no accidents. we broke the fast and as usually the food spread was just super- chick peas Sunday, biriyani varieties, aloo & chicken sandwich, chicken bites, meat, and emmanuel’s sweets and many more. I thought I ate very little but 1/2 hour later I was so full I wanted to just lie down and take a nap. then the drama started as we were getting ready to leave. shamil had a pop out at the foothills of the iftarbowl. Not to be outdone my left front was flat and I could not inflate it. thankfully asif bhai, Emmanuel and Aaquil helped me ( meaning they did all the work- as I had no clue of what to do- finding the leak from inside rim, jacking up the car and inflating. Thankfully it worked. so after some folks left for the exit gaurav bhai as lead and asif bhai followed by Mirza and yours truly with rahimbhai as sweep we started the drive. man o man o man- was it exciting. I was driving near blind and having the lights on low beam did not help- must have been dreaming when gaurav bhai told us on the radio to switch to high beam- anyway what is a drive without getting stuck. I did that so many times. Gaurav bhai,asif bhai and rahimbhai bhai were patient and helped me self extricate with constant tips and a shed load of shovelling sand by them/ thanks a lot. the left right twisting the wheel just doubled my biceps in that drive. it was awesome to drive at night and pretty scary- had atleast 3 hard lands after creating and a hard hit of smaller dune I did not see as I came down off one. my fjc earned its money last night. close to the end a shovel in rahimbhai’S suv got loose - probably the number of time he took it out to help me- and smacked his daughter’s head. Thankfully no major injury. we exited the desert but not without one final hard drop after a crest right near the exit. aaquil had joined me as passenger and must still be having nightmares of why he joined me. But boy, that man knows his cars. He was telling me so much about my fjc that I had no idea. Thanks a lot buddy. i am the type of guy who gets into the car starts it and point to where I go and then get lost in my thoughts. My wife says that red lights for me is just a suggestion to consider if I want to stop as apparently I sometimes ignore them. these drives with this group is teaching me so much I wish I could join on the drives each anyway, super night. I reached home by 2 am. i look forward to the next drive- probably July for me. thanks again everybody for such a memorable night
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    Great write up Dr @srini62 you do have an excellent flavour of writhing which cannot be matched. It's always a challenge heading to the deflation point with the family and packing up the car with equipment and food. This Friday was no different. As a result I got a bit delayed reaching the meeting point. I received a call from @Gaurav bhai that he has 8 cars and a few more people running late, so not to miss a good spot he will head in with the 8 cars and block a space for us. As I reached I saw @Asif Hussain drive in with his white Pathy for the first time, @Praveenmp was next in with @Shamil to be the last to join. As we deflated we were joined by @Gaurav bhai who lead us to the spot. @Gaurav bhai strategy had worked out wonders as we got a great spot and soon we were trying to arrange our cars to block the idiots throwing sand in that area as well as make space for us to lay our spread. The conditions were not the best though as the sands kept shifting which was later evident by the amount of sand gathered on the mats. As everyone started to put their offerings on the mat it was full of goodies which made us watch every second go by to break our fast and sink our teeth into the goodies. The variety was amazing and although we did not discuss over the forum what each one of us will be bringing but there was no duplication. As it was time for Azaan and we broke pur fast, one great treat after another awaited to wet our appetite for more. We took a break from eating to offer our Maghrib prayers behind Imam @Asif Hussain. We slowly continued to munch and drink to fill ourselves. @Shamil at this point discussed his bucket list which included a climb on the Iftaar bowl. I suggested I have a go first before he tries to give him an idea which he agreed to. This was later approved with a smile from @Gaurav bhai who was walking our way to suggest the same. For the initial drive to the base of the bowl I just was trying to get a feel for the Xterra. With the way clearing out I made a dash for the approach and soon we were riding the ridge on the left side. The Xterra with a never say die attitude kept climbing the dune like it would treat a highway. Soon we had reached the tip and I made our way back to the bottom. @Shamil was feeling confident that he knew what was to be done. However being fairly new to off roading his timing to accelerate and approach angle were a bit off due to which he had a few failed attempts. I tried to show him once again what he has to do and once again it climbed