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Xterra Gear not shifting.


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Very well done Rizwan !

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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Excellent @Rizwanm2 thank you for sharing this problem and solution . 

cheers 👍🌷🚙

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@Gaurav Bhai,

Thanks for sharing the video, well actually i’m the one who fave this issue today. and with the help of Gaurav Bhai and Nasser it got fix temporarily. but i just can’t wait to suffer, just after the drive i straight went to my mechanic and luckily he is fixing the same issue with X Terra 2012 when i reached, he just smile and said “relax have a tea, I will fix it for you Basit”. 

The part is like a small ring molted metal ring inner side and outer it’s a hard rubber with a safety lock. it cost me 120 AED only with permanent solution. I’m finally Happy. 😀

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1 hour ago, Rashid Hussaim said:

I had to teach the mechanic how to fix it. The mechanics got surprised

Mostly they got surprised of your knowledge about it not that they don’t know 🤣

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