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  1. wonderful drive @Islam Soliman, reminded me of the same drive a year before with you at the same place !! Only this time it was in a different car - Fortuner vs Wrangler that time.

    The area was quite busy with multiple convoys crossing us frequently, and thanks to you , we managed to find our way through to quieter areas and have our share of fun.

    It was my first "full length , complete"  IM drive after i upgraded my suspensions. The previous 2 had to be cut short , one time due to me bending my shocks at Sweihan with @M.Seidam and the other one where @Ranjan Das car gave up after sand ingress to engine at same area Shuwaib with @Hisham Masaad.  I saw you @Ranjan Das sign up for a drive, so hope your car is sorted out now.

    As @Rob S was mentioning at the end, we upgraded our success rate at Shuwaib to 71% :D with this drive. 

    Great support from @Zixuan Huang - Charlie , @Rob Sand great to drive with all of you  - @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler , @Gok Krish, @Haitham Khattab, @Imteeaz , @Beide Workuand @Joji varghese





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  2. Hello @Abdul Mueed Mohammed..want to add 2 cents to the discussion, as an owner of a Ford Explorer 2011 XLT.. 

    i know its not an ST, but in general the cars are almost the same, and my advice is not to take her offroad.

    "been there, done that" - i took the car for a mild offroad drive(not with Carnity),  and i ended up losing the lower lip of my front bumper, and the front wheel arch liners (plastic). Once you get stuck and wheels start spinning, the wheel arch liners which are just held with some clips come off.

    Also, if i am not wrong, the ST has really low profile tyres, correct? In that case , after deflation, you will not have much of side wall left..you may need to consider that as well

    We had an expedition owner in the club , some time back who used to come for drives probably until fewbie levels..i dont think he drives with us any more @Ammar Naji 

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