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Afternoon Intermediate Desert Drive - "Il Sorpasso": Al Ain District to Dubai - 10 June 2022

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Fantastic drive yesterday! Thankyou @Ale Vallecchi

Well done to the rest of the convoy and we all got into a nice groove! Only 2 or 3 minor stucks for the whole convoy and a few "loops".

@munkybizness I checked, yesterday was drive number 40!  

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Thank you @Ale Vallecchifor a great drive yesterday afternoon. It was nice to explore a new area and the convoy performed superbly considering the softness of the sand and ambient temperatures hitting 48 C! 

The long range dunes around Faqa area were particularly fun. 

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Il Sorpasso: Al Ain District to Dubai - Drive Report

"Whether one moves slowly or with speed, the one who is a seeker will be the finder" - Rumi

While the goal of the drive was to cover at least 90 kms in 3 hours, which we almost did, the spirit of the drive was to both carefree and adventurous, which we certainly were.

From Al Hayer to Murqaab, we went through an interesting and exciting first part (before reaching Al Jabib) , on torrid reddish sand, across an interesting terrain, with few lonely trees and some long range cordons. This was the most carefree section of the drive. A second fun-filled stretch was the crossing of Faqa long range dunes, all the way to the sabkha separating this area from Murqaab. The two more "adventurous" parts of the drive where that crossing of the technical dunes between Al Jabib and E14 (a section only explored once before, hence not too familiar to me), and the navigation of similarly (although lower) technical dunes before arriving in Murqaab. At that point, with almost 45 minutes of daylight, we tried to prolong the track to reach Lisaili, but a few repeated stucks, refusals, and minor incidents, led to the decision to trace our way back to Murqaab's mosque, to end the drive.

In the end, a bit of frustration that I felt, as a leader, in struggling to find a clean path through the technical areas, turned in an opportunity to explore a not-so-driven area, and challenged the convoy to keep the drive "stuck-free", which for the most part we did, always moving at a good pace, very close to the fast one we had set ourselves as a goal. 

The final statistics spoke of an almost accomplished objective, with 91 Kms covered in 3:39 hours, of which 3:12 moving, at an average speed of 28 Km/h.

The whole convoy executed the drive with accomplished skills and great concentration, keeping up the pace even on particularly bumpy and tight terrain. The tremendous heat, probably the highest of the season so far (recording temperatures between 47 and 50 degrees during the first hour), only added to the pleasure and excitement of the drive.... a hot and dusty one, as planned. 

Well done to @Anoop Nair in Second Lead, @Joji varghese, @ASAD., @Rob S, @Tom B, @Waqas Parvez, @Charbel, @munkybizness and @Christian Andras in Sweep.

See you soon for the next installment of our weekdays fast and furious drives.


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