all the way without breaking a sweat. Coming down at an angle where I could build the kind of angle and momentum to approach the right side. Successfully but slightly more difficulty the Xterra made it to the top from the right side as well. At this point @Shamil knew he had it and tried once again, thinking about it now I feel the lack of light might be a reason for him not to get his timing and angle right. One last time up from the left side and we headed back to the convoy. I heard a slight wobble and stopped to notice the rear right tire deflated. It was not a pop out so we tried refilling the air but to no avail. By this time @Gaurav bhai had made it to the scene, we decided to Jack it up as the load on the tire might be creating a gap for the air to escape. Next it was the valve to be removed but after several attempts we decided to remove the tire to try and remove any sand sticking between the rim and the tire sidewall. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the rubber inside the rim had torn away not allowing the air to stay in the tire. At tis point we had to use the spare and due to its condition we had no choice but to exit him. @Emmanuel also announced on the radio that @srini62 was facing a similar issue and by the time we headed back that situation was also under control. Some of the cars had decided to head back led by @Emmanuel. As @Gaurav, @Asif Hussain, @yogic72, @srini62 and myself decided to have a quick drive. It was a challenging drive with some refusals and stucks, but we kept marching on. As soon as we made our way out we headed to the pump. Here we inflated our tires and after some heartfelt hugs headed back home. This is one of the best Grand Iftaar we had in a long time all thanks to the people who made it for the drive.
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    This drive was indeed a special one as is most drives with this group because there’s always a unique take away from each drive. I reached late but I realized there was a “late latheefs” convoy which I happily joined with a little less guilt. @GauravBhai led us to the spot which he had already picked prior to us reaching there and although this was a short drive, I enjoyed every bit of it because I realized how much I had missed driving during daytime. We reached the spot, broke our fast, prayed and relaxed for a bit after which I was tempted to attempt the much talked about - iftar bowl climb. This was the height of dune bashing(pun intended) in my point of view and I knew although I may not be that experienced, I should give it a try nonetheless. I told @Rahimdad Bhai and @Gaurav Bhai that I would like to attempt but I’ll need a little hand holding. @Rahimdad Bhai came along with me and showed me a couple of times the right technique to do this climb. When I however attempted, despite trying to do everything that @RahimdadBhai showed me, I was not successful. Whilst he was teaching me, we climbed the dune from the right side which was the steep side and that was probably one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. After this, when we descended and decided to proceed with the convoy drive is when we realized that one of my tires tore from the inside. @RahimdadBhai and @Gaurav Bhai rightfully assessed the situation and helped in replacing the tire like superheroes whilst I stood there scratching my head. It was then decided, that it would be in my best interest if I exited as the condition of my spare tire was compromised. @Emmanuel very kindly guided me to exit and that pretty much concluded an unforgettable drive with this amazing group.
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    Started off the day with some lovely weather. @amir.rophail was the first guy at the deflation point. With a short convoy of me in lead, @amir.rophail in second position and @Javier M in sweep we headed out to explore the area around Big Red. The sand was hard in some sections which helped in a relatively easy climb. After spending some good amount of time exploring the area we headed in the direction of pink rock with some nice rolling dunes along the way. All the drivers managed extremely well and there were minimal refusals and stucks. The pace that was set was extremely good and we almost touched every possible dunes that were between the Big Red and Pink Rock area. We covered close to 40 km in a span of two hours as we played back and forth in this area. As we came close to the meeting point we met with the Newbie convoy lead by @Rahimdad. While we were waiting for the Fewbie convoy, @amir.rophail and @Javier M took multiple attempts at reaching to the top of pink rocks and were quite successful. We then were able to hear the Fewbie convoy on the radio, so we decided to take some nice set of dunes while searching for them. Finally after the merger of all 3 convoys we exited out and shared some nice food and drinks brought by all the drive members. I thoroughly enjoyed leading such a set of good drivers who were able to keep a high pace throughout the drive.
