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Every year thousand's of wildlife in desert dies due to eating garbage left behind by regular off-roaders or visitors. We have seen camels dying by eating plastic bags, cans, bottles stuck in their throat and stomach. In an effort to save this precious wildlife and create awareness for regular off-roaders and desert goers to not to leave anything behind Carnity initiates a Desert Cleanup Drive in Al Awir area - one of the most affected deserts in Dubai.

Idea is to call all volunteers and off-roaders to join this drive and help transport all the volunteers to take them inside the desert, where we all can collect the garbage to clean the desert and bring tons of garbage out.

This event is wholeheartedly supported by:

  • Dubai Municipality
  • Ghost Tints - Switchable Window Film
  • Al Ain Vitamin D Water
  • Paint Solutions - Bringing the bodyshop to you - 050 6402725

When: 16 March 2018, Friday
Time: 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Where: Al Awir Desert Area
Meeting point:

Volunteers: Reach the meeting point in ANY car, bus, taxi or metro
Plan: Clean the desert
Off-roaders: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance
Level of Drive: Fewbie - Intermediate - Expert - Advance all are welcome

What to bring along: Energy, enthusiasm, loads of friends and family members, fully charge mobile to take pictures

Approximate finish time: 11 AM, 16 March 2018, Friday

Please RSVP on below calendar

Desert Cleanup Drive.jpg


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Great initiative. Long awaited. Finally here. I am in with full support.

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This is a great initiative and I wish it all the very best. I am sorry to say that as of now I am 90% sure I cannot be a part of the event as It is my Mid-term and Project submission/presentation period during the given date. I will make sure to share this with my friends and hopefully, some people join...

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I have to make a run to the airport and back the Friday traffic should be cool..i will be able to make it there

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