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UAE's Best Offroad Club with friendly, passionate and certified experts

Learn to drive your 4X4 off-road to conquer trails with full confidence.

Challenge yourself safely with 7 unique levels of off road expertise for beginners, intermediate and advance.

Carnity Off-Road Club has been founded by a group of passionate off-roaders who believe in building an off-road community to learn, drive and have fun together. We encourage people to self-drive their 4x4 vehicles by learning the basics first, to enjoy the freedom of exploring various types of off-road terrains that the UAE has to offer.

We are a multicultural off road club that emphasizes on community atmosphere and safety, and we are grateful to share the joy of seeing new members grow into confident off-roaders that carry forward our vision and aim of becoming the best off-road club of the UAE!

We explore deserts, mountains and organize camping trips with like-minded adventurous members. Our senior off-roaders with decades of experience know all the beautiful areas and spots and you will see the UAE from another vantage point!

Learn more - How it works?



  • To self drive your vehicle off-road and learn to push your limits "SAFELY".
  • To get your hands, feet and vehicle little dirty while exploring new places.
  • To meet like-minded multi-cultural people who share the same passion.


  • Introduction to off-roading.
  • Desert driving basics and etiquette.
  • Desert driving tips, techniques, myth and best practices.
  • Off-road and safety gear familiarization and recovery procedures.
  • Vehicle orientation, risk analysis, deflation and outdoor safety advice.


  • Most of the free off-road clubs are backed with car businesses:
    • To influence you to modify your stock vehicle.
    • Promote sponsor products with biased reviews.
    • Encourage you for fast drives to maximize damage.
  • Most of the social off-road clubs aren't safe without expertise:
    • No presence of structure, ranks and drive levels.
    • Limited technical knowledge for extreme recoveries.
    • Results in higher accidents and damage ratio overtime.


  • Carnity and it's off-road club is a "Pay it forward" Community.
  • Whatever you learn from seniors, remember to pass it on to others.
  • Be kind and respectful for other's time, knowledge and culture they share.


  1. Independent - Not supported by any car business
  2. Unbiased - Drive off-road even with a stock 4x4
  3. Transparent - Merit based promotions for all
  4. Welcome any previous off-road experience
  5. Provide clear off-road grading structure
  6. Focus on safety while having fun
  7. Offer extensive off-road training to all
  8. Analyze off-road accidents for learning
  9. Share and preserve drive memories online
  10. More than 34+ nationalities and counting...!

MUST READ: Offroad Club Structure, Levels and Rules

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* EX = Extreme Drive Qualified

