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  1. @Chaitanya D- was really looking forward to a night drive, as well as my first drive with you. Unfortunately, I need to bow out due to work commitments. Will remove my RSVP now so it can go on to the next in the waitlist (@Ahmed Wagdy). I hope to join one of your drives soon
  2. "I said less RPMs. Now, you've dug your own grave."
  3. Wow! Thank you 🤩🙏🏽 Can’t believe you guys made it happen, and so quickly too! I’m going to use tomorrow to get cracking on saving all of your advice This a testament to why @Carnity is the place to be.
  4. @Gaurav, is this limited to Intermediate & above drivers only?
  5. If you go into Google Maps on your phone and on the directions, set a reminder for tomorrow morning, it will give you an estimate starting time. If you’ve done drives in Murquab on E66, add 35/40mins (60km) to whatever it would have taken you to get there. It’s a straight drive on E66, exit right onto E20, and then Lane 1815.
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