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  1. Cracking drive yesterday! Everyone drove well, no pop-outs, no overheating cars, just two crestings (mentioning no names :p) that were resolved with a rope. First time my shovel has stayed in the car for a while!! 

    Thanks @Islam Soliman for great drive, well done to @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler at SL and @Zixuan Huang - Charlie in the middle. 

    great to catch up with some old friends and meet some new faces @Beide Worku and @Gok Krish

    see you all again soon

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  2. Sitting at the airport thought i would finally type quick article on my experience on prado suspension.

    I drove stock up till drive 6 or 7 of fewbie plus level, but started to feel the rear end was very “bouncy” when driving over multiple bumps. So, my aim of suspension focused on better “dampening” than going for “lift”. However, afterwards, i did notice benefit of the lift with ridge riding being much more fun without ploughing through the crest but riding above/on it!

    Because i was after better dampening mainly, and watching used prices of remote reservoir kits holding their value whilst traditional “twin tube” plummeting in value i decided to “invest once” and went for remote reservoir models. The added benefit here was that i could adjust to harder setting for desert, and softer for the road! WIN WIN!


    ”spring lift kit/spacer” - cheapest option but doesnt help with dampening, so i cant recommend this option. Also, dont know a prado owner that has gone this route.

    ”twin tube” - a few options, the dobinsons ones are bright yellow so you cant miss them. Stronger that factory, usually matched with a stiffer spring with around 2inch lift. Around 3-5k dhs. 

    “remote reservoir adjustable” - kings, radflo, rogue, dobinsons, pro fender all have options and range from about 6k-20k. My budget narrowed me into dobinsons or rogue, both around 9/10k. Low speed, high speed and rebound adjustable which i feel very important if car is also your daily driver! 

    “Long travel” twin shocks - didnt even check the price or consider, but sometimes seen on prados but more often FJs. For these you need also lower arm kits as you have 2 dampers per side on the front setup. No real comments here as no experience. They do look cool though!


    the main reason for actually writing this article, choosing the suspension was the easy part! Ill focus on dobinsons here as this is what i fitted but i believe its similar amongst others.

    Upper arms - lots of confusing info, do you need? General guidance was required if 2.5inch lift or above. Beneficial if over 1.5inch lift. As i went for 2inch lift i was caught in the middle. Benefits are: better clearance of springs for more “drop” and correction of caster angle. I felt having correct vehicle dynamics was important to me, so i went for a set! 

    Diff drop - again, lots of confusing info, required for 2.5inch lift of above was the advice, though some garages say not required for 2.5inch. I went without and no issues or concerns as yet!

    tie bar spacers - very little about these “added extras”. 250-300dhs i think. Recommended to avoid tie bars clashing with other parts after the lift. I opted for a set of these too. After fitting garage told me they are very important. 

    after 4-6months i can say i am really happy with the offroad and onroad performance and no regrets, 

    Hope the above helps! tagging @Waqas Parvez and @ASAD. for their input having going through similar exercises!


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  3. A fair few months on i wanted to update this post. Im still of the opinion that 265/70 is better for the desert than a 265/65. However, when i got to fewbie plus level and criss crossing i sometimes found rubbing issue on the left hand wheel, when steering left, it would rub slightly on the back of the wheel arch. Ive since found that my shock bushes and lower arm bushes were worn and could have resulted in extra movements. If you want to play it safe and ensure zero rubbing, id suggest 265/65.

    would welcome other comments. Now with new bushes, lift kit etc etc i rarely get any rubbing. 

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  4. Great drive today everyone! Thanks @GauravSoni for leading, @Anoop Nair SL and a great job at sweep by @Karthik Raptor. Wishing @Vanessa8580 a speedy recovery! 

    Started with some soft sand and bush patches before heading to longer range dunes.

    few stucks & refusals in the soft sands and a popout but thats all part of learning and the fewbie drives!

    Couple of refusals were down to combination of momentum but also car positioning. When criss crossing or riding along a dune its important to make sure your car is fully ontop of the dune, to avoid gravity pulling you down. Hope this gives thought for the next time in the sand! 