  1. What's new in this club
  2. @Gaurav As I said, while reaching Faqa start point, I saw the magnificient chimney and that was how this amazing drive started, and towards the end post sunset break that non stop fast pace sidesloping was icing on cake. Just the way each one of us would have wanted💥🤘🏽. Thanks for this wonderful evening. Everyone drove so very well, with literally No refusals/stucks , with just one u fortunate pop out in that tricky pocket, fixed so easily and quickly. Thanks @Lawrence_Chehimi for keeping an eye on the convoy and was pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to see you all again in sands, some pictures posted in gallery, enjoy!
  3. Thank you 🙏🏻 😊 Wish more people would post pics, it’s great to others point of view on the drives 😊😊
  4. Thanks, everyone for the wonderful Faqa outing yesterday, thanks to great convoy strength we manage to enjoy the real Faqa long-range dunes irrespective of a rough start and a million cross-track in the new camper site. Love to see the smiling faces at the end, that made me convince once again to stick to "no-plan" drives more in near future, where we only focus on fun, rather than on any destination or kms. @Manoj Soman @Mark Birch @Yaseen87 @Zubair @Nikola Bozovic @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Mohamad Anwer @Nathan L @Miguel Codes @Bjoern @Rajiv Sam @Lawrence_Chehimi Here is the Solar power plant explanation that I forgot to explain during the briefing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentrated_solar_power
  5. @GauravSoni driving with you is always exciting , that including the paved roads as well 😁. i would say the drive was an absolute adventure , the smooth flow and rhythm between all the drivers was amazing mixed with the huge long dunes and the big drops with high speed was refreshing experience. @Brette it was a pleasure driving with you man. i am glad that your Grand Cherokee finally decided to forgave you after you had that last talk with her 😂. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler if i cant beat your jeep buddy, at least i can make some lauder noise 🤣. it always fun driving with you buddy ( i cant wait to see the videos and pictures you have captured ) , and best regards to you copilot as well @Brett Eicher man i think you are an amazing driver you have an impressive control over your car and seems always ready with your tools and equipment's , (I hope you finished emptying your spare fuel tank by now 😅) looking forward to drive with you all again soon cheers 🍻
  6. Great pics @Yerem Davtyan @Frans M !! And very skilful leading by @Hisham Masaad and team. Looking forward to learning more from you .. see you all soon !
  7. Hi Good morning. Thank you for a pleasant and safe drive. I do like the professionalism showed by all. See you in the sand again some time.
  8. Thank you for joining the drive, pleasure meeting new and old friends. All made it on time, and few much earlier. Briefing, and started moving through small size dunes, where we have enjoyed the recovery of @essam ibrahim, who did very well considering he is first time joining a drive. After that started moving to the other side of margham, where we found nice flat dunes, allowed us to move smoothly, without any issues to mention. We have done dunes crossing, side slope and climb, and can say all did amazing job. Weather was really good, and by the time sun started setting for the day, we moved out and glad to see all smiling, and hope enjoyed it. Great support from @Davie Chase @Waqas Parvez and @ASAD. thanks for the same. Thank you @Mahmoud Tahafor being SL. @DanielN @Tharun Kumar V @Frans M @Thejas Uthran @Udit S pleasure meeting, you did great job, and hope to see you again. @Nadeem Ansari @Ahmad Nerat @Sebb @Ammar Naji @Yerem Davtyan good to see you again. @Naim Aoun @DanielN hope your kids enjoyed the drive. Nice weened, and look forward to see you again in sand
  9. Thankyou @Hisham Masaad @Davie Chase and everyone. It was a pleasure drive.
  10. Great drive today! Thank you Gaurav! My favourite drive to date 😊🐪🏜
  11. Dear @Hisham Masaad, @Mahmoud Taha, @Davie Chase, @Waqas Parvez and @ASAD., as well as all the drivers! Thank you very much fot today! Great driving! Attaching some pics here. Sorry, couldn't capture everyone. Cheers! Yerem
  12. Very well said @Davie Chase.. it was a fantastic day very well spent.. total driving of around 18 hours and covering around 700km with 150 on these amazing dunes. Prompt alerted 2nd lead of @Zixuan Huang - Charlie and having @Ranjan Das and you @Davie Chase at the back made me quite comfortable in executing the plan and pushing the limits four a normal F+ drive level on both speed and climbs. The great skills on the drive also helped me go even more bold specially on the last hour run to YT and all the way back to the gravel track thanks to @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Ashutosh Garg and @Karthikeyan Govindarajan. Despite of some moments of stress and heavy exercises specially with the horrendous 80m climb on that extremely soft bowl to anchor @Zulfikhar Naiyar’s stuck car on the center of the bowl .. outstanding team effort and safe recovery with no pain other the terrible burning muscles 🤪. The scenery with these red sand beautifully mixed with black stone formations here and there and clouds casting dark shadows on the gigantic dunes was a sight to be always remembered. I enjoyed every minute, the drive, the dunes, the recoveries, the lunch by the Yellow Truck and @Ashutosh Garg nice mini kitchen setup for freshly made coffee enjoying beautiful breeze and charging our energy to the second part to the exit, and above all your great company! thanks for making this day a memorable one and looking forward for a Back2LIWA drive soon InshaALLAH