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    Dear all, Ramadan Kareem ! Fasting has quite the physical effect on the body, and when combined with the summer heat can lead to dehydration, distracting hunger and low blood sugar, which can affect our reaction speeds, alertness, concentration and sight. In addition to fasting, the unusual and irregular meal timings and sleep patterns can cause fatigue, impatience and distraction. Right before the sun sets, motorists will be rushing home to be with their loved ones for Iftar, meaning those of us on the roads must be wary of other drivers. Eight tips for staying safe on the roads during Ramadan: 1. If you feel tired before driving, try and take a short nap, or use public transport. 2. If you feel sleepy while driving to the point of distraction, pull over immediately and rest. 3. Be more courteous with other road users, and leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front. 4. Try to avoid the roads before the Iftar rush. If you can’t, be extra wary – some of the road users will be looking to rush home to break their fast. 5. Allow yourself plenty of time before you set out for a journey – being safe is worth being late ! 6. Keep yourself visible – make sure your headlights, tail lights and signal lights all work properly. Turn on your headlights shortly before the sun sets. 7. It should go without saying, but follow the rules of the road – sudden merging or swerving will not only endanger yourself, but other drivers too. 8. Road safety doesn’t just apply to drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists should be wary when using crossings, even if the light is green !
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    No matter what modern engineering says that you can start the car and drive off immediately for better fuel efficiency. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. Give at least 20-30 seconds to let all the fluids reach the critical components for a better life of Engine, Gear, 4x4, AC, Power steering etc. Gone are the days when you start the car and wait for 5 minutes to let it fully warm, but still few seconds delay goes a long way. I always start my car, before I get in so that by the time I sit and fasten the belt and roll down the windows its good enough 20-30 seconds. Also, make sure to start AC after these 20-30 seconds delay and not immediately to put additional load on the cold and dry engine.
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    Trip report - truly speaking I was expecting weather to be hot, but was pleasantly surprised with the cool breeze that kept it comfortable for us. It was great to see so many enthusiastic participants with @Ahmed Azmy being the first on the scene. We moved on time and after the Newbie brief we deflated and took off. Unfortunately @Tobias93 has to exit. @Gaurav in lead, with @ace1988 in second lead followed by @Ahmed Azmy, @Faisal sayed, @Mikhail Lukichev, @luwaimn and myself in sweep. As expected we had a few stucks and refusals which we handled pretty well and kept the convoy moving. Close to sunset we reached our play ground and everybody enjoyed side slopping. After a long and hard play time we met up with the Fewbie convoy and headed to the top of Fossil Rocks. Driving around it and coming to our spot for refreshments. Most of them left but left behind were the few who offered brilliant company. @eduardo along with his beautiful and intelligent wife. Dr @Ahmed Azmy the story teller, @yogic72. Before we knew it was past midnight. We too decided to head out, inflate our tires and head home. @Srikumar thank you for the brownies it was the best. And thanks for bringing Miju and Labor, their hugs and smiles make our day better. Until next time adios and catch you soon.
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    My reaction when I noticed @amir.rophail and @G.huz signed up for the drive..
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    This is how I use a safety rope or rope assist on a harder tug that is more prone to breaking any tow points. I was recovering @AKR Jeep from the front when it was 80% back heavy because his jeep doesn't have any tow hook on the back. Too bad. Hope he gets proper rated tow point at back before his next drive now, as the risk of damaging the tow point or even chassis is very high while doing such harder tugs against the gravity.
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    .Classic symptoms of Choked radiator or fan clutch on its way out. If the cooling system is working properly than it should not matter whether standing in traffic or moving. Temp should stay normal.
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    Dear carnity family. Thanks again for the wonderful suhoor drive. It was an amazing night, early morning and morning drive. The most beautiful about carnity not only the off-roading exprience but as well the family feelings and the unlimited support. 👏🌹
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    The kettle. Because it likes to boil its water
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    from what i remembered in the past, chip-tuning gives you improvement over the rpm range, but not so much on the top range (+4000 rpm) but i could be wrong. I've always been very reluctant to do chip-tuning on a car that has +80,000 km on the clock. There are so many variables that come into play when going offroad. The extreme temperatures and behavior of engine and transmission are calculated with enough margin by the manufacturer. Playing around with these settings might work fine on-road, but could give very bad results offroad. On the 3.8 SWB i think the car is more than powerful enough to get you through extreme terrain. I would spend that cash on minor upgrades (cold air intake, exhaust, iridium plugs) or other things that will slightly bump the performance without messing with the OEM ECU settings.
