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  1. GPP also do a Fujifilm loaner where you can book out a body + lens or just lens. There's a sizeable security deposit but you can get the X-T3 or X-T4 which are both excellent low-light performers if you're just getting your feet wet. https://gulfphotoplus.com/blog/905/The-Fujifilm-Loan-Program
  2. My off-roading sojourn began in 2011 when at my best friend's engagement brunch (under the influence), I stupidly boasted that I would take the couple out for a drive. I'd never driven in the desert before. I was hoping nobody would pick up on it until he did. Little did I know that his neighbour was a marshal in an off-road club. And suddenly, my ill-conceived boast had blown into a drive the next morning. I immediately proceeded to head home, to sober up, and watch as many videos as I could find on "how to drive off-road". The morning after, with sweaty palms clutching onto the wheel of
  3. Hi @Frederic, firstly still can't believe how quickly you turned this little ping into this! I'm an enthusiast and will be bringing my Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 and XE-2.
  4. @Gaurav I've joined your Newbie Night Drive this week so it gives me a practice run, but mostly so I slow you folks down a little lesser on the 12th 😄
  5. I'm totally in! You're all such amazing folks 🙌 🤩
  6. Hello everyone, the Perseids Meteor Showers began on July 17th and will continue until they peak on the nights of August 12th and 13th with up to 60 trails per hour. https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/meteor-shower/perseid.html https://www.travelawaits.com/2683734/perseid-meteor-shower-august-2021/ The starting point for the newbie drive into Suwaydan by @Frederic seemed pretty dark out to make a great backdrop. The Mleiha Center usually does some stargazing nights but I don’t see one on their events list for now. Wondering if you folks know if that’s worth a point to s
  7. Thanks for confirming @Mario Cornejo! I’ll get back some sleep I’ve lost over this now 😅
  8. Thanks for this reference! I’ll do a rear fog lamp test this evening and share here. You’re absolutely right. Sounds very fishy (and cheap)!
  9. A few weeks ago while getting a skid plate installed, I finally saw my Y61 being reversed. And that's when I saw that the right-hand side reverse light was out. I've never checked the reverse light of my cars unless someone has pointed them out (now a note to myself for the future). My car is only a few months old and so this felt like an issue that needed to be fixed. Fast forward to this morning, where the guys at Arabian Automobiles told me that this is how its meant to be. The sales rep at the Deira branch told me that it's got something to do with the fact that it's common in "France
  10. And the hat tips right back at you @Daniel Yang. Watching your Y62 gliding in my rear-view mirror, hoovering up the desert sands in your deft hands was the most fulfilling sight. I look forward to having our two generations meet again soon! And to @Frederic, thank you for what was the most visually magnificent drive. From that glorious sunrise to the changing colors of the sand shining with the rising light, I was in a visual trance. Perhaps, that's the reason I completely missed those bushes 😛 - thank you @Hisham Masaad for bailing me out on that one and for the phenomenal advice on the
  11. One of the best off-road club rides I’ve joined or been a part of! Thank you @Srikumar & @Nivin for being such amazing sports as marshals 🙏 You guys solved challenges on the spot making this such an easy thing for me (and I’m certain the others) to enter and meld into.Some real lessons today, on what to do when it goes wrong.
  12. Hi Srikumar, I have a Y61 Nissan Patrol Super Safari that I’ve picked up a few months ago. I’ve taken a couple of classes with Galadari for offroad driving so I have basic knowledge and have self-driven once after that. My car has front & rear tow hooks, and I have a portable compressor on hand.
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