    @Nathan L you demonstrated car positioning perfectly on one occasion, but didnt have enough momentum to complete the maneuver 😛 

    Few photos in the gallery, see you all again soon!

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  5. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for leading us through the sands on Saturday. Well done to @Alexanderrr for SL, and thanks to @Vanessa8580 for joining us as CF, great to catchup! 

    I didn't see much of the front of the convoy, other than a great rope recovery of @Paolo Pellegrini by @Jessica Lambert, very well executed for your first time!

    At the back @Pierre de Maigret you drove really well in your FJ, I didn't see the issue that caused your pop-out, but it was quickly fixed and we were back in the convoy before too long. Overtime, you will find the right balance between power and momentum to fully enjoy the climbs and riding the ridges. 

    @Gurcharan Mehta you also drove very well, just one minor refusal, where the land cruisers crawl control enabled you to reverse back off the ridge. I think, you just needed a bit more momentum or could have steered down slightly earlier, but the more drives you have, the easier this will be to find the balance. 

    @Zulfikhar Naiyar nice to see you again, Xterra is very good car for the desert and I can see you are improving with every drive, and every refusal is a learning opportunity. Occasionally, you needed slightly more momentum to make sure you reached the ridge/crest, overtime this will become second nature to you! Some superb self recoveries when you did get stuck though! Thanks for following the guidance carefully! 

    Unfortunately towards the end of the drive, we had issue where @Ivan P ended up slightly off-line while climbing the dune and ended up in a sand pocket. A reminder to us all how important it is to make sure you follow the track, and also the balance between speed and momentum. I hope the car is okay and we see you in the desert again soon. Thanks to @Ignacio Quindós and @Miguel Codes for the help with the recovery with your winches under the guidance of our Marshalls! 

    See you all again soon! 


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  6. Thanks for a great drive this morning@varunmehndiratta!

    a long convoy through little sweihan wasn’t going to be easy, but the platoons managed it! 

    Soft sand and tight dunes created some challenges today, but those are the times where our skills are challenged and we develop!

    Stucks, refusals and pop outs were all resolved quickly today with all of the team lending a helping hand. 

    As was mentioned a couple of times during the drive, our radio is key communication tool in the desert so good reminder for all: remember to let people know when you have stopped or have a refusal, and make sure you acknowledge and follow instructions carefully. 

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  7. Wow! Fantastic news Hisham and thoroughly well deserved! Ive just been back to count my number of drives with you as lead . . . . We have done 9 together! Thanks for all your support so far, from helping climb my first bowl in fewbie to my first fewbie plus drive, midweek in badayer!

    a Fewbie plus or Intermediate “Hisham badayer” drive is often fully booked before 19:01! This speaks for itself.

    look forward to many more drives with you, and heres a photo ive dragged back out the album!

    Yalla, Push! 


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  8. Great to see all the regulars returning after summer holidays! Well done @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler on your first IM in badayer area! @Amir Amiri hope the fix is a simple one and your back out in the dunes soon. 

    @Alexanderrr top job in SL, @waqas good sweeping today, and as always, thanks @Hisham Masaad for leading us safely through the sands and finding some awesome dunes to have fun in!


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  9. Great morning in the sands! thanks @GauravSoni for leading us through the sands. Well done to @Jaro Tuzinskyin SL and @Tareck for sweeping us at the back! Thanks also to @Pacific with the shoveling as support team!

    Getting the right balance between Gas and momentum take some time, and changes vehicle to vehicle but plenty of practice today! We managed to recover most vehicles today with some good shoveling and digging "V" channels from the front and rear of the car allowing gravity to help us shift the sand from under the vehicle bellys!

    I didnt see much of the guys at the back today, but was watching in my mirrors for @jad, Well driven today for your first Fewbie, only one stuck that was resolved without a rope! In front was @Zulfikhar Naiyar, well driven today buddy, and good shoveling from your passenger! Make sure you balance the gap to the car in front with leaving room for stopping, but also close enough to watch the car in front to better judge the terrain and allow you to adjust accordingly.

    See you all again soon! 




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