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    TRIP REPORT What a good time we had yesterday ! So happy that we have such an amazing intermediate team in Carnity… @Frederic, @G.huz, @amir.rophail, @Javier M I reached the meeting point a few minutes before time and, to my surprise, found everyone already waiting, except @Frederic who was just behind me, as I found him somewhere on Lahbab Road, so we made our little convoy together till ADNOC station in Al-Madam. After filling up, we went directly to the entry point, a few kilometers away. We had a first sight from the road to the stunning high dunes we were going to venture in a few minutes later. The Omantel signal on our mobile phones reminded us that we were only at a few kilometers from Oman. Temperatures were still very high, close to 40°, so we deflated in no time and I limited my briefing to the essential points (what to always bear in mind when temperatures are high, a few indications about the route and convoy numbering). I decided to keep Fred as my second lead (and I must say he did an absolutely perfect job, well done) and to have @Javier M in sweep, as he is the most experienced driver in the group - thanks for your support, buddy. Soon after taking off, as we were climbing the first high dune, we faced a serious trial : @G.huzhad lost momentum and popped out in a very tricky place. We tried to move the car a few meters ahead, then back again, but it was still in a slight incline and the sand was very soft. Impossible to jack the car properly in this place, so we pulled him out (not without difficulty...) on a flat surface. There, fixing the pop out only took us a few minutes, but the all process lasted about one hour. Here I want to emphasize on the team's amazing spirit. Sometimes, when a convoy faces that kind of issue, we see many people just waiting inside their car, considering they just have to be patients and let the marshals deal with the issue. Yesterday, despite the blazing sun, everyone was out of his car from the first second, shoveling, helping to put the jack, bringing the tools, ropes, shakles, water, helping to maintain the tyre while inflating.... Finally we took off again and after playing a bit on those high dunes, we entered in what was actually the most challenging part of Al-Shuwaib : very technical dunes, big bushes, continuous slip-faces looking like China Great Wall, nasty bumps, hidden pockets... The kind of area that will make every offroader measure the importance of having a skid plate if his vehicle’s ground clearance is low. That said, everyone did very well, as we just had a few refusals. After about 10 km, the landscape totally changed. We were now in another wonderful set of high dunes where we could increase the pace and have some good adrenaline. The sun was already declining, unfortunately, so we had to leave this amazing area and head in direction of Super Bowl. As none of us felt like joining the crazy crowds of this famous spot, we decided to play a bit, but on the backside. At this point the night had fallen. We enjoyed some night driving and played before we reached Iftar Bowl side, where found a nice little spot to relax and share our snacks and stories. About 30 mn later, we headed to the exit point where we inflated. Hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did.
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    Guys I had so much fun on this drive. @Emmanuel blessed us with a fantastic track that combined both the short technical dunes, and the long and high dunes where we had to push our cars to the limiter. We had a small setback with @G.huzhis nasty pop out, and it was nearly impossible putting it back into place in that location. I loved how all worked together and kept a cool head. We all learned a great lesson and that’s what matters. @amir.rophail @Javier M @G.huz Thanks for the great company ! @Emmanuel it was a blessing to follow in the pursuit of the mighty velociraptor, containing one hell of a great guy and off-road expert ! See you soon back in the sandbox !
