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5 hours ago, ZULFIKHAR NAIYAR said:

Hi All,

Very useful post. Could see all the Xterra gang is on this thread..

I finally ended up getting an XTerra 2014 OR version recently. With all the above mods being suggested, can you also please suggest which garages specialize in Xterra modifications or checks.

I'm sifting through some of the old threads to gain more info on this. The one I bought does have a squeaking sound and I'm not sure if I need to get the shocks replaced. 

Also, read in some thread by @Foxtrot Oscar that engine and gear mounts need to be checked for used Xterra's - good pointer, thanks.

Is there any garage/specialist in Dubai where I could get things checked out as well as eventually getting the required mods mentioned here?

Thanks in advance..

Thank you again  @sertac@M.Seidam@Rizwanm2@Zixuan Huang - Charlie for all your recent feedbacks :) 


@ZULFIKHAR NAIYAR I have a feeling the squeaking sound comes from the rear leaf springs. Probably your rear leaf spring bushes have cracked or worn out. These bushes are not available OEM and you have to replace the entire leaf spring for the bushes. You can also purchase the aftermarket neoprene bushes from Dobinsons which are even better than the OEM rubber bushes. The cost of the bushes with the replacement labor from Dobinsons would be 400AED if you don't fall for the aftermarket greaseable shackles which they will try to promote @ 175 a piece. You can also check the shocks for leakage and for drives in our club you only need the stock Bilstein shocks. If they are gone you can buy them from Arabian Auto which I'm not sure if its there in stock. The Offroad version Bilstein shocks are the non adjustable 4600 which Arabian Auto is selling for 1800 for all 4. You can purchase the adjustable 5100 series Bilsteins from Amazon probably for about 2000 AED. Whenever you make a purchase from Arabian Auto never be shy to ask for a discount which they will extend upto 55% of the cost price.

Regarding the engine mount, its a usual practice to replace them probably every 6 months as they are prone to crack fast. Gear mounts last much more.

Another thing to check in your Xterra are the front suspension bushes of the upper control arm and the lower control arms. The bushes don't come separate as OEM part and you need to change the entire control arms which will cost you around 2000 AED to change both sides. Would be good to check the tie rod ends, the ball joints & the axle boot when you do an inspection of the front suspension. My advice - I never replace the control arms and buy good aftermarket Thailand made bushes for the upper and lower control arms. The best advice I got from my friend @Shaaz Sha who owns a good XTERRA as this costs me only less than 500 AED. Whether OEM or aftermarket these control arm bushes never last more than 6 months when you bash your car in the sands. Always buy the OEM ball joint, tie rod ends and  axle boot as duplicates don't last a month. 

Before you take the XTERRA to the sands observe the engine temp gauge if it rises more than the 1st line after C during your stops at traffic lights or when you are crawling through traffic. This is made obvious to us as the AC condenser cuts off and you will feel hot inside the car. The AC resumes to work once you gain momentum. This is the tell tale sign of a failing fan clutch. REPLACE with OEM. You can buy from Arabian Auto for 600 AED or Nissan original from spare parts shop for 400 AED.

Change your air filters before you take the car to the sands. Make it a practice to clear the air filter box once your sand drive is over. Be sure you close the air filter box properly after you clear it of sand (Need to learn it from a mechanic). Saves a lot of gas if you practice this. Good idea to keep a MAF sensor cleaner in your glove box and clean the sensor after 5 to 6 drives. Also check the rubber hoses which connect the air filter box to the inlet manifold plenum and the hose which connects the throttle body to the air pipe. If they are hard replace them. Again OEM hose is not available and you have to buy the entire assembly for 2000 AED from Arabian Auto. You can get both the aftermarket hoses only for 100 to 150 AED in Amazon. This is a very critical part which if neglected will kill your engine if it breaks while driving in the desert as it will suck in all the dust right inside the engine. Replace them if you feel the rubber hoses have become hard. 

Also please check the brake pads and the brake rotors as this is an 8 year old car. The spark plugs, the ignition coils etc etc. 

Hope I have covered most of the routine maintenance of the mighty XTERRA in this write up. 

Edited by Thomas Varghese
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