  13. Fantastic drive report @JeromeFJ ! I was looking for the right words to describe the terrain this morning but you brought me right back into the sand with your report ! No doubt you guys had fun and hats off for your leadership and skillset!!
  14. Dear Friends, What an amazing day it was !! These full day drives are really what we are preparing for with our "normal" drives during the year. One of these days where all what we learned and practiced become used "for real". Going deep inside the desert far from any road, power line, farm or any other sign of civilisation. Navigating through these untouched dunes, experiencing this feeling of immensity, knowing that we have to find our way by ourselves, crossing the obstacles one after the other. We also experienced that we were progressing as a team, knowing that we could support each other, and that together we had the capability cross this environment, find solutions to solve any difficult or blocking situation. And we were rewarded, of course reaching the famous yellow truck, which was the target of the day, but also these thrilling bowls of oversized dimensions, these steep slip faces, where our cars were barely leaving a scar at the surface of the sand, these amazing sceneries, discovering from the top of a ridge some dark rocky formations or a dense palm tree oasis. Thank you for your pictures in the gallery where you have captured some of these moments. @Haitham Khattab, big thank you for the quality of your assistance as second lead, avoiding to the situations where I was stuck, and pulling me out when needed. And in addition, beautiful driving and communicative enthusiasm from your copilot! @Sunil Mathew, excellent driving, being careful at the beginning in the bowls, and gaining confidence through the drive. I'm sure you totally enjoyed the last ones. @Rob S thank you for your precious support, always ready with your shovel, and also skillfully rerouting the second part of the convoy in the tricky technical patches. @Tom B maneuvering your heavy car in the super soft sand, and pushing it high in the bowls was a challenge, you went through with a great skill. @Gok Krish you could enjoy the first part, and I can't imagine how frustrating it was to have to leave the convoy in the middle. Despite this you didn't loose your happy mood and big smile. And you managed your way out in a very reasonable manner. Hopefully you will have another opportunity to complete the drive very soon. @Santoso Marjuki, your blue jeep was passing through any obstacle and climbing any face. Keep an eye on your fishtailing for a better and safer control. @Imteeaz beautiful drive, always in control and accurate in your lines @Mario Cornejo big thank you for the reliable sweep. and watching the white Patrol high in the big faces was a bliss ! It was a pleasure also to meet the other convoys of @Chaitanya D with @M.Seidam and @Asif Hussain, and to know that they could also reach the Yellow Truck and exit without major issue. @Asif Hussain, it was a pleasure to meet you, and big thank you for the assistance for exiting @Gok Krish. Looking forward to the next full day adventure !
  15. Hello all 1st Dec night campers, someone forgot a blue camping chair at camp site. It’s with me. @Gaurav Soni @Srikumar @Frederic @Simon D @Rob H @JeromeFJ @Mario Cornejo @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Gok Krish @Karthik Raptor @imranaasghar81 in case I have missed to tag anyone who was there, please share the message.
  16. Hello Hisham, will need to pull out of this one. Apologize, just saw all the posts now and assumed I wasn’t going to make the cut when I checked earlier this morning.
  17. Apologies @Georges Kazanlooks you joined later after preparing the convoy order. It was actually really, but didn't have time to post.
  18. Hello, I was on the waitlist but I have removed my RSVP. Hope everyone enjoys the drive.
  19. Some pictures into motion bit long though @Chaitanya D,@Vaibhav, @Jaro Tuzinsky, @Bjoern, @Pascal,@varunmehndiratta, @ASAD., @Senthil Kumar,@Waqas Parvez, @Patrick van der Loo,@Richard Franks @Karthik Raptor Watch it on you tube for better quality please
  20. Dear desert wonderers, thank you for the RSVP, and look forward to see you all in sand. Apologies for the delay in posting the convoy order. We will be moving using channel 1, and as per below convoy order. In any case of emergency you can reach my mobile 0506318834 @Ahmad Nerat @Naim Aoun @Yerem Davtyan @DanielN @Sebb @Frans M @Thejas Uthran @Ammar Naji @essam ibrahim @Mahmoud Taha @Waqas Parvez @Davie Chase @ASAD. @Udit S @Tharun Kumar V @Nadeem Ansari

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