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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Nahel to Al Ain- Abu Dhabi - 4 Nov 2023


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24 minutes ago, Looper said:

Drive Report


We touched upon 3 way points. Gafteen Bowl, Nagara Hill and Old Lady dune. at Old lady dune @Hisham Masaad was remined many times why I am called Looper. It was the first time here so I was kind of wandering aimlessly and looping back to where I started finding him again and again. The distances between way points were covered easily and without much troubles. just a few refusals here and there but then what's a desert drive without a refusal - its never complete without one.

@Mohit Gurnani you did very well for your first Intermediate Drive. In the future please try to arrive approx15 min before the drive time, so that you are deflated and ready to go. Everyone else except for you was ready to go by 6:30 a.m.; but we didn't start till 6:45 a.m.

@Benjamin great second lead for you. Managing my short wheel base turns for the rest of the convoy - you did an excellent job. @Joji varghese @Rajiv Sam and @Hisham Masaad thank you all for your support during the drive.

@Bashar Beasha, @Gary F, @Jona, @Bjoern, @Mohamad Anwer, @Gok Krish and  @Anoop Nair

it was great to have you all in the drive. See you all soon.

Nice to meet up with  @Vaibhav & @Santoso Marjuki at Nagra hill.

Thanks @Looper, really enjoyed and learnt in my first IM drive! Was a great challenge 

My apologies to everyone in the convoy for the late start- thanks all for the patience with this. Will rectify this going forward.

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