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Where Road end's and Fun Begin... For all 4x4 Lovers.. Route Discussion, Meet up's, Off Road Drive, Gear Discussion and Many More
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  2. To help you choose between the main fuels now available, here’s our handy guide to the pros and cons of each: Petrol PROS Biggest infrastructure, with more petrol fuel pumps Best driving enjoyment, thanks to the high-revving, responsive engines producing exciting sound The cheapest to buy CONS Petrol vehicles depreciate the fastest Contains carcinogens such as benzene. Burning petrol produces dangerous greenhouse gases The price of petrol is volatile Oil is a finite resource Petrol is a dangerous substance to store and handle Die
  3. 2 superchargers are already up and 5 more coming real soon. and there are lots of destination chargers too... Like barry said, change is coming there are no excuses lol
  4. The Tesla Model S has completed 1000km on a single charge, albeit using hypermiling techniques so change is coming.
  5. Agreed but its quite like church ... only problem it charge won't last long
  6. An electric motor is always going to have more torque than an internal combustion engine and torque is what gets you off the line.
  7. people buy here stuff to show off rather than using it
  8. I’ve seen a couple of these around. They’re usually parked on SZR or JBR rather than doing what they were built for. Central tyre inflation system is my favorite feature.

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