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Full Day Intermediate Desert Drive - Al Quaa - Abu Dhabi - 12 Nov 2022


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On 11/13/2022 at 2:59 PM, Zixuan Huang - Charlie said:

Simply the best drive I ve had so far ! Atho we paid a little tribute for it at the start

Despite some little annoying occurrences just after we started moving (GauravSoni's Engine issue, Rizwan's coolant hose blown, my Pathfinder's starter not wiling to work unless Rizwan approached), we genuinely had a wonderful time in Quaa bowls, that my boring way back home isnt so boring (My mind was still in the Quaa bowls)

Thanks @GauravSoni for leading us in Quaa, cant thank you more for where you taking us and guidance and encouragement. and @Looper @Rizwanm2  for brilliant support and leadership along the way as well,   @Mario Cornejo  for being the extremely clean sweep! and the fellow drivers @Gok Krish @Imran Kashif @Chris Wing for performance, and support wherever needed.



here are few videos I took for @Rizwanm2 @Mario Cornejoand @Imran Kashif, couldnt take for all of you cuz my phone got overheated.

Thank you for nice videos @Zixuan Huang - Charlie

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