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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Nahil - Abu Dhabi - 27 Jan 2024

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Dear desert wanders @Patrick van der Loo, @Issam Atra, @Emmanuel, @george charbel, @Bjoern, @Gurcharan Mehta, @W a q a r, @Rafey Hashmi, and @Alphin Aloor first of thank you all for a fantastic drive this morning. everyone drove exceptionally well.

A big thank you to:

My Second Lead @Emmanuel you did a fantastic job if keeping enough distance to adhere to my call of slightly left or right or stop don't follow. so well-done mate was a pleasure to have you behind me.

Our fantastic Sweep @Patrick van der Loo excellent job assisting with a few refusals at the back and helping me where I needed help, thank you and very much appreciated.

Our Center Forward played a blinder as always taking control of the center of the convoy and managing the few stucks we had, as always @Imran Asghar a please to have you along and makes my life easier having you there.

We had one incident that required so work to recover the vehicle, so a special shout out to @Gurcharan Mehta for putting the power of the 392 to good use in towing our stricken FJ out to the subcar and onward to the recovery point, we could nor have done the recovery so quickly without you. So an extra big thank you from me to you my friend and hope to see you with us in the sand very soon.

@Issam Atra I hope you are feeling ok, and please remember that all that matters in these situations is that you are safe and sound and arrived home with your family. I hope you get everything sorted my friend and if i can help at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hope that you all can enjoy what is left of the weekend.

See you all again in the sand very soon.






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Thanks alot @Davie Chase@Imran Asghar@Patrick van der Loo@Emanuel @george charbel @Gurcharan Mehta @W a q a r @Rafey Hashmi @Bjoern @Alphin Aloor for your help and support 

Thanks God it's in Car and it can be replaced.

Everything is OK and I'm fine i returned back to my family.🙏🙏🙏

Thanks a lot for All.😍

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@Issam Atra Alhamdulillah you were OK! We lookafter and support each other out there and this is unfortunately a very fine example this. 

@Imran Asghar what was the name of that tune you were playing?

@Davie Chase I noticed you sometimes tag the other Emmanuel because you use 2 m's. Mine only has 1 m. 😀

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1 hour ago, Emanuel said:

Here's a video of our drive yesterday. Enjoy.

We also had a very special and unique experience on this drive. @Imran Asghar's inagural performance for us in the desert.


@Emanuel excellent video mate can’t wait to tell everyone that I know the latest winner of Cannes film festival and the latest harmonica prodigy @Imran Asghar 😄😄

brilliant video 

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@Rafey Hashmi what mount are you using for your GoPro on the hood? Is it magnetic? Any issues with it falling off? I see also you are using paper towel underneath to prevent scratches. What video settings are you using and are you happy with them? I am playing around with 4K, 2.7K, 1080, and 720 and still finding much noise and pixelisation here and there.

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