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Desert Champions Trophy - 2023

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@Carnity An amazing toast raised to all off-road enthusiasts by this wonderful event successfully completed in style.

@Icon Auto Wow! You guys attacked the dunes head on and blasted and nailed it. A big congrats to you guys. The amount of learning daring guts we got to know from your scores is beyond bounds. Almost perfect score.

@Looper and team. Great work and commendable performances. It’s great to be learning from you guys.

Thanks @Carnity for this exposure to our members with @Icon Auto and Team StrongHooks, this raises the bar for us.

As a strict rule based off-road group, I couldn’t help noticing that while we chose to do multiple passes when in doubt but (without taking away at all from @Icon Auto fabulous and untouchable glory) I do notice ingress of formidable NO GO areas twice which would ideally lead to irreparable damage like disqualification.

@GauravSoni man oh man, you and team. Bro. Fantastic. Unbelievable what you guys achieved. Congrats. Some score you put up and made us Carnity members proud. You, our internal Carnity heros.

I personally thank @Asif Hussainin having faith and allowing me to join his team Sand Runners. @Cole bertasso @JohanE @Jaro Tuzinsky we jelled into a brotherhood that I will remember for life. Asif bro you clearly had the most unrecognized fellows under your wings. Shoutout to @JohanE with around a max of 4 desert drives, and @Cole bertasso with similar experience

Anyways amazing learning experience for us all. Wish Carnity keep making such challenges every year so we keep learning and bettering our self’s.


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