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Hey @Gaurav, now that I have auxiliary lights on my car, I often wonder how I ever managed to drive without them 😀 After you install off-road lights, you start asking the same type of questions like “

This is me reading the thread!  

From my experience I can only tell you to have good friends. The only LED bar installed on my vehicle is thanks to my best friend on my birthday.

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Off-road light is a very touchy subject tbh. I come from era where these luxuries used to be 8K-10K in price from 2008 when LED light bar I have seen it for the first time. I have been driving on stock high beam headlight perfectly fine till 2016.

My personal experience with off-road light is quite limited as I never researched extensively and went with some friends suggestion as a rush job. First two lights I bought from Sharjah I regretted (non branded). Third one I bought from Toby, dragon mart (Chinese too, but slightly better and affordable brand) I liked it for what it was worth I guess under 500 dhs. I have a feel (maybe im wrong) that after 2-3 years this Toby light brand has reduced in its power, so I will still test my lights this season and jump on something better.

I remember @Srikumar has done some better research on CREE, 3D, 4D, 5D lens setup and bought something nice too.

@Frederic also got some side shooters, that I will be looking to install too.

There are many other good brands like Hella, Rigid, IPF, KC, ARB and many more, so will let other guys who have used and bought some good brand lights will advise further.

@Ahab Shamaa, @Craig Finlayson, @Alexander Alcala appreciate your brand wise feedback and choices you've made.

Please tag more guys, if you know someone have good off-road light setup.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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I installed four 6” Rigid Industries 360 degrees. 

They’re not cheap but I do love them! 
I suspect with the evening summer drives coming up I’ll probably add in more just to light up the night! 

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This is a controversial topic.  There are many good brands, but also depends on the esthetics that you are looking for your car.    Me for example, having a wrangler, I prefer the round lights over the lights bars.  I am a fan of Hella and KC lights. Also depends on your budget.  And if you want a permanent fix or something removable.

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Thank goodness you didn't start off-roading 12 years back. There was a group which did night drives without lights. One fateful night they even left a participant behind. The best solution I have to start chewing happydent.


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I have placed order for lights and winch on Alibaba, and waiting for shipment. If orders can be clubbed shipping cost will reduce and can negotiate as well. Let me test these and give the feedback.









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