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Desert Champions Trophy - 2023

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Quite a smart place to hold the challenge. New for almost all of the participants. except for a handful who have a glimpse of the terrain, so it will be a nice challenge for most. I would have said that the terrain is mostly soft, but that statement isn't going to be valid as of now. Great Job on #DCT2023! 

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don't drive like its your last one.

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Thanks @Rizwanm2 for raising the question to drive along blue line:

  • Do not drive parallel to the blue border within 1 km buffer zone at any time.

We have updated same on the announcement post, to stay away from blue line with a minimum gap of 1 km buffer, as many places have buried old fencing, debris or irregular farm fences that can damage cars severely.

@Gaurav Soni@Looper@Davie Chase@Rizwanm2@Zed@Asif Hussain@Icon Auto@Wissam

Please acknowledge, this new addendum to the announcement post by clicking on "Totally Agree" emoji.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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1 hour ago, Dan S said:

Dear @Gaurav is there also a possibility to pay for the camp meeting only, to be there like a visitor to witness the winner of the trophy and enjoy the night with Carnity members?

Thanks @Dan S we will surely consider this for next event and plan it in advance. For this time it was a tight spot to get 50 pax availability with Emirates Tour campsite.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Dear @Carnity members, team desert Flyers has unfortunately had a late cancellation by one of our team members. So we are therefore looking for anyone who would like to join our team please respond to this thread and mention me in the response if anyone would like to join us for Sundays adventures 

@Mark B you will be truly missed my friend see you in the sand very soon 


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