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Looper has been promoted to Support Team


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Congratulations @Looper for joining the Support Team with Carnity Offroad Club

Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment.

Please make sure your Carnity user profile is always updated with all the latest Emergency contact details.




1) Minimum 10 any level "Carnity" drives are required after your Intermediate promotion.

Once you decide to join Team Carnity to excel further with your off-roading, people, and commanding skills, you will be extensively trained by the whole Team Carnity from Expert - Marshal - Crew at various stages by supporting different levels drives.

Stage 1

After your Support Team promotion request is accepted, you will receive a Desert Recovery Champion training to be fully equipped to handle the most levels of support requirements:

  • Basic self-recovery techniques
  • Tow rope recovery – basics
  • Recover vehicle without tow points
  • How to fix tire pop out / change
  • How to deal with extreme recoveries
  • Advance survival techniques
  • How to deal with vehicle overheating
  • First-Aid response
  • Firefighting response


Stage 2 (optional)


1) Minimum 10 "Carnity" Intermediate drives are required within the last 6 months.

2) For progressing further to Advisor level, you need to receive a minimum of 4 different Marshals / Crew approval by supporting 4 or more Newbie drives, so that you can attain adequate exposure for bigger roles that come with more responsible and commanding tasks in the future.

  • To learn and demonstrate your recovery and self-recovery skills. 
  • Help individuals to self-recover or use tow rope or winch recoveries.
  • To demonstrate your convoy commanding skills in difficult situations.
  • And people interaction skills to manage the convoy with clear communication.

Once you receive 4 different Marshals / Crew approval, then you will be eligible for your Advisor promotion.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Maximum two rounds of 4 Newbie drives each will be assigned to you with different Marshals for demonstrating your skills, knowledge, commitment, and team player attitude. 
  • You must attain a full consensus of all 4 Marshal / Crew in either the first or the second round as a qualifier.
  • Full 4 drives consensus need to be achieved in either round for you to proceed, else your promotion request will be rejected permanently. You may of course continue in the Carnity Off-road Club at your previous rank.
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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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Congrats Goutam @Looper for the well deserved promotion to support team. I had blessed you when you donated your kinetic rope to me when we drove last time. By the way the rope was helpful in my last drive. Thank you.

Does this promotion mean we will see you soon as a lead too? 

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And enjoy multiple level off-road drives - every weekend.

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