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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Tawi Nizwa - Sharjah - 9 Jul 2022

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13 hours ago, Sunny84 said:

Truly overwhelming for my first virgin drive at the Fewbie Level and what an experience it was, all thanks to you @JeromeFJ. The drive was in a familiar place which I have done couple of times and yet the track was negotiating and technical on a whole new level the new faces and their expertise gave me lot of confidence in tackling with new challenges. The convoy list on paper looked the longest I have done till date and yet I feel it was compact and credits to our 2nd lead @Haitham Khattab CF @Rob S& @Waqas Parvez with their beautiful machines did a fantastic job to rescue and support in quick time 👌 with @Richard Franks at the sweep.

@Mike. always pleasure to drive with you and love the "White Rhino" customised flag. BTW "White Rhino" is Mike's Pajero. 

@Suresh K hope you got the tyre fixed. @TT_Dubai the pictures in the gallery are superb, @takeshi sobue @Dinesh Kumar A @Gerrit Bus all made this experience a memorable one. 

Eid Mubarak to all and happy holidays.

See you'll soon on the sands!

Thank You.




Screenshot_20220710-000508_Samsung Internet.jpg

Thanks @Sunny84! Always a pleasure driving with you Pajero partner. Unfortunate to see you exit early today but I will see you on the sand real soon! 
Thanks for sharing the White Rhino colours. Waiting to see how and when you dub yours 💪🏻

12 hours ago, JeromeFJ said:

It was a very nice drive this morning. I've started at a relaxed pace, just enjoying the pleasant weather through the open window, finding a smooth way for the long convoy through the middle size dunes, trying to avoid the double sided slip faces dunes shaped by the wind, and progressively reaching Pink Rock.  The faces were almost empty, perfect conditions for the first climbs of the day. 

The excellent level of the group allowed to increase the pace, and take more challenging lines on the long plateau between Pink Rock and Big Red. The clean air made the view on the dunes around very crisp. By the time we reached Big Red, all drivers were fully awake, and concentrated on the driving lane. In the continuity of a first climb, we tackled the back face of Big Red itself, and bowl after bowl, we reached the ridge just below the summit, which is a performance at FB level, with a long convoy, congrats to all !

After a small break, we spent the last hour climbing up and down, releasing our energy, and the power of our cars ! Excellent performance from all, especially for the new FB @Mike. @Sunny84 and our new joiner @Gregory Powell! The regular FBs @Suresh K @takeshi sobue @Dinesh Kumar A @TT_Dubai were having a very good control of theirs cars keeping the lines as needed. Big thank you for @Richard Franks as Sweep, @Gerrit Bus for the video extracts to come (no pressure ;)). And special thanks for my supports today, @Haitham Khattab, excellent in the role of 2nd Lead, and great contribution from @Rob S and @Waqas Parvez, perfect in their roles of Center Forward, helping fellow drivers when required, and maintaining the lines despite the length of the convoy.

Thank you all for joining the drive this morning, enjoy the rest of the weekend !

Thanks @JeromeFJfor a great first fewbie experience. If I can summarize the drive in a few words I would say” High Performance mixed with Finesse”. It was an enjoyable and fluid flow of a drive. Thanks again for taking the time to share the tips and tricks as much as possible!

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Hi everyone!  Very pleased to join the drive yesterday! It was amazing to enjoy a breezy fresh start with windows down. @JeromeFJ you led the convoy like a seasoned pro. I appreciated the detailed and comprehensive briefing before we started and after each climb, bowl or track you always had encouraging comments and advice for all of us 😀 thank you!

Great support from @Rob S always there with the shovel! Special thanks to @Waqas Parvez for great guidance when I slipped into a deep pocket on a climb. The Prado boys are a great team!

The dunes during the early morning were like a postcard, clear and defined. Save for a few sand buggies we had the playground all to ourselves.

Great driving by all and nice to meet everyone. Super to see so many great shots in the gallery! Drive safe and have a great week!



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@JeromeFJ as by now I am used to, yet another awesome drive under your very capable leadership. Thank you. Always a pleasure. 
And with @Rob S in support and @Richard Franks as sweep we had a very efficient convoy. 
Fellow dune bashers @Haitham Khattab @Mike. @Sunny84 @TT_Dubai @takeshi sobue @Dinesh Kumar A @Imran Kashif @Suresh K @Waqas Parvez @Gregory Powell at the link below you will find some Gladiator POV videos of our drive.








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