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    We went for a beach camping last year. Drove to the port of Khasab and asked one of the fishermen to take us to one of the nearby beaches along the coastline. Was in the area of below coordinates: 26°12'35.4"N 56°16'21.7"E * Beware to arrange your visas online, as the visa on arrival option has been stopped. * Most fishermen only speak arabic. We luckily had a friend with us that spoke it very well. * You will need to have ownership papers of the car when crossing the border. If it's under leasing or different owner you will need to arrange a POA form, and even then it's sometimes a bit of a hassle. * You will need to have Oman coverage in your insurance and prepared to show this paper at the border. If not you'll need to buy insurance at the border (takes a bit of time during busy periods) https://evisa.rop.gov.om/ * Definitely take water slippers because the beaches have pebbles and sharp stones. We had a fantastic time and saw the magical show at night called the fytoplankton. It emerges during certain times of year but you will only see it at night when you move your hand in the water, or just at the shoreline. We went swimming in it and it felt like magic (remember the movie Life of Pi..) https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2018/02/bioluminescence-in-the-gulf-of-oman.html
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    Love to join in on this one, led by an expert @amir.rophail @G.huz let's go guys. @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Srikumar i am fine with either drive on Friday afternoon, but i'd like to go for Emmanuel his intermediate drive if that's ok to make sure there will be at least 3 cars. @Emmanuel i'll need to pickup my mother in law from the airport later that night, so i would like to refrain from sweating too much or having my car full of sand 🤣 (just kidding)
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    At Iftar Bowl - Once in a year all UAE Offroaders gathering This unique opportunity is not be missed, whether you are a current or ex offroader. It's a very rare and special sight to witness thousands of offroaders joining in one place for breaking there fast to celebrate the unity in diversity in the UAE. It's being held with unsaid coordination with all off-road clubs and approx 1000 car shows up every year in Iftar bowl area near Rafadah in Area 53. Whether you are fasting or not, it's a must drive to attend to watch the union of off-roaders and witness the love and respect that everyone shares in this small world of offroading. I have never failed to attend a single Grand Iftar Drive in the past 12 years and always enjoyed meeting some of my old off-road friends and making new friends. The plan is to enter from Rifadah side with the easiest track to reach Iftar bowl and secure a good spot - FIRST. Meet and greet, play at Iftar bowl - then break the fast and head for the night drive or exit if you like. When: 17 May 2019, Friday Meeting time: 5 PM, the convoy will move sharply at 5:15 PM Where: Rifadah Entrance GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/BoTQvikrc1rheWYu7 Level of drive: Absolute Newbie - Newbie - Fewbie - Expert - Advance - All are welcome Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance What to bring along: Evening snacks, food for Iftar - whatever you like with little extra to share Approximate finish time: 8 PM or 11 PM Please RSVP on the below calendar:
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    If you are offroading with us you will never need offroad assistance. Your car will be recovered till the road
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    It was a disappointment for me and Dr. Bert that we had to exit early but then we realized on the way it was a good call or we would have ended up by giving you all a hard time with the Cherokee XJ in middle of no where as it was getting unpredictable that we might have ended up towing it !! I totally agree with @Srikumar its interesting and fun to read the reports (its like catching up with old friends) , I was sure that I'm going to miss the remaining best part of the night off-road drive, Though my initial plan was to exit with Dr. Bert and return with my Pajero. Unfortunately things changed, We had a lot of refusals with the Jeep due to 4wd gear not engaging at times, heating issues, fan not working, couple of fuses broke etc. As I had invited him to somehow make it to this iftar to experience the joy of Carnity off-road club, getting to meet different kinds of people from all over the world in one accordance, I'm glad that he was able to join after his late shifts, Considering the reason I did not want to leave him alone so we decided to drive back together thinking we can leave the Jeep somewhere safe on the way if it fails and come back later next day to pick it up However, by Gods grace - We managed to reach Al Ain safely without any difficulties on the highway I thank @[email protected] Hussain @[email protected] and each and every one of you who were able to participate by making this event a great success with memories, good varieties of tasty food along with the Filli chai which I enjoyed very much ! Looking forward to the next drive soon and also looks like we will have a new topic from @bvmbics for the Cherokee XJ, workshop suggestions/ major service requirements and overhauling Have a good week ahead, Cheers !!
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    Very well written trip report @srini62 you are giving some serious competition to @Rahimdad.
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    I wanted to test @Emmanuel's knowledge with pop outs 🤣 it was a nasty pop out indeed.. Thank you all for your help. The big dunes, oh my God... Absolutely wonderful. Great track, great drivers 💪
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