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COVID19 compliant - Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai - 14 May 2021

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Drive Report Good evening fellow adventurers, Well that was fun! Everyone met promptly and got themselves ready for the drive without any issues aside from the radio frequency that for some rea

Good evening fellow adventurers, Eid Mubarak to those of you celebrating, Tomorrow we shall meet at 3:30pm in the tree shade at Murquab. As mentioned the aim is to get to Last Exit, but teh main

Dear Angela @Foxtrot Oscar, I will be achieving half century (50 drives) drives when I participate for the drive you are leading tomorrow. All the very best to you and the convoy.  

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Great Drive @Foxtrot OscarAngela Oscar Foxtrot..  you are  truly calming leader .Thanks to @Desert Dwellerfor keeping us in order and Center forward for managing all recoveries with the reassuring @Craig Finlayson

See you folks in August .. take care and stay safe .


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Thanks @Foxtrot Oscarfor leading a very nice sundowner drive this afternoon/evening. The sunset was spectacular (so thanks for organising that!😀).  It was a windy afternoon and very happy to have been able to experience a variety of interesting challenges during the drive. 

The gung ho convoy that joined us in the bowl clearly wanted an audience. However I have new found respect for that Lincoln Navigator that pretty much kept up with the FJs. 

Delighted to support as a second and thank you for the opportunity! 

A couple of pics uploaded in the Gallery. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thanks @Foxtrot Oscarfor the wonderful drive. It was very relaxing, pleasant drive and wonderful watching new members learning the techniques. Happy to see the number of opportunities given to newbies to retry the maneuvers and to safely recover and appreciate all of them trying again and again till they go through. 

One small suggestion for newbies is to have the communication going on always and respond to leads while recovering which is very important.

Amazing lead by @Foxtrot Oscar and support role played by @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ in recovery and guiding, @Craig Finlayson for winching out and specially sweep@Desert Dweller in rerouting the convoy quickly and jumping in for almost all the recovery. Good team work.
Thanks for positioning me in the last so that I learnt driving and negotiating on churned up sand. Looking forward for seeing you all again.

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