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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Yahar (Sweihan Adventures) - Abu Dhabi - 25 Sep 2022


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Thank you @Srikumar and @Frederic for the great drive today 🙌🏼 

thx for the team and for the support of @Looper on the sweep and @Zed in the middle.


hope all good with your car and nothing major @Gaurav Soni, you are definitely missed in the second half of the drive :)


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Brilliant drive this morning @Srikumar. The last hour and half was absolutely superb.  The regular radio messages shouting "floor it" "floor it" gives an indication of how much we were pushing. I really enjoy this area and it well worth the drive.

@Frederic great job as 2L. As @Vaibhav says, having you as 2L no doubt gave @Srikumar that added confidence to push the convoy. 

@Looper great support at the back.

And to everyone else, well driven! No doubt see you all soon.

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