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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Yahar (Sweihan Adventures) - Abu Dhabi - 25 Sep 2022


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29 minutes ago, Imteeaz said:

This drive looks promising.

Unfortunately I did not sign up for this koz of the distance to cover to the meeting point; already driving to RAK and AD this week, therefore not too excited to drive another 1.5 hours on Sunday.

Have fun gents and post the drive pics.


Can assure Yahar is worth every moment of that extra 30 min on road. Even in Dubai/Sharjah we drive 45-60min to reach starting point, it’s just that extra 30min. .. and most of the time just a mental block of going all the way to Abu Dhabi

Key challenge is that after driving at Yahar with @Srikumar every other drive in Dubai feels like a NB drive .. so don’t go for it - don’t want to kill the thrill on my drives on smaller flatter dunes 😀😀

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47 minutes ago, Srikumar said:

For those coming from E66, please take the below indicated route (via the Sweihan - Nahel E20 road), and then come through E16. The important thing is that you come via E16 to the entry point.



Any other route (as shown below) coming from Al Ain city would take you through a dirt track for which you would need to deflate.



Regarding the fuel stop, I would suggest to fill it till the brim at 960 or any other ADNOC on the route. A regular tank would more than suffice for this drive. 

Thanks @Srikumar for updating us especially regarding the dirt track, else i was tempted to take the alain city route otherwise. 

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Destiny conspired against me yesterday at work - couldn't reach a device until well past 7 to respond, thankfully landed only 3rd in the WL. Now I'm having a severe symptom of FOMO and my overcharged J factor is anxiously waiting for three people to suddenly get some super exciting work on saturday night or sunday morning and drop out 